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    Shadowlands was the nail in the coffin to me, unsubscribed with gusto

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    I hated Shadowlands. It finally pushed me over the edge and caused me to quit for good. So I won't be coming back next expansion unless they manage to do a SquareEnix but that's never going to happen.

    However if you had asked me a year ago I would've responded with a simple down to earth expansion. Something small, like a Kalimdor focused one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
    I absolutely despise Shadowlands as a setting and I have absolutely despised it ever since I first saw Covenants. As someone who plays Void elf, I don't feel any connection between my character and any of these covenants:

    - Smurfs don't feel connected to Void elves.
    - Skeletons don't feel connected to Void elves.
    - Furries don't feel connected to Void elves.
    - Vampires don't feel connected to Void elves.
    - Janitor with 0 backstory doesn't feel connected to Void elves.

    So personally as someone who plays Void elf and is very interested by the Void aspect of the Warcraft franchise, Nope! I don't like this setting at all!

    I'm sure if I were a Forsaken or Night elf player since 2004, I'd very much enjoy this setting, but I'm not!

    I can't wait for 10.0 to return to the Void storyline and the Stormwind storyline, which was left off with Turalyon and Alleria taking control of Stormwind.
    I play blood elf paladin, should I feel connected to some of the covenants? Cause I don't, and I don't know why I should?

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    No, this has been a miserable expansion, the worst yet as far as I'm concerned.

    Not interested in a next time until a shakeup is done, I think I've finally had my fill.

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    like many others, the story of SL is just bad and the new lore we've gotten is uninteresting, and just badly written stuff you've seen in other fiction.

    but for me, the issue was how Blizzard ended legion, then Danuser rushing through so much established lore in BFA so he could get to this fanfic SL garbage and his waifu's story :/

    legion should have ended with a more complete version of us pushing back the legion and defeating KJ. Velen and the draenei should have gotten a more personal and involved ending with KJ. The expansion should have ended with us completely pushing back the legion out of Azeroth in a significant/final way, then Illidan revealing his crystal portal thing at the end to set up the next expansion

    the next expansion then could have been us using that crystal to be the ones to invade the weakened legion, us being on the offensive for the first time. We could have use the crystal to go to legion controlled planets and save surviving army of the light members. This would have let the army of the light be more than 1 fcking ship with some draenei in it. And, each planet being a zone would have dealt with the "too much green" fatigue of legion, as the art team could be as creative as they want with those zones

    then things like the titan revival, alleria/turalyon, sargeras and so on could all be used over an expansion, instead of rushed in one patch/raid. Argus could have been a much better series of zones, with more to it than what we got. Sargeras in particular, could have been more involved than suddenly appearing at the end of the raid and done with in a cinematic. The titans and their revival could have been a great expansion wide story, reviving each titan one by one with their own quests and story

    alleria's story with the void could have been properly expanded on, instead of a few quests. Turalyon and his past in the army of the light could have been explored. Xe'ra could have been a more expansion antagonist slowly going more and more fanatical instead of how wasted she was. Illidan could have done more... and so on

    now this is just me spitballing ideas, but the point is that there was SO MUCH lore and content that blizzard rushed through in 9.3 alone.

    And the same exact issue with BFA: Azshara and Nzoth both wasted in one patch each, when both are easily expansion wide villains and places like Naz/Nyalotha had so much potential.

    and by expanding on all these ideas, blizzard could have kept the story and next few expansions based in Azeroth... and not this stupid fanfic cosmic shit that Danuser is obsessed with :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advent View Post
    Okay? To each their own. I'm not overly fond of long exposition about trade agreements, politics, and bad romance.
    The story was ok but it was just badly directed.
    I liked that it expanded the universe and made it a little more complex than just mindless action, explosions and mega super ultra weapons every time like they did in the sequels.

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    I didn't really enjoy Shadowlands. Too much of it felt like a hodgepodge of 4 different ideas ranging from past WoW activities to direct Diablo III assets being pushed into the world.

    More importantly to me is the continued lack of effort being put in by Blizz. I want more content, not the same content put on a timer with a few random bits of nonsense put in.

    An aging engine should mean that creating content is trivial...but Blizz won't even put in that trivial effort to provide increasing value to their most loyal customers. I don't need 20 slightly different races, and I don't really care about having 200 different skins of the same mounts that have been available for a decade or more. I'm not interested in playing Blizz Pokemon.

    I want an adventure. The worlds should be getting bigger, not smaller. I shouldn't have to fight generic baddies every time I want to go somewhere. Embrace the flying and make it better...stop trying to take it away because Blizz is trying to be lazy enough not to complete the art assets...assets that are getting smaller and smaller with each expansion.

    If Blizz put in the same effort as their first couple of expansions, we'd have 24 dungeons (each normal and heroic) in each expansion and a dozen raids. We'd see something truly new and impactful...not Garrison v4. A new profession that impacts the game, even if only a little.

    We should be seeing an expansion of our base characters. After killing how many horrific bosses, I'm still rocking the same base skills as when I have 1/2 the level I am today. How does that make the least bit of sense? All that effort learning my craft and gaining untold experiences, but I get borrowed powers only...wheee... (/facepalm).

    I'm ready for pretty much any storyline as long as Blizz stops being cheap-a**es and starts investing more in the game that truly made their name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    Maldraxxus would be my definition of Hell
    Entering the zone for the first time felt like that Panama scene from Prison Break. Really well done.

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