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    Most neglected/mistreated race in WOW

    Of all the playable races in WOW which one is the one that is treated the worst by the developpers and the writers in terms of story and/or presence in the game and the books ?

    On the Alliance side I feel that the Gnomes have been really mishandled with the way they are the least present in the game events and the cinematics with them still being at square one when it comes to reclaim their home city of Gnomeregan and purge it of Sicco Thermaplug and the Troggs, their technological prowess not getting the recognition it deserves and not being exploited enough by the rest of the Alliance, plus I have the feeling that Gnomes alchemists could have already found a cure to Thermaplug's radiations and a cure or at least real counters to the Forsaken's blight for example.

    There are also the poor Night Elves who are very present in the story but are frequently nerfed and used as punching balls by the writers ever since the beggining of WOW, even worse during Cataclysm with their territories invaded by the Horde and them being somehow needing Varian Wrynn and the Worgens against some Magnataurs even if they have faced much worse before, as well as Tyrande not being allowed to use her offensive powers at the occasion, Malfurion being turned into extreme neutral instead of defending his people and most of their natural allies being absent. And that's nothing compared to what happened to them more recently during BFA and Shadowlands with writing and things on I have already expressed my opinion and disdain many times.

    On the Horde side I feel that the Taurens had it really rough since Cataclysm with the death of Cairne Bloodhoof, the bombing of Camp Taurajo and the Tauren's pacifism being flanderized with Baine having done genuine good actions in the name of peace but also some things that are more of an extreme doormat with him not showing any ill will for the destruction of Camp Taurajo and him exiling the Taurens who were furious about that of Thunder Bluff.

    Plus I think that the Taurens should have been shown as far more critical of Sylvanas' actions and relucdant at obeying her orders during BFA that what was shown in game and other stories.

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    When's the last time the dwarven race was at all relevant to the story? Cataclysm? That one comic in Legion? Feels pretty ironic considering how much titan stuff we've been dealing with as of late

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    Terrible race from a fantastic concept. Basically reduced to Greymane's lackeys. Zero plot relevance.

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    Gully dwarves have my vote....oh....

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    Just going to wait for Varadoc.

    I mean, void elves truly have the least amount of story, both before they appeared and since.

    I almost feel like, how Legion focused on classes, we need an expansion that builds on each individual race in the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skirdus View Post
    When's the last time the dwarven race was at all relevant to the story? Cataclysm? That one comic in Legion? Feels pretty ironic considering how much titan stuff we've been dealing with as of late
    Ah yes, the dwarves are cruelly underused and neglected by the story despite all the interesting stuff ànd great potential with them, especially since the reunification of the clans and discovery of new titan stuff in MOP, WOD and Legion.

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    Trolls have constantly had their leaders killed, their tribes destroyed. The "Troll dungeon" meme exists for a reason
    The Darkspear spent 3 years without a leader because reasons

    Night Elves are a punching bag by the Horde or the story itself which simply can't let them win anything it seems.


    Pandaren. After their expansion they all just... vanished. With any luck we get a cameo of their leaders serving drinks or something

    Tauren haven't done anything in years. Only Baine appears and that's just horrible horrible representation

    Dwarves, to some extent. They don't do anything other than token appearances despite being, in my opinion, the powerhouse of the alliance military
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    The gnome lore is expanded in the Mechagnome Allied Race quest. Mekkatorque unites both the gnomes and the mechagnomes and they're now living in the Mechagon.

    Indeed the Dwarves haven't had a significant piece of lore since Cataclysm.

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    Without a doubt it's the Ren'dorei:

    - They do nothing in patch 8.2 despite the fact that the main villain is Azshara Servant of the Old Gods.
    - They do nothing in patch 8.3 despite the fact that the main villain is an actual Old God.
    - Anduin doesn't even mention them when looking for aid in resisting the Void whispers and despite knowing that Alleria was the ONLY leader who was more worried by N'Zoth than the Horde.
    - Wrathion, an untrustworthy and devilish scoundrel, is chosen as advisor instead of the entire race of Void users whose sole purpose is fighting the Old Gods and the Void.
    - An entire alternate reality is corrupted by the Ren'dorei, who are turned into fodder not even belonging in a dungeon, but in solo content. You can't even say "oh but at least they got to do something badass as bad guys", because it all happened in an alternate reality and thus it's irrelevant.
    - Alleria is nowhere to be seen in patch 9.1 despite the fact that she is a Windrunner and vowed she would see Sylvanas fall.

    This is not up for debate. Night elves and Forsaken lost their homelands? Big deal, all the pre-rendered and CGI cinematics are about them. Trolls are constant raid fodder? First of all at least they appear in raids and not solo content, second who the fuck cares when all of BfA is about trolls lol.
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    Night Elves - Constant punching bag. They just lost their homeland & the story seems to be writing them out of any sort of payback or vengeance in favor of one character. They were vicious in WC3, but tend to feel mostly toothless these days. Even their leader becoming a spirit of vengeance was unable to get even a modicum of revenge on Sylvanas.

    Mag'har Orcs - While the Night Elves lost a city, the Mag'har lost an entire world. Now they are basically crashing in a side building of Orgrimmar while helping the Horde. Much of their intro questline seemed rather unfocused on them even, with most of it being unlocking the path & the rest of it being a seeming stronger focus on Yrel & the Lightbound.

    Worgen - Aside from Genn, they aren't featured anywhere. Even in the expansion that they were brought in, they only had one Worgen quest hub to visit while the second half of their intro questline was given solely to the Horde.

    Pandaren - Sure, they got a massive amount of story & lore in MoP. But otherwise, they've largely been ignored. What came out of Aysa & Ji's reunion in SoO? How did the Pandaren who mostly are peaceful towards each other deal with the strains of the Fourth War? I guess Ji got a bit of a turn in Shadows Rising, but the Pandaren have largely been ignored for a long time.

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    Mistreated: Trolls. They just don't even win anything, just get their butts kicked by everyone, including the Horde.

    Neglected: Pandaren. There's so many different avenues of story here, especially given the Horde/Alliance split in BFA and the whole point of the Pandaria expansion. Pandas have been absolutely ignored except as background characters; though admittedly I have seen far more Alliance Pandaren NPCs than Horde.

    The fact that Ji Firepaw stays loyal to the Horde is either out of brain-dead loyalty or maliciousness given what they did to him in SoO and his passivity in the face of Horde war crimes during BFA (literally running into a hospital in Boralus and killing the wounded and the Pandaren priest in charge? Yeesh.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neverafter View Post
    Just going to wait for Varadoc.
    You only had to wait 3 posts, thats not too bad!

    Anyway, serious answer? I think the regular Draenei are pretty shafted, since every story beat where they *could* be relevant, they are replaced with the Lightforged counterparts now.
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    Tauren by far. They have never done anything worth noting and even their heritage questline is completely forgettable. The best thing they are remembered by is that they have a neat capital since Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kehego View Post

    Terrible race from a fantastic concept. Basically reduced to Greymane's lackeys. Zero plot relevance.
    I am horde, but I have to agree. Literally non existent and I kinda hate it as it had more potential and could have lured some players to play alliance.
    From mistreating - regular trolls, literally a meme race, like gnomes. Whole troll story is a one of getting manipulated and defeated all the time.

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    I might get flack for this, but I'd say that the Orcs at this current stage are one of the most neglected races.

    WoD was the last time we saw the Orcs, because people were sick of them (as was I), but for a race that was the one that made and created the foundations of the current Horde, I didn't expect them to be completely neglected. I expected them to at least have a show in 7.3, where we would have seen Draenei, Blood Elves and Orcs fighting side by side.

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    Gnomes gets treated too nice and are in the spotlight waaaay too much. Dwarves? We had fuckin Magni down our throats from 7.3 until SL.

    Mistreated? Night Elves.

    Neglected? Tauren
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    It feels like it's Gnomes perpetually who are mistreated. There's a reason the "punting" joke has persisted for so many years. They feel almost reviled, even within their own faction's players.

    But neglected I'd say Pandaren. Kinda ignored since Mists.

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    Gnomes or Pandaren.

    The gnomes got basically nothing from vanilla all the way to bfa (even though actual mecha gnomes were highly prevalent in wrath that all got given to the dwarves) and then it was some diaper baby nonsense nothing to do with the actual gnomes.
    The Pandaren have basically been ejected from the story since the MoP backlash.

    Also loving every laugh at the copium around allied races being neglected. They're all lazy pallet swaps that blizzard burped out of some forgotten maw to justify not having to work on assets for an actual new race.
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    Its just sad and disappointing that wow has one of the most diverse worlds but focuses on just a few characters at a time with most of those being humans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelangel View Post
    Mistreated: Trolls. They just don't even win anything, just get their butts kicked by everyone, including the Horde.
    Maybe the ones from the Echo Isles, but other than that WoW is teeming with troll zones and troll instances.

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