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    I played the game for about 6 hours and it was confusing as all hell. I started out in a big city not really knowing what was going on. The quests were pretty generic (kill these, talk to this guy here, etc) and I couldn't really get a grasp on who I was and what I was doing.

    I'll probably play more at some point once I get burnt out with WoW. I expect 9.2 won't release for quite a while so once my guild is done with Heroic SoD I'll probably give FFIX another go.

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    Forced solo content. I'm not against story being soloable, I'm against being forced to solo in a mmo. I play MMO's primarily as a Co-op game with my wife. It's cumbersome going through the msq and having to drop out and in of groups every few quests

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    As the FFXIV subforum has a few threads that repeat the same themes, I've opted to consolidate critical discussion of the game into another thread. This thread will now be closed.
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