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    Club Brugge really put up a fight, and no doubt will be happy with the point. It was an enjoyable match to watch, especially seeing certain PSG players get so frustrated.

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    I am surprised why all the bookie sites have PSG as the favourite (along with City). Sure, the summer transfer window was good considering the names, but there is nothing that says that this team will perform to its standard.

    The defense on paper is good but defensively not close to world class. Hakimi is an offensive fullback, Kimpembe is a hit or miss, Ramos while one of the best leaders in football he has been injured a lot and is getting old. Marquinhos is quality.

    The midfield leaves a lot of questions aswell. Verratti is for sure world class but then the rest? Herrera is average at most, Gueye okay denfesively but I don't see him as a starter in a team like PSG. Has Danilo ever been useful on a football pitch, I have never seen him done everything of significance, if we don't count in his dramatic rolling around with eyes open at the Euros (he got punched yes, but the reaction looked so stupid).

    The front three needs no introduction and they will for sure score goals, but I don't think it's enough. Bayern's tactic 2020 was to outscore opponents, but they had a world class midfield and the whole team worked their arse off. I can't see this PSG team putting in the same amount of physical work you need if you want to overload your opponents, I see them trying to win with skill/talent instead.

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    Regarding Barca Bayern (we need some other talk than all this United talk! ):

    Bayern played in first or second gear. They were sluggish with their final passes and finishing, could/should have been more goals. It also seemed too easy for Bayern to control the game. I would have understood this type of dominance if Bayern would have had one of their best days but now it looked like a walk in the park.

    This is of course alarming for Barca. They didn't lose 3-0 to a Bayern team that was very good. They lost 3-0 to a Bayern team that just did what they had to do. I was expecting a tougher battle in the midfield, because their midfield is of good quality with De Jong, Pedri and Busquets. I also thought that Depay would be a bigger issue. Remember saying that Bayern played through Barca's press way too easily. Well I am satisfied, will be interesting to see what Bayern can do when they hit full gear!

    Some of the Bayern players, especially the midfield, need rest. After the international break there were two big games, Leipzig and Barca, but now the schedule will follow with Bochum and Gruether Furth, two newly promoted teams. Hopefully these games will allow Bayern to rest the key players so they can charge their batteries.

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