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    I like the content drought, since I don't like Shadowlands. If there was fun stuff to do I would have wanted more content, but I don't. We just have more of the same aka more systems we never wanted in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundering View Post
    Shadowlands is bad.

    EVEN Classic wow is better, and that is a bit sad .
    shadowlands is fine, classic is fine too, but definitely not better than sl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    you wouldn't be playing if you were truly 100% frustrated with the game
    I think alot of people are NOT playing it at this point (myself included), Its the first time I have ever unsubbed in my 15+ years of playing. I think if you enjoy it that's great I envy you. But I think this expansion might be the most boring lore wise. And I defended BfA (well except for the ending) :P

    I still like the game from a distance and if it gets interesting again I will probably come back (I will certainly return for the next expansion for surE). I aint one of these bitter players who just hates on WoW but this expansion just isn't doing it for me in any aspect right now and its sad for me that its come to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolvarg View Post
    Well, that's what a lot of people are doing, except you're just boiling it down to "whining" because you disagree.
    actualy, most of posts on mmo-c dont give ANY "feedback" above "this is shit" which is definitely not feedback, its whining
    and from those few that do give "feedback" quite a few is "its bad bcs IM FORCED to play the game to unlock cosmetic rewards or 0.00001% power upgrade" or "im mad bcs i cant have EVERYTHING"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skirdus View Post
    That explains why I'm not playing then
    And yet still complaining about it. I'd like to see how the monkey's work in your head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    how is the number of currencies and/or grinds stopping you from playing? the number of currencies is comparable to previous expansions and grinds have always been present in WoW; why is them being there now suddenly an issue
    It's not suddenly an issue, it's what keeps encouraging me to unsub for long periods. Shadowlands didn't have many at the start, big part of the reason I hung around. But now they're starting to come back, and... nah.
    The desperate last chance response of a person who is losing an argument on the forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    You DO realize that even if every user ever on these forums agreed with you, something even you would admit is impossible, that would not be 0.0001% of the player base, right? But sure, enjoy your echo chamber if you want.

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    No, I don't like Shadowlands because its environment looks nothing like Warcraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    But are you still playing? And if you're playing TBC then that counts as playing and paying Blizz $$$$$$
    "You can't think Shadowlands is a bad expansion if you play TBC."

    Interesting argument.
    The absolute state of Warcraft lore in 2021:
    Kyrians: We need to keep chucking people into the Maw because it's our job.
    Also Kyrians: Why is the Maw growing stronger despite all our efforts?

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    I won't play it, has nothing to do with content drought.
    I dislike every system they added.
    I think whats gonna happen, some people will come back to 9.1 and quit after 2-3 months because the game design in general is just bad.

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    No. Even before the drought I was over SL. I’m tired of seasonal WoW with systems, talent trees, m+ etc inspired more by d3 than WoW vanilla.

    The mythic raid was fun but that was it

    - another season of borrowed power. Zzzz
    - the zones. What boring unconnected NOT WoW nonsense is this bs?
    - Choreghast is the worst rogue like game I’ve ever seen
    - m+ gets no credit since it’s legions creation, not SL, and tbh I was already over m+ last expac
    - the legendarys themselves are pathetic in power. Legion legendarys were many times better, both in terms of creativity and especially power and fun.
    - the maw.. do I need to say anything at all about that waste of dev time?!
    - no new races
    - no new class
    - covenants are a joke and badly designed
    - the story is the worst in WoW history by a large margin.

    So yeah, even before the drought this expac was in trouble. Try and remember people like towelie (huge Blizz shill) were calling this expac out back in feb and March.

    What exactly is there that’s new and innovative about SL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    But are you still playing? And if you're playing TBC then that counts as playing and paying Blizz $$$$$$

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    I guess that's why 7 million people left.
    I am playing tbc but I did cancel my sub for the first time in vanilla because I have zero intention of ever touching the rotting, smoldering corpse that is SL ever again and as much as I loved tbc, I don’t need to re enjoy it like I did classic.

    Classic saved Bfa, I don’t think it will save SL

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    Gonna disagree. The big feeling I've had for most of Shadowlands so far is that Blizzard is doing its best to make me not enjoy it, and me enjoying playing with friends and guildies in spite of Blizzard's efforts, not because of them.

    A lot of "let's release player-unfriendly things/things in a player-unfriendly state, then fix them later, but we're not gonna just fix them outright, we're gonna half-fix them and tack some other prerequisite to that fix that players need to EARN."

    One example is the stuff with anima gains. A lot of players have complained about anima gains, and rather than increasing them across the board, Blizzard will increase your anima gains if you jump through hoops for them. (upgrading Covenant Sanctums)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolites View Post
    actualy, most of posts on mmo-c dont give ANY "feedback" above "this is shit" which is definitely not feedback
    It definitely is feedback. Not great feedback for sure, certainly not constructive in the majority, but it is feedback.

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    This thread didn't start off great and seems unlikely to go anywhere constructive. Closing this.
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