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    Sounds like it would be better off if they pulled a wod cut their losses only go up to 9.2 and put legion level effort into the next expansion. Legion wasn’t perfect but it was way more enjoyable than bfa and from what I’ve seen SL

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    BLZ could not know it would be thought of as crap(well everyone not constrained by marketing would, hence zero devs).
    A humongous amount of development time got plowed into it.

    The question is more like:
    What could BLZ possibly developed in any timely fashion once it was obvious players(overall) didnt find it to be what BLZ hoped it to be. Fun and longterm content.
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    It's just an ugly zone, the ugliest they've made since Desolace, it's not fun to quest there because the place is so monotone.

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    Mounts make it bearable. I may be wrong but story wise, there was no reason not to have mounts. Now, magically, we can. Perhaps there was too much dialogue that used, “maw walker” and it was too technical for blizzard to change that to “maw rider”. Ridiculous yes, but hey, so was no mounts at the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilyaki View Post
    What in TBC is any better?
    core of game itself: gear, actually has meaning
    u don't have to pray to RNG gods to know how to get ur gear, master loot dkp and u can get a rough estimate how long it is to get BiS
    pre-MoP (I love MoP class design btw, but honestly it ruined a LOT of gear idea) it was normal that u get BiS in current tier of raiding, heck during wrath for 1 week my alt rogue was best rogue geared in server due to lucky drops from raid at its release
    There are a lot of great ideas in TBC they abandoned sadly but if i must pick one thing for real imo it is gear, actiblizz is making sure to get gear now is way harder than just get to max lvl and go raid, there is always X or Y to do, like get renown 40
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    What most people have an issue with is how their playtime invested is completely trivialized the moment they introduce the next patch, so much so that - save for having good entry gear for one week - players feel like they're being milked for playtime metrics. I'm not expecting the gear's relevancy to carry over from patch to patch in a way that doesn't motivate to do new content, but they continously turn things on their head and unnecessarily so.

    From the legendary you've had to obtain and upgrade, to the covenant you had to play for optimal performance(in order to tackle content they've created; content that incentivizes optimizing performance) and the various currencies you had to farm, it keeps repeating.

    The Maw and the doubling down on it is just another tool in the arsenal that is driving this phylosophy.
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    No. The whole Sylvanas storyline was terrible, but then again whenever they try and shoehorn in one of the 'major lore characters' (Khadgar, Jaina, Sylvanas, Thrall) the plot is bad. They had some great lore to be working with in Shadowlands what with the Drust (could have been a raid), the problems in Maldraxxus and Bastion, we could have had 2 mini raids maybe a 5 boss Drust raid in Ardenweald and a 2 boss raid in Bastion or something. Sadly they squandered all the good lore we had at the start of SL on filler quests in order to time gate renown.

    9.2 it would have been nice to have something unconnected to Shadowlands or just vaguely connected, like there's some threat on Azeroth while we have been away. Think Ulduar style - only very loosely connected to the main plot but very cool in its own right.

    9.3 should have been all about the Maw with the final boss being the Jailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    Wod didn’t have m+ and it only had 2 raid tiers. That’s why it was one of the worst. Add a raid tier and m+ and it blows legion out of the water.
    M+ came because the d3 team was dismantled and moved to WoW in its entirety. Also world quests come from there - Legion was a desperate effort to make up for the shitshow WoD was.

    Also had 2 tiers because they wanted to cut it short. Nothing was salvageable (except the raids themselves). My point was that they scrapped WoD because it was an empty world and "raid or do nothing".
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    I don't really think of Korthia as part of the maw so I don't see it doubling down. Nothing you do in Korthia requires you to visit the maw. You take a teleporter from the entrance of the maw to Korthia, you can take a teleporter straight back to Oribos from there. The overlap is minimal.

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    Honestly, if the maw was like this from the start? Yeah, sure, it would have been fine. It just would have been another Isle of Thunder/Timeless Isle/Argus deal: a sub-zone with no flying where you go around farming rares and getting treasures.

    The problem was that there is no reason to do any of the Maw stuff nowadays if you've been playing since SL's launch. Everything that needed to be done has already been done, even if we didn't have ground mounts. For me, I have no reason to do the Maw besides for the covenant assaults. Went and got my Fallen Charger a few days ago so I don't have to camp for its spawn anymore.

    Korthia is what the maw should have been from the start. I kinda enjoy running around collecting research, anima pickups, killing rares, looting chests, etc. But they should have extended all of that to the Maw proper as well to at least give it some life that wasn't just about doing your covenant assaults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    I salute you for having the mental fortitude to spend 13 mins in retail.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Proper community
    Proper gear progression
    Crafting makes sense and gold
    No timegates
    No pointless super boring chore systems that should have been a talent point
    Somewhat proper pve content instead of the audiovisually overloaded, overly complex arcade game bullshit
    You can fly immediately when hitting max level without first waiting a few patches
    Distinct classes, abilities and specs instead of overly uniformized and standardized ones
    -its the same community at best or the worst classic andy/private server toxic crowd
    -gear progression in SL is basicaly the same as in tbc now,its not bfa or legion anymore
    -crafting is basicaly the same,you have the endgame gear you can craft in tbc,and you do the same in sl,i havent played as much sl but this was the case before,you could craft near bis items
    -timegating argument is weird here,because t5 was day 1 even half of t6,now its not
    -no pointless chore system?uhm...have you seen the hc dungeon attunements?yeah its nice that once done its over,but its still a dawnting task ahead of you if your casual
    -i simply cant take you seriously if you make the pve argument,if one thing improved in wow over time its raiding,i get its to hard for some to do mythic,thats why normal and lfr is there for you
    -flying in tbc is very different than the modern game,there is nothing to explore on ground
    -distinct classes are cool and all until you realise if content is any bit challening most get benched

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