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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardux View Post
    I don't... It literally takes me maybe 90 minutes to run 4 alts through both wings (getting 5 stars on all 8 runs).
    Don’t you only have to do two floors right now per alt? Only Layer 9? Wait until you gotta do 8 floors per alt again (9 to 12) instead of 2. It won’t take you 90 minutes. It’ll take you 90 minutes x 4; 6 hours.

    Nice try though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinos View Post
    So why do people hate it so much?
    Repetetive and trivial content that only serves as a time sink, keeping you from doing what you actually play the game to do. Even with 1 character, you actually end up having to do the same boring runs for months, as the system actually serves as a penalty for those who enjoy playing multiple specs (or even those that actually need multiple legendaries for their one spec to be efficient). It's just another poorly thought out idea, and adding some talents and forcing you to actually clear the entire floor (and spend more time in there) instead of just running through to the endboss, like they've done in 9.1, doesn't improve the experience one bit.

    I don't mind Torghast as content for those that enjoy it, but making it mandatory and forcing everyone to do it week in and week out just makes it another reason for people to quit the game. Terrible for the players, and probably terrible for business.
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    The problem is likely that, depending on your class, build, & the luck of the draw, a Torghast run is either easy or impossible. You either make it through with no sweat, or you see the boss the RNG has selected for you and realize it's best to cut your losses and wait for another night. There's little real in-between, which strikes me as a fairly basic conceptual flaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinos View Post
    Care to reply with arguments, such as the ones I laid out above? I clearly stated why and how I find Torghast to be a fun activity. It would be cool if you could do the same, so we can get a discussion going. That is what a forum is used for, since the times of the Ancient Romans (where the word comes from actually) when they thought up the concept.
    No. I'm sorry if that doesn't fit your worldview. But this isn't your personal blog, and we're entitled to our own opinions. Games are supposed to be fun. Torghast isn't fun.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Personally it's the colours. It's designed to keep us out. This is a place where we're not supposed to be and not meant to keep returning to. We're not going on an adventure into Torghast, we're constantly breaking people out of it.

    In that regard they did it too well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradu View Post
    Time is currently being scored completely wrong. Going fast is not rewarded anywhere near enough (max points for speed is 50, and you inherently lose out on way more than that by going fast) and the par times are pretty slow. I got 5 stars on 5 out of 6 of my runs (the one I didn't I managed to get knocked off by the same mechanic 3 times in a row), always just taking my time clearing everything because clearing and playing safe is rewarded the most by far.

    This was my first ever run:

    Played Shadow, except for floor 4 where I played Holy because I accidentally killed the floor 3 broker before swapping back to Shadow after stacking up my intellect power in the other 2 specs. It's literally just a question of clearing everything, time is basically irrelevant unless you literally go afk.
    Fast runs are for mythics. I like that speed isn't as important here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinos View Post
    So why do people hate it so much?

    Thank you for your time in reading thus far.
    Couple of thingsi really dislike it:

    First of all, its quite unrewarding. That legendary currency should have dropped in endgame activities like m+, raid and pvp. The only reason most player run into that chore is jut to get their legendaries.

    Second, its always the same!
    Most classes got boring anima bonusses, and they way you get them is pure rng. Always the same 3-4 type of mobs in each floor, no surprises, nothing challenging, its just a chore. "You are hunted!" is the best example...yes really dangerous a rare mob in standing felt soooo hunted....
    But even if they fix most anima perks, change the floors add some challenge, without real rewards, nothing will change

    Third if i want to play diablo...yes i go an play diablo...

    Islands were more rewarding (currency, tmogs, charpower) visions were even better, at the stat challenging, rewarding (items, currency, tmogs, specials like pet tames)

    And the worst part of torghast:
    Now i meet that anima-shit in raid and m+ aswell....thx blizz

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    With the new system it's more tolerable but this week 1 of my runs I got 4 stars and the other one was an annoying one where I got 0 stars on the same character... I am forced to do it to get my legendary and before I have it i'm useless.

    I am one that love Rogue-like games. One of my most played games are The Binding of Isaac. But Thorgast does not feel like a rogue like at all.
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    Torghast was fun for the first runs. I stopped enjoy it after so I stopped running it. I didn't run it since 9.1. I don't care about legendaries anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    I don't understand why people keep comparing Torghast with Mage Tower. They have nothing in common.

    Mage Tower:
    - was a challenge, even in top level items, because it was not designed around gear
    - basically consisted of one boss fight
    - 1 attempt took 5-10 mins
    - rewarded unique cosmetics
    - completely optional

    Torghast is:
    - not a challenge, easily overgeared
    - basically consists of killing trash mobs
    - 1 attempt takes up to 2 hours
    - rewards legendary currency
    - absolutely mandatory
    2h for one attempt? What? It's like 20-35 min.

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    My main problem is that the powers are so wildly varied in terms of usefulness.

    Compare the power selection of Warlocks to something like Mage or Rogues. If as a Mage, you don't get the Phylactery one, you are pretty much dicked. There is like one more power that increases DPS, but that's it.

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    Its really fun and game breaking in a good way.
    I think people only hate it because it doesnt fit into their loot hamster wheel they are used to. If it gave 5 epics every level those people would love it. Or they would complain still idk.
    Its a fun game mode that id love to see expanded on, my only gripe is not being able to save and i guess the fact that it doesnt gear me up so i have to run other content to do good at it.
    Honestly it was my favorite content in 9.0. But even i only played for the soul ash because the loot system ensures that i have to do raiding and dungeons to get anywhere.

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    I liked it on beta. It felt like a challenge, a ladder to climb.

    Then blizz came and added gatings so that i may never ever encounter any type of challenge in there. And thats when it went from a mage-tower like experience to a world quest-like experience.

    As with all features, they are either challenge or chore... Thorgast fell in the latter catheogry thanks to dumb gatings.

    I know many hated horrific visions but imo it was significantly better than Thorgast just for the reason that for the first few weeks it was a challenge, and even once the sanity resistance went up it was still somewhat difficult but started steering towards annoying instead.

    Still i think in the end i prefer the design of horrific vision over thorgast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodakane View Post
    It does. You don't like it, that's fine. I hate PVP, but I don't complain about how the game deals with it.
    Atleast PvP isn't mandatory (anymore. CN't say that for Season 1 though).

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    I think it's fine but I'd never do it for anything other than my weekly cap. I did twisting corridors and it was pretty fun at higher floors, but it's not something I'd "just" sit down and do after work - more of a weekend project. There are no rewards for repeating twisting corridor and the content is less appealing than (for example) the old Mage Tower because success is far more dependent on RNG (did you get the right anima powers? Were you lucky enough not to get Coldheard Interstitia? etc.). The environments also just aren't that interesting - spend an hour and you've pretty much seen everything it is.

    Anima powers are cool but a.) you don't get enough of them for it to feel "fun" during weekly runs, and b.) there is no reason to repeat twisting corridors once you clear them once, so you don't really get to re-experience the "anima god" feeling unless you've got like 5h to invest for no rewards.

    TL;DR: meh
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    all the powers etc just give a false sense of powerfulness, it doesnt really do anything, as the mobs dmg and armor and utilities is ramped up anyway.
    ill do it to the max floor of each room then thats it, no way am i farming

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Don’t you only have to do two floors right now per alt? Only Layer 9? Wait until you gotta do 8 floors per alt again (9 to 12) instead of 2. It won’t take you 90 minutes. It’ll take you 90 minutes x 4; 6 hours.

    Nice try though.
    progress in torghast layers is account wide... if you have done layer 10 on your main, your alts can do layer 10 as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    I would consider you the minority. Wasn't reaper of souls the pinnacle of D3? And the seasonal model brought back players repeatedly, albeit of course it got stale at some point.
    Objectively, D3 was a disaster. It was so bad, Blizzard outright scrapped the planned second xpac, released the half-finished work as a downloadable addon pak, then abandoned D3.
    TO FIX WOW:1. smaller server sizes & server-only LFG awarding satchels, so elite players help others. 2. "helper builds" with loom powers - talent trees so elite players cast buffs on low level players XP gain, HP/mana, regen, damage, etc. 3. "helper ilvl" scoring how much you help others. 4. observer games like in SC to watch/chat (like twitch but with MORE DETAILS & inside the wow UI) 5. guild leagues to compete with rival guilds for progression (with observer mode).6. jackpot world mobs.

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    1) The visuals are drab and uninteresting - Torghast isn't a visually interesting place. Because of the procedural generation, the terrain can only vary so much. The environs and the enemies get very samey-same very quickly.

    2) Experiences there are fleeting and expire - Any excitement you can derive from new / changed abilities in Torghast are immediately shut off when you leave. The currency you acquire there is also deleted upon leaving. It is the pinnacle of Borrowed Power.

    3) The gameplay becomes repetitive very quickly - Goes without saying... you're killing, killing, killing and maybe solving a switch puzzle or finding the same lost flute again and again and again.

    Basically, Torghast is a kind of fringe gameplay element at best ... that they decided to make mandatory. It's mandatory to progressing in Covenants, the story, crafting legendaries, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    Objectively, D3 was a disaster. It was so bad, Blizzard outright scrapped the planned second xpac, released the half-finished work as a downloadable addon pak, then abandoned D3.
    And continued to release seasons for years and years now. D3 might be on life support, but it is not abandoned.

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