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    Yes, the abundance of systems and, for me, horrible stats on Korthia gear is inexcusable. So much so that I made the decision to stop playing entirely today. Rares in Korthia I can't reach in time and treasures that disappear when I finally get within clicking range didn't help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyron View Post
    Hey all, what the title says.

    Personally, it's come to a point this expansion that I no longer feel like playing. I've been trying to get in the mood for S2 M+ and the new raid but each time I think about legendaries, soulbinds, conduits, renown and now shards of domination I feel like it's not worth the effort. Past expansions added one or two systems over all the patches, but I think this time is getting ridiculous.

    How do you guys feel about it?
    take 1 system at a time, you dont need to be thinking about every single systme all the time, each have their own area, and become relevent/irelevent at seperate times.

    legendaries, you literally just craft it, and its never relevent again
    soulbinds its literally the same you pick your soulbind and your good
    conduits you just opassivly upgrade
    renown is literally just a weekly quest rep thing its not a "system you need to think about"
    and shards of domination is literally just meta-gems from tbc to wod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I feel the same.

    I actually enjoyed leveling up to 60. Once I got to max level and just looked at all of the stuff the game was asking me to do I opted out.
    Yes, I feel the same. It’s like “Where I’m supposed to get the time to complete all this + dungeons, raid and do other game stuff like reputations?”

    Quote Originally Posted by mrcodez View Post
    Thing is, if the systems are fun then it doesn't really matter. I can think of other games that get complex with systems but it all results in something really fun. Currently the systems we have are about controlling and shaping the way we play, or maybe more accurately preventing us from playing "the wrong way".

    The systems in shadowlands aren't built to add to the fun and entertainment of the game.
    Interesting, actually I was discussing this the other day with a mate from my guild. What do you mean by “playing the wrong way”? It feels to me that they try to squish all your time through these “tasks” and want you to only play their game and nothing else. In my case, it has only speed up the rate at which I normally burnout.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    Feel like the general feelings are that they aren't overwhelming. They're simply tedious, an annoyance. I like just having:

    - PvE (M+, Raiding)
    - PvP (BGs, Arena)
    - Pet Battling
    - One system, one relatively easy system where it can be increased via the other 3 options as well as through daily quests, storyline quests, etc. Almost like the legion weapons, you just power them up and they slowly get stronger.

    Beyond that, I don't enjoy it much.
    Yeah, I think they should stick to one like artifacts and maybe add another at the end of the expansion like they did in Argus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rageonit View Post
    Out of curiosity, cause I'm away and can't play the new patch yet - what about conduits? Do new wq's drop high level item versions right off the bat?
    I've only gotten one conduit from doing the questline, but it was an entirely new one (utility). The dailies so far haven't offered one to me yet.
    I think there was some sort of conduit catchup for new/low geared players but I'm not sure what it was. You can still upgrade them through stygia randomly but that's better spent elsewhere.

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    Shards and Legendaries are the only ones you need to actively work for. The rest are just passive systems implemented in your game with no interaction. Two active systems is not much to be overwhelmed by for me personally.

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    The word i would use is "apathetic" that's how i feel regarding post-legion wow systems.

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    I don't think any of the systems wow has ever introduced was really complicated. Most has been quite straightforward. Even now you can ignore nearly everything. Most of ti just happens while you play without focusing on it.

    It is just boring. I have no interest in renown. I don't mind timegating. But the system in place needs to be... engaging. They did better than before with new quests every week. But these have been boring as hell.

    Thogast is kinda fun tbh. I like it. And you don't really have to play it that much.

    Conduits. Meh who cares. That is just floating along without needing to do anything activly.

    I like stuff to do. I see it in TBCC now. There is not much to do in regards to what you have to do. Rep? Over in 2 weeks. Thats that.
    Retail gives you more with a bunch of optional stuff. Nothing is complicated at all until you start min/maxing. But that need external sources in every game ever unless you are way to dedicated.

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    For somebody who just plays around a little bit with my alts, do they really need the new reputations? Isn't Renown and the two Assaults enough? I can always farm Stygia on my main and send them catch up gear.

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    Pretty much. Hopefully next expansion we don’t have something like the Renown System or Torghast to get Legendary’s. I’d honestly rather Legendary’s just go back to being a quest chain like in MoP; much more alt friendly than doing 300 floors of Torghast each week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Was an avid collector and achievement hunter, but Blizzard keeps adding more and more things to get with absurd drop rates and grinds to the point of being beyond overwhelming...

    Case and point, 45 mounts in 9.1

    Called it quits, stopped playing WoW.
    And most of them are just recolored versions of each other using old skeletons. The Hand is the only new model, and the only one I’d work towards, as someone with 400+ mounts. I don’t even think they added a new mount meta this patch. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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    Honestly, it feels more and more like Hearthstone, HotS and Overwatch:

    It became so digitalized...
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    Commenting on these forums is like walking on eggshells - you never know where the next infraction is gonna come from.

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    Yes. I've quit the game because there are to many systems which makes the game unnecessarily complicated and annoying and on top of that there is to much ''mobile game'' grinding which is not fun at all. Just make the damn game simple as it was in the classic time. We don't need all this special powers seasonal crap.

    I don't want my wow time to be a second job. I just want to relax without stressing that I have to finish my daily chores.
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    There are people at my line of work who still don't know anything else than the 3-4 basic options of the program we use day-to-day.
    So while these systems aren't overwhelming FOR ME personally - given the millions of ppl that try out this game - they have to be ridiculously problematic for these kind of ppl

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    Pretty much everything you get by just naturally playing the game, so not really.

    If you're gunning for very specific things I suppose it can be a little annoying, but nothing I'd at all consider "overwhelming"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyron View Post
    How do you guys feel about it?
    I know what renown is
    Conduits I just figured out the past couple days
    Soulbinds I ... don't know what those are.
    There's legendaries but I know they are crafted and I think you get some from dungeons? I remember Blizz changing the heroic lockout earlier in this xpac.
    I always confuse stygia and soul ash
    Callings are emissaries and that's the extent of my knowledge
    Oh! Domination gems, those came with 9.1, that's all I know about them lol.

    When I first heard Ion talk about what was coming in SL I (oh yeah there's covenant gear that I don't know where it comes from) was like "holy shit what is he saying?" it was like when teachers talk about a topic they like and just go on and on until it just becomes noise you're listening to. Luckily for me I don't do shit anymore so I don't need to know any of that stuff, and the systems don't affect me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuusah View Post
    Honestly it's not as overwhelming as you make it seem. It looks like a lot but most of the stuff you get eased into step by step or you get just on the side while playing.
    Exactly. And to the point above you, I mostly only raid and do some casual BG PvP and don't find the systems overwhelming as the game eases you into most of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by username993720 View Post
    Honestly, it feels more and more like Hearthstone, HotS and Overwatch:

    It became so digitalized...
    It's a video game. They have always been digital.

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    WoW in my eyes is still a simple game.
    A lot of "systems" in wow is just not something you have to think about. You don't really have to think about renown for example. You just get it by doing other content.
    Conduits is just another form of "gear". You get the certain ones you want from specific contents.
    Legendaries is just crafting with 1 extra currency which is very simple.
    Shards are just special sockets with gems dropping from bosses like gear instead of coming from a jewelcrafter etc etc.

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    It is not the friggin systems it is the uselessness they all represent as one
    love WoWarcraft

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    Systems, spell effect graphics and encounter tactics are all very overwhelming in retail.

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    Not overwhelmed just completely uninterested.

    Used to just be that i could mess around with talents, maybe swap out some armor with different stats on them,
    maybe i`d like some more haste and see how it feels to play with.

    If you introduce conduits, conduit energy, covenant abilities, anima, the follower table missions, torghast, legendary upgrades and so on it just is too much.
    Sure i could devote time to invest in getting the most out of these systems and optimising them but eh..
    I don`t care about it, just set it and forget it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefhammer View Post
    It's a video game. They have always been digital.
    I meant it became about micro-managing, windows popping and repeated tasks.
    Commenting on these forums is like walking on eggshells - you never know where the next infraction is gonna come from.

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