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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundering View Post
    a HUGE Company like Blizzard has the capability to do massive amounts of testing before implementing something, so a high quality of product is expected.
    What you are saying is just wrong and shows and bad our society is becoming by accecting low quality terrible products and services, even when we are paying a lot of money for product.
    No amount of testing is enought, especially for this kind of product. Ask anyone who deals with this stuff and they will tell you so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Low Hanging Fruit View Post
    You seem a little overly invested in this. I apologize for not marching to the beat of your drum.
    I didn't attack you or anything. I am not that invested. But these topics popping up all the time when blizz needs longer maintanance are a bit annoying.

    Also i thought people replying to a topic like to talk about that.
    But fair enough. Have a nice day anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundering View Post
    Tell that as a engineer that designed the bridge that collapsed whoops 1 tiny mistake in my calculation guys np.

    People should complain, quality issues is not acceptable in a product like wow from a company like blizzard. If they where 5 people and earned a couple thousand every day yeah maybe, but this is blizzard.......

    We are paying a monthly sub to play the game it becomes alot of money very fast.....
    Civil engineering is not very similar to writing code for complex consumer products like massive games.

    Again, if this is a Blizzard problem, please point out one or more recognizable software companies that releases software without bugs and problems. Why is it that you cannot name one? Is it maybe because you have no idea what you're talking about?

    You keep talking about how much money WoW costs. If you had life experience putting you in a position to understand software engineering, you wouldn't think it was a lot of money.

    I get it. You get frustrated when you don't get exactly what you want. But your understanding of software is fundamentally wrong and you will never be happy if you continue to dismiss reality.

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