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    Frost & Unholy 9.1 PVP Guides

    boys. 9.1 is finally upon us. we have new pvp talents. unholy tsg is an S tier comp. dreams are being made here. I compiled all the info from other DK theorycraft and other games from the DK discord or streamers who I chatted with to create to compendiums of information, especially on the new PVP talents. covenants, soulbinds, conduits, stat weights, itemizations, trinkets, pve talents, pvp talents, etc. will all be found here in as much detail as I can possibly provide so I'm not just a nerd reading tooltips to you. instead I'm a nerd reading tooltips to you...with GUSTO.

    please acquire unchained gladiator boys. the world needs more death knights on smokey dragon mounts.

    much love,

    Frost 9.1 PVP Guide:

    Unholy 9.1 PVP Guide:

    DK Comp Tier List & Guide
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    Fantastic guides like the previous season ones Thanks Flarky

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    Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I also updated this post with the new comp video to help find the proper comp to push glad with.

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    Tks, was searching for this kind of guide and came to here.
    Good work !

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