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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    again would like to point out, 9.1 is the first .1 patch to introduce a new zone.
    I don't mind waiting longer for a patch if apart from new raid we get a new zone as well. I also think if not for the mysterious virus of unknown origin we would get this content in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManOluck View Post
    Literally ran down the Hill jumped around a bit and got the achievement " you explored korthia"

    This is seriously 8 months of effort?
    The zone was clearly designed with rare hunting groups in mind.

    People are already moaning all over the place that they missed a rare when it spawned, imagine if the zone was even larger...

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    Biggest problem for me is that for the length of time of the wait, too many people quit the game and nothing was introduced to lure them back. The content draught has done literal damage to servers (judging from my now Low previously Full) and lack of players makes the game unenjoyable.

    They need to simplify and streamline mechanics, make it easier to switch covenants since this theres no point to introduce even more side grinding to the main grinding and let people PLAY the game instead of always falling behind in an imaginary "progress loop" that is in fact just grind to keep someone busy because there is no real progress game out there.
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    i outgrew the games playerbase.
    So I was using a gold dupe hack. I don't know why i was banned for this. It is so unfair.
    People need an incentive to play content. "Its fun!" is simply not enough.
    Btw iam multi glad so plz dont tell me how to play, kkthxbye

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastiel View Post
    It's not that nobody knows it's that nobody cares. One team clearly has plenty of stock and funding and the other does not.
    This is utterly false. Now you are just making stuff up based on nothing.

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    A looooot of White Knights here.

    Korthia isn't particularly bad, but it continues a trend of half-assed new explorable areas added by patches. Believe it or not, exploration and zone design is still of major importance in WoW.

    Couple that trend with the 8 month wait, I think it's fair to be pissed about that.

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    the fact that people still feel the need to defend blizz is mindblowing. I never was the dude that was just hating on the game, but ignoring all the problems and people who got disappointed by SL and 9.1 is another thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    again would like to point out, 9.1 is the first .1 patch to introduce a new zone.
    Yeah exactly and that's because 9.1 shouldn't be rated as a .1 patch at all. We already have a new zone and catch up gear, this is stuff that's usually coming in .2 patches. With Shadowlands not getting a 9.3 (unless y'all want the next expansion mid 2023 or later), it's clear why we already got a rather small new zone, because this is the patch that usually comes after 6-8 months of an expansion's lifetime (aka 6.2, 7.2, 8.2 etc.).
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    I like Korthia. Gives me Mechagon vibes (for the size) and Nazjatar vibes (for the atmosphere and events).

    I'd probably be turned off to it if it were as big as Nazjatar.

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