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    HvH bgs? Come on, make OpenWorld PvP really PvP!

    Battlegrounds are faction vs faction by lore. So it's just stupid to make them Horde vs. Horde but not allowing to Horde vs. Horde in open world situations.

    Let us play real PvP in the world so Horde player can butcher themselves for honor outside of settlements. This is by far real PvP instead of that fake solution of Horde vs. Horde battlegrounds

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    What real pvp? The one where 4 x 70's swoop down on epic fliers to "pvp" leveling people all over nagrand?
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    True, I was just bored and tired but you are correct.

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    millennials were the kids of the 9/11 survivors.

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    So...basically the chaotic evil version of "remove factions" except everything is now FFA?

    Putting aside that the main reason why people went out to gank people was because of the extremely long BG queues.

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