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    I’m struggling to see the point of bringing him back for one minute of cutscene.

    Would have been much better if he spoke to other characters. Call Thrall a coward to his face before killing the bod and turning to ashes.
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    That is quite possibly the only decent in-engine cutscene in the entire game.

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    it's better that he went out like this, being a badass with no regrets than getting a redemption and conforming to the pussy Horde ways that bow to the alliance. However I feel that this happened this way, because blizzard had no intention of doing anything with him and only did this because people wanted to see him(He's too toxic masculinity). Which makes me again dislike the choice to come to the Shadowlands, the place where everyone who has died gone just for Garrosh who before, we knew is in the afterlife, to now knowing he's not even existing anymore.

    Now can we get Arthas, but not have him get dusted like this? Oi do we play the game of if we see him, it's only for 10 seconds and he has to die die as a result?

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    btw im still amazed how tons of people cant discern between "bad written character" and "that char isnt an ideal pure hero of mary sueing qualities"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfryed View Post
    i mean, there is little middle ground from since you are handwaving what the other character did, Garrosh did wrong things in th mop days, for sure, but trying to say it was all his fault and others didn't partake with that, or saying the reasons he did some things was not justified is just wrong, so, play pigeon chess if you like.
    Of course other characters were to blame, nobody is entirely innocent, like Thrall said in that in game cinematic reflecting with Jaina. But Garrosh's downfall was largely due to himself and the actions he took.

    Garrosh is a good character, there is a morally grey side too him which makes him fun and the community can latch on too. I enjoyed his run much more then I am Sylvanas that's for sure.

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    Shame those "ingame" cinematics looks like shit. They really should update those skeletons and face features of characters which are in these cinematics. It's like 10 models. cant be that hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omeomorfismo View Post
    btw im still amazed how tons of people cant discern between "bad written character" and "that char isnt an ideal pure hero of mary sueing qualities"
    Once they decided what he was actually going to be, he was well written. Before that, the flopping around trying to find a role for him was pretty egregious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by username993720 View Post
    What the hell is wrong with people? he was one of the best characters in game.
    he was a good villain, sure

    So good that he really, really, really deserved to die and be forgotten

    He was a fool from his introduction in BC to this unnecessary Death-2 scene. I can respect him for being a consistently well-written fool, unlike Sylvanas, but a fool he remains.

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    What a good and fun cinematic. I liked this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Garrosh deserved a real cinematic...
    He should either be blond or have tits for that fam

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    Quote Originally Posted by omeomorfismo View Post
    btw im still amazed how tons of people cant discern between "bad written character" and "that char isnt an ideal pure hero of mary sueing qualities"
    They've been exposed to the likes of Thrall, Sylvanas or Andy for so long that they have forgot what an actual character (as opposed to a walking plot device, often with OP abilities) is, even if you don't like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    "Die, wold soul of *incomprehensible mumbling* with your death my plan to *incomoprehensible mumbling* finally fullfilled and *incomprehensible mumbling*!"

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    This is how a true Warchief of the old guard goes out. On his sword. Wouldn't expect any less or want any more.

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    10 seconds of poorly animated pure idiotic nonsense from an unrepentant racist psychopath who decides to disenchant himself in the most spectacularly meaningless way possible… pretty much perfectly sums up the state of the entire game.

    The fact people actually enjoyed this tells you just how low the bar actually is at this point. WoW is literally turning into “Idiocracy”.
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    "I have been a bloodthirsty idiot and I would glady be a bloodthirsty idiot again." - The motto of the Horde. And without "coward Thrall" Garrosh and the Horde would have been destroyed three times over, so obviously the Horde posters here will worship Garrosh for saying that.

    So Garrosh stole our kill and vaporized himself in the process. Good riddance. The last thing we need is another mad warchief being redeemed. I appreciate Danuser not even trying to make it look like Garrosh's cruelty, racism and stupidity had any deeper meaning then him just being a vile and evil creature, almost as much as I appreciate that he is now gone forever. Or until someone snorts his ash and becomes infused with his will or something.

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    Whiteboards at Blizz right now probably say "ORCS??"
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    A Commemoration to Garrosh Hellscream

    The icon, the myth, the legend. There would be no one like him. He was so memorable and such a good character. No one would surpass him, in my eyes. I recently watched a reaction video of Krimson KB:

    In it, he mentions how he missed hearing Garrosh's voice again, and i have to agree with him. Patrick Seitz's voice is so iconic and exhilarating. I don't think a voice actor in WoW had such an impact on me other than young Durotan in Lords of War, Ara'lon in the Ardenweald Afterlives, Uther in the Bastion afterlives, Crispin Freeman's Maraad voiceover in Lords of War, Greg Chun in Burdens of Shaohao, Troy Baker's Gul'dan and Derek Proudmoore delivering his lines while being chained.

    Therefore, i compiled a list of memorable moments of Garrosh's life and history.

    The Burning Crusade

    Chieftain of the Mag'har
    "Garrosh admitted that he was ashamed of his father. The last news Garrosh had of his father was that Grom had drunk Mannoroth's blood, and everything that transpired after this event was unknown to Garrosh for a long time. Indeed, Garrosh did not learn of his father's heroic death until Thrall arrived in Nagrand and re-enacted the events for Garrosh's benefit. Learning that his father had eventually overcome his weakness for power – Grom gave his life so that the orcs would be free of demonic influence – Garrosh appeared to gain power and confidence, believing he is no longer fated to fail himself and his people."

    Wrath of the Lich King

    Theramore's Peace Summit
    "Upon exiting Theramore, the Twilight's Hammer cult invaded the city. After catching a glimpse of Garona, Varian thought that Thrall had sent her to assassinate him as the Shadow Council had done to his father. Garrosh accused the Alliance of plotting the attack in an attempt to lure him and Thrall into a trap while Varian accused the Horde of attempted assassination; specifically Garrosh. Though tempers flared between Varian and Garrosh, Thrall and Garrosh left Theramore peacefully. Garrosh felt that Varian had insulted the orcs' honor and that by leaving peacefully the orcs were losing face at the summit."

    A Council for War
    "Thrall, irritated by Garrosh's recklessness and bold challenges to his authority, answered that the humans were not a threat and that he would not underestimate the Lich King by walking blindly into a Scourge trap. Thrall then provoked Garrosh to challenge him to a duel by saying that he would not make the same mistakes as his father, Grom Hellscream. Frustrated with his leader's apparent lack of action and the insults to his father, Garrosh challenged Thrall to a duel in the Ring of Valor to settle the matter."

    War in Northrend
    "His chief advisor, High Overlord Saurfang - who drank from the same chalice that corrupted Grom Hellscream - warned against Garrosh's savage tactics, fearing a resurgence of the bloodlust that had dominated the Horde prior to the death of Mannoroth. Saurfang warned Garrosh that if he went too far against the Alliance and led their people down a 'dark path', Saurfang himself would kill Garrosh."

    Secrets of Ulduar
    "Thrall and Garrosh were summoned urgently to Dalaran to speak with the leader Rhonin. Arriving before the human King Varian Wrynn had departed, Garrosh and the king proceeded to skirmish in the Violet Citadel, but Rhonin halted the fight with a magical shield before harm came to either. Rhonin suggested that the Horde and Alliance work together against the new threat of Yogg-Saron in Ulduar, but Garrosh and Varian were partisan to the idea and Wrynn was teleported. Garrosh expressed the opinion that a true Warchief would never partner himself with cowards."

    Crusader's Coliseum
    Garrosh, alongside Thrall, was later in attendance at the new Crusaders' Coliseum in Icecrown, surrounded by various champions and representatives of the Horde. During the tournament, Garrosh requested that Tirion uses warriors of the Horde to challenge the heroes in the tournament in order to show the strength of the Horde. He would cheer on Horde players following their victories.


    Garrosh Receiving Gorehowl
    "A celebration was held in their honor, and Thrall later bestowed Gorehowl, the axe of Grom Hellscream upon Garrosh. Garrosh displayed a natural affinity for the mighty weapon, like his father before him."

    Garrosh Appointed Warchief
    "Garrosh was summoned to Grommash Hold, and Thrall officially named him the acting Warchief. Taken aback, Garrosh hastily mentioned that his place was on the battlefield; that he knew much of war and tactics, but little of politics. Thrall ensured him that he would not be alone in this task and that Cairne, Eitrigg, and Vol'jin would be on hand to advise him. Garrosh accepted this charge."

    Orgrimmar Refurbished
    "Now as the highest authority figure within the Horde, Garrosh began to repair the damage wrought on by the elemental uprising — beginning with the remodeling of Orgrimmar. What was once little more than a village of huts, had become an aggressive bastion of a capital, reinforced by the metals used in Warsong Hold."

    Cairne's Mak'gora
    Cairne challenged him to a Mak'gora for the title of Warchief, though Garrosh upped the stakes, forcing it to be a battle to the death in an attempt to deter his opponent. Garrosh attempted a desperate strike, slicing Cairne's chest and shattering his runespear. Though a formidable blow, it did not seem to appear fatal - until Cairne inexplicitly collapsed from it. Though surprised, Garrosh quickly took advantage of the situation, and with one final glance at Cairne, dealt him the killing blow.

    Ashenvale Offensive
    Shortly after the Cataclysm, Garrosh personally led his troops into the neighboring borders of Ashenvale. While his Warsong Clan had made considerable progress over the course of Warchief Thrall's reign, it was a far cry from the ambitions that Warchief Hellscream desired to achieve. With rich minerals riped for the taking, and all of the tools needed to see his people grow, Garrosh surged viciously through the kaldorei ranks and cut a swathe of destruction straight to the Silverwing Outpost. His attack on the Outpost resulted in a decisive Horde victory. Garrosh reflected on how the forest that gave his father such harsh resistance was falling, piece by piece, and wondered what the mighty Grom would have made of this triumph. He concluded that not even Thrall could deny his prowess at this point, and would hail him as the champion of the orcish race and the entire Horde.

    Garrosh vs Vol'jin
    Garrosh came into conflict with the Darkspear Chieftain, Vol'jin; Garrosh's relationship with him breaking down in a similar manner to that of Cairne - culminating with Vol'jin threatening to kill him for his thirst for war.

    Garrosh's Famous "Bitch" Phrase
    "Garrosh later met with Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in Silverpine Forest, and was present during her demonstration of the Val'kyr's great necromantic abilities. Though the Forsaken were appeased enough by this solution to their plight as a people, Garrosh was disgusted. He dispensed High Warlord Cromush to "guard" Lady Sylvanas, and after an insulting exchange with her, left."

    Yeeting Krom'gar
    "Following Overlord Krom'gar's assault in the Stonetalon Mountains, Krom'gar's corrupt general arranged the murder of several neutral druids studying in the Thal'darah Grove. Krom'gar used a massive bomb to completely eradicate the Grove, though Garrosh himself confronted him for these actions. Quoting words he had heard from "a wise old war hero", Garrosh grabbed Krom'gar by the neck, and hurled him off the ledge of Cliffwalker Post, causing him to plummet to his death."

    Twilight Highlands
    "Garrosh personally spearheaded the assault into the Twilight Highlands, organizing an impressive air fleet to obliterate the Twilight's Hammer cult and claim the land for the Horde. After giving an inspiring speech to this effect, Garrosh was informed of an Alliance fleet nestled below- and ordered his air support to destroy them. This backfired when - due to treachery from within - the Horde fleet was ambushed, undefended, by Deathwing and his twilight drakes. Although Garrosh was personally able to fend one such drake off, his ship itself suffered massive damage and fell into the ocean below. The remainder of the fleet suffered a similar fate, crashing down into the sea. Garrosh himself was considered missing in action."

    Garrosh and Zaela
    "Garrosh, who had survived the crash, arrived at Dragonmaw Port and officially inducted Zaela and the Dragonmaw into the Horde."

    Mists of Pandaria

    Theramore's Fall
    The mana bomb, augmented by the power of the stolen Focusing Iris, was dropped directly over Theramore. The entire isle was utterly annihilated, with such brutal force that not even an insect survived. The casualties of this swift move were colossal — many of the Alliance's best and brightest generals were killed by the bomb, Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself only narrowly escaping it.

    Pandaria's Discovery
    "While being informed about the various navy battles by the newly promoted General Nazgrim, the Warchief was shocked to learn that during a naval battle in the south, Alliance forces were run aground. Upon learning about this new uncharted land, Garrosh became enraged that the Alliance got there first and quickly ordered the General to gather his best men to secure the new land for the Horde."

    Welcoming the Pandaren
    "Some time afterwards, Garrosh greeted new pandaren who have sworn allegiance to the Horde along with Ji Firepaw. He instructed them of what he expects of them and tested their martial prowess by unleashing his captured beasts on them in the Ring of Valor."

    Assassinating Vol'jin
    "Roughly two months after the initial foray into Pandaria, Garrosh himself arrived with the bulk of the Horde fleet, and quickly went about removing the local Alliance presence along the shore of Krasarang. Garrosh and Vol'jin had yet another clash of opinions about his warmongering at the newly-constructed Domination Point, resulting in Garrosh, long-tested by the Darkspear chieftain's criticism, ordering his rival's outright murder (under the guise of Vol'jin being sent on a mission with the Kor'kron)."

    Kor'kron Takeover of the Echo Isles
    "Vol'jin survived the attempt on his life, and it was revealed that Garrosh had put the Darkspear Isles under martial law. Members of his own Horde joined forces with former Warchief Thrall to liberate the isle and take down Garrosh's men."

    Garrosh Intrigued by the Mogu
    "Garrosh then traveled to the Shrine of Two Moons, where he was present with Malkorok, Ishi and the regent lord of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar Theron. He learned from Malkorok about the mogu race and took a special interest in the iron-fisted rule of the mogu and their technology (remarking to Malkorok that he had much to learn from them), being particularly attracted by their ability to create new warriors and fuel emotions to their height in order to drastically increase battle prowess."

    The Divine Bell
    Theron and his regiment was later sent to Mogujia but they were overpowered by the Mogu. Garrosh clashed with Theron too after neglecting to mention a strong mogu presence that resulted in several blood elven casualties. The blood elves were planning to capture a mogu leader, Shan Kien. Theron sent a horde hero along with a farstrider and a blood knight to defeat the Mogu Warlord. Garrosh arrived during the battle and threw Gorehowl at the Mogu leader, almost killing him. Garrosh then demanded information about the Divine Bell but Shan Kien only mocked at him. When Garrosh was preparing for a final blow, Fanlyr stopped him telling him that the mogu was the only key to the Divine Bell and that the blood elves would make him speak. Garrosh agreed and left telling him that should Fanlyr disrespected him once more, his head would be placed atop of a pike in Orgrimmar.

    The power of the Sha
    "Back in the Shrine of Two Moons, Baine Bloodhoof, too, arrived on Pandaria, and worked to undo (or clean up after) the chaos Garrosh leaves behind during his stay, including (but not limited to) curing sha-corrupted soldiers at the Shrine of Two Moons. Garrosh discusses the Sha power with Lor'themar and Baine, and insists that the Horde will control the power."

    Garrosh Almost Causing the Blood Elves to Leave the Horde and Defect to the Alliance
    "Theron then departs to Silvermoon with a Sha artifact to examine it. Garrosh then sends a horde adventurer to Silvermoon to get information. Like Vol'jin before him, Lor'themar becomes increasingly wary of Garrosh's rule; and after multiple instances of his people's welfare being disregarded by the warchief (including Garrosh's demand to look into a mogu artifact resulting in a sha being released in Silvermoon), Lor'themar considers pulling Quel'Thalas out of Garrosh's Horde, and reconsidering old Alliances.
    Garrosh then sends Fanlyr Silverthorn, his agent in the Sunreaver organization, and some Horde champions to locate the bell in Darnassus, and successfully claim it. Jaina Proudmoore discovered that the Sunreavers played a part in the theft, and purged them from the city of Dalaran.
    This act put a stop to the prospect of Lor'themar joining the Alliance: by organizing a heist in Darnassus after learning of Lor'themar's talks with Varian (and focusing blame on the blood elves for it), Garrosh was able to sabotage the notion of the sin'dorei leaving the Horde.

    Shan Kien's Interrogation
    "Garrosh travels with Baine to Garrosh'ar Advance where he interrogates Shan Kien in order to find out the location of Divine Bell."

    Forging a New Generation of Warriors
    "Later on, Garrosh amassed Horde forces at Emperor's Reach with the Divine Bell in tow. Garrosh spoke about the Horde's grand destiny, and how he will use the Divine Bell to erase weakness from his orcs and create a stronger Horde. Garrosh then rang the Divine Bell, which turns his kor'kron into Sha. After they are dispatched by the player, Prince Anduin Wrynn intervenes and tries to deter Garrosh from using the Divine Bell. Anduin's pleas fell on deaf ears, and Garrosh used the Divine Bell to infest his champion Ishi with the power of the sha, who the player then has to fight. Though Garrosh encouraged his troops to master sha energy, in the end, none of his champions were able to do so. In the aftermath of the battle, Anduin used the Harmonic Mallet to turn the Divine Bell's chaos into pure harmony. This temporarily stunned Garrosh before he struck at the bell and destroyed it; causing its rubble to fall on Prince Anduin. The impact of the bell has caused Anduin's bones to shatter. Believing Anduin dead, Garrosh lets the Alliance champion live to relay the fate of Anduin to King Varian; thereby illustrating the price for his continued defiance. Garrosh then flies off, maniacally laughing at the thought of the Alliance's, and particularly King Varian's, suffering."

    Purging Orgrimmar of Non-Orc Races
    "Garrosh branded the entirety of the Darkspear tribe as traitors to the Horde, forcibly taking over their holdings while oppressing and executing their members. The already precarious racial division of Orgrimmar took another hit, as the Valley of Spirits was then dominated by the Kor'kron, and various non-orc members of the city are rounded up, chiefly among them the tauren."

    Sending a Goblin Excavation Team
    "Garrosh had not given up on his desire to wield Pandarian artifacts, and sent a goblin excavation force to unearth the dark powers resting under the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, shipping them back to Orgrimmar and storing them in Ragefire Chasm."

    The Heart of Y'shaarj
    "After the goblin excavation team in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms discovered the sealed heart of a deceased Old God, Y'Shaarj, Garrosh traveled to observe his secured bounty. Realizing the heart was dormant, Garrosh fought his way through the Shado-Pan to submerge the heart in the vale's pools. He was confronted by the Shado Pan's lord, Taran Zhu, who attempted to end Garrosh's rampage across the continent, but was defeated when the warchief choked him with dismantled rails and impaled him upon Gorehowl. Garrosh told his defeated opponent that the other races of the world will no doubt attempt to stop him, and that moreover, he is counting on it: no matter what the world throws at him, Garrosh was confident that his newly-unearthed power would be able to prevail, and that all those against him would find themselves impaled upon Orgrimmar's spires.
    Garrosh hurled the dormant heart into the pools, causing a chaotic surge of sha energy which corrupted the surrounding area."

    Thrall and Garrosh: Round Two
    "The group laid siege to the city and successfully made their way into the Underhold and fought past all Garrosh's traps and lieutenants to find Thrall confronting Garrosh and pleading him to cease his genocidal war.
    Garrosh refused to co-operate, calling Thrall weak and sadistically stating he'll take pleasure in destroying everything the Horde and Alliance had created. He even briefly tortured his old mentor physically, as his Dark Shaman had tortured the elements for miles around, thus causing them to strike out at Thrall when he attempted to call upon them. Thrall overcame this and faced Garrosh in melee combat, only to be easily beaten."

    Siege of Orgrimmar
    "Garrosh then turned his attention to the adventurers and engaged them in battle with the support of the True Horde, the iron stars, and the power of Y'Shaarj itself."

    "This Isn't Even My Final Form"
    "The adventurers held out, however, and in a last-ditch effort Garrosh became an avatar of the Old God by absorbing all the Heart's remaining power."

    SoO Vision
    "In one of the most devastating possible outcomes — as shown by the Inv relics hourglass.png [Vision of Time] — Garrosh lays waste to Stormwind City, leaving the entire harbor in ruins and corrupted by Y'Shaarj's power. He also impales the corpses of all rebel Horde leaders, as well as the Wrynn family, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrande Whisperwind and Taran Zhu to adorn a ruined stairway leading to the city proper and to serve as a dire warning for anyone that would oppose his new order."

    "Let Him Stand Trial in Pandaria"
    After the Alliance/Horde adventurers defeated Garrosh and the Heart of Y'Shaarj, Garrosh was knocked to the ground and incapacitated. Thrall, leaning over Garrosh's body, told him of how disappointed he was in him, and prepared to deliver him a final blow: a death sentence carried out by the Doomhammer, but was stopped by King Varian Wrynn, who declared that Garrosh's punishment was not for him alone to decide. Thrall was also reluctant to allow the Alliance to decide Garrosh's fate. Taran Zhu and Lorewalker Cho suggested that Garrosh instead be taken to Pandaria to stand trial for his heinous crimes against the peoples of Azeroth, to which Varian and Thrall agreed. Garrosh was then taken by Taran Zhu and the Shado-Pan out of the room.

    War Crimes
    "After his defeat, Garrosh was transferred to the Temple of the White Tiger where a trial would be conducted for his fate. When everyone had arrived, Garrosh was brought forth before Taran Zhu, the jury and the many witnesses. There he was told of the crimes he was being accused of. He merely clapped and made a mockery of the trial, comparing it to the Darkmoon Faire and causing a great commotion. Once things were settled down, he was appointed a defender from the Horde who was Baine Bloodhoof. Baine tried his best to defend Garrosh but he did nothing to help his case. Baine suggested he open up to someone unless he had a death wish. Garrosh decided he would only speak to Anduin Wrynn. While cautious at first, Anduin accepted.
    Before the verdict was given, Garrosh was given a chance to speak. He said Tyrande Whisperwind and Baine both gave great arguments. He even spoke to Anduin and said how he believed people could change. Just as Garrosh was about to admit his regrets, he stunned the room by shouting he regrets nothing and would do it all over again. Kairozdormu, who had been tinkering with the Inv relics hourglass.png [Vision of Time] during all of this, created a portal that allowed him and Garrosh to escape to an alternate Draenor that was set 35 years in the past. Upon surfacing, they happened to be in Nagrand."

    A "What if" Horde
    "The Mongrel Horde or Dark Horde was an abandoned concept for the expansion following Mists of Pandaria, based around the idea of Garrosh Hellscream gathering various displaced races such as gnolls, kobolds, troggs, and centaur into a new Horde. The idea was later scrapped in favor of the Iron Horde and the alternate Draenor seen in Warlords of Draenor."

    Warlords of Draenor

    Sike! I Fooled ya
    "Garrosh and Kairoz eventually make their way to Nagrand, the lands of the Warsong clan. The plan was to locate the alternate counterpart of Garrosh's father, Grom Hellscream, and rally the orc clans into a different kind of Horde. But Kairoz did not intend to stop there; he intended to use the shards of the Vision of Time to find his way into many other worlds, and find other Hordes to send back to Azeroth, believing that this would give him infinite power. However, after learning that the shard would be able to take him back to Azeroth of his present time, Garrosh took the shard and stabbed Kairoz to death with it, declaring that orcs would never be used as pawns again."

    "No, I Don't Think I Will"
    "Gul'dan sent a message to the orcs promising them untold power. In reply, Grommash Hellscream sent Garrosh, disguised as a messenger, to Gul'dan wishing to know more about the cruel orc's intent. Gul'dan replied that he had seen a vision, and a Legion wanted the orcs as their vanguard. Much to Gul'dan's surprise, Garrosh knew serving this Legion meant drinking the blood of Mannoroth and enslaving the orcs to the demons. Angered at Garrosh's accusations of slavery, and proclaiming himself to be a god, Gul'dan had his guards remove the messenger from the premises. In response, Garrosh slew the guards. Gul'dan told Garrosh that in three days the orcs would drink from Mannoroth's blood on a mountaintop and from there march to victory. Garrosh lowered his hood, revealing his identity, and told Gul'dan that in three days Grommash will stand on the mountain as well and lead the orcs to embrace their true fate."

    "Times Change"
    "On the fateful day when the orcs were poised to drink the blood of Mannoroth and become slaves to the Legion, Garrosh accompanied his father to confront Gul'dan and give the warlock the Warsong clan's answer to his offer of power. However in this universe, Grom rejected Gul'dan's encouragement to drink the blood, and Garrosh coordinated an ambush on the warlock and Mannoroth himself using the orcs' new technology. Garrosh's Iron Star was launched at Mannoroth, distracting him for long enough to allow Grom to execute the demon. Garrosh pushed his father out the way of Mannoroth's dying explosion, saving Grom from the fate that felled him in the prime timeline. Pulling a stunned Gul'dan to his feet, Garrosh then drew a fel-bloodied Gorehowl from the demon's corpse and tossed it to his father, who proclaimed their victory and independence – as conquerors, never slaves - to the gathered masses. This pivotal moment was all that Garrosh's interference in the timeline had led to, and thus the Iron Horde came to be."

    The Things He Did
    "Garrosh gave Blackhand schematics for machinery. He also enlisted Pauli Rocketspark and the Blackfuse Company to build necessary technology for the Iron Horde's infrastructure within Grimrail Depot. He issued to capture Gruul. He had also been present when Grommash "convinced" Ner'zhul and his Shadowmoon clan to join the Iron Horde. When a citadel in the heart of Tanaan began constructing, he suggested the name Hellfire.
    He was personally responsible for the Ironmarch's invasion of Azeroth. He ordered Zaela to claim Upper Blackrock Spire as the forward base of the invading force, where a doomsday weapon capable of making Blackrock Mountain erupt and subsequently destroy large swaths of the continent - including Stormwind - is to be built."

    Garrosh, Warlord of the Warsong Clan
    "He rose to prominence as one of the Warlords of the Iron Horde, and the leader of the Warsong clan while his father holds the position of Warchief over all clans.
    Garrosh was located in Grommashar when the Horde and Alliance attacked the settlement. He began fighting with the adventurers, Durotan and Yrel, only to be stopped by Thrall who issued a mak'gora."

    Garrosh vs Thrall: Round Three
    "The pair clash at the Stones of Prophecy—the site where Garrosh had first learned of his father's redemption. As the pair traded blows, Garrosh argues that everything he did was for the Horde; Thrall replies that Garrosh "failed the Horde." In a fury, Garrosh attacks Thrall with his bare hands, yelling that Thrall made him Warchief. "You left me to pick up your pieces! You failed ME!" Having the upper hand, Garrosh remarks that Thrall "never had the strength of a true warrior." Thrall counters that his strength is not as a warrior, but as a shaman, before calling upon the elements to lash out against Garrosh. Tightly bound by the elements, Garrosh roars that Thrall made him what he is; Thrall responds that Garrosh chose his own destiny. A single bolt of lightning ends Garrosh's life."

    Battle for Azeroth

    A Possible Redemption?
    "Anachronos says: Garrosh Hellscream... Such a pity how things turned out.
    Anachronos says: In countless potential timelines, he was seen as a great hero of his people. Some called him the Horde's greatest warchief.
    Anachronos says: What you saw here was one of his worst possible incarnations. A waste."

    Lightbound Garrosh
    Exarch Hellscream is the son of Grommash Hellscream from the alternate universe Draenor. Having sided with the Lightbound and become one of their exarchs, he is considered a traitor by the Mag'har. High Exarch Yrel considers him "an example for his people to follow".
    Note: The short story Hellscream states that, in the alternate universe, Grommash did not have a child with his mate Golka before she died. This means that Exarch Hellscream is not the son of Grommash and Golka but rather that Grommash had a child with someone else after the events of Warlords of Draenor. This would also mean that Exarch Hellscream is not an alternate version of Garrosh but a separate character altogether.


    Afterlives: Revendreth
    "After Garrosh's death, his soul was confined to the realm of Revendreth to atone for his crimes. Due to his large amount of anima, the venthyr used him as one of their reliable "workhorses" from which they could continue extracting the vital energy even after the Shadowlands began suffering from the anima drought."

    Badass as Always
    "The orc's soul was eventually thrown into the Maw and imprisoned in the Sanctum of Domination, where Soulrender Dormazain continued extracting his anima to fuel the Mawsworn armies. Garrosh proved resistant to Dormazain's usual torture methods, but the soulrender looked forward to spending millennia finding his weakness.
    Ultimately, Garrosh endured the torment of Dormazain, and after Azeroth's champions defeated his torturer, Garrosh managed to break free from his chains. Re-affirming his belief that he had done nothing wrong in his life, that his choices he would make once more, he denounced Dormazain, the Jailer and Thrall. Taking up his torturer's blade, he empowered himself for one mighty leaping strike, destroying Dormazain and himself in a massive explosion of anima as he let loose one final war cry in the name of the Horde."


    In conclusion, he was a true Orc, a true Warchief and a badass character. A shame that they hyped him up for Shadowlands only to have him die instantly.
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    Garrosh didn't want to repeat his father's life and he certainely did, just not in the right way since he basically repeated the same mistakes and path of the Old Horde chieftains just in a different form and at least Grom came to realize and regret some of his actions.

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    It sickens me how people revere this worthless piece of shit! He was literally the worst warchief, every single of his war strategies sucked. And as soon as he realized that his idiotoc plan was failing and he was about to lose, he used underhanded means to achieve "victory" and claimed everything was according to his plan. What a fucking loser! But trickery and shitfuckery can only take someone for so long, so finally he was indeed defeated like the useless coward he is. Even in his last moment, he merely managed to take out a half dead trash! I have no idea what Thrall saw in him, Saurfang would have been a much better warchief.
    Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos was the game that brought me into gaming. I was 17 years old then, I abhorred gaming before this game. From then on, I became a fan of Warcraft and Blizzard. To see it all go down the drain like this is truly sad for me. No king rules forever but at least some of them went down in history as real badasses. I hoped Blizzard and Warcraft would be one of them but it is no longer possible.

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    Finally, Blizzard got rid off the last mascule character in their game.

    Illidan? Jailing Sargeras.
    Varian? Died.
    Saurfang? Died.
    Bolvar? He's nothing now.
    Thrall? Is sad now and does nothing.
    Genn? We didn't even see him in SL.

    It's weird that since they are getting rid off every mascule character that should be in the World of WARcraft is either gone or not active.
    There are no good representants of what real character should be in the war right now. Garrosh was one of them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raisei View Post
    "I have been a bloodthirsty idiot and I would glady be a bloodthirsty idiot again." - The motto of the Horde. And without "coward Thrall" Garrosh and the Horde would have been destroyed three times over, so obviously the Horde posters here will worship Garrosh for saying that.

    So Garrosh stole our kill and vaporized himself in the process. Good riddance. The last thing we need is another mad warchief being redeemed. I appreciate Danuser not even trying to make it look like Garrosh's cruelty, racism and stupidity had any deeper meaning then him just being a vile and evil creature, almost as much as I appreciate that he is now gone forever. Or until someone snorts his ash and becomes infused with his will or something.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arganis View Post
    10 seconds of poorly animated pure idiotic nonsense from an unrepentant racist psychopath who decides to disenchant himself in the most spectacularly meaningless way possible… pretty much perfectly sums up the state of the entire game.

    The fact people actually enjoyed this tells you just how low the bar actually is at this point. WoW is literally turning into “Idiocracy”.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arikara View Post
    he was a good villain, sure

    So good that he really, really, really deserved to die and be forgotten

    He was a fool from his introduction in BC to this unnecessary Death-2 scene. I can respect him for being a consistently well-written fool, unlike Sylvanas, but a fool he remains.
    It seems like people wanted Sir Garrosh. A monocole and tuxedo-wearing, tea-sipping, polite-speaking Orc.

    I don't get people sometimes...
    Commenting on these forums is like walking on eggshells - you never know where the next infraction is gonna come from.

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    I love how this post blablantly ignores all the flaws, mistakes, failures and not so glorious details or moments of Garrosh's life and actions.

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