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    Pvp hasnt been fun since warlords... Being 1 shot by boomkins and rogues isnt fun. You shouldnt be forced to trinket 5 seconds into the game when u were just at 100% hp.

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    Fun in games is always subjective. Some people enjoy PvP, some don't. The same applies to any other game and game genres.

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    IMO PvP is a sad side game that the devs haven't managed properly for years. Shoveling it all into arenas at one point was retarded and dialing it back to Rated BG's took way too damn long to implement.

    Now I find it's a waste of time to wander in and get rolled till you get into a good enough set overall.


    honestly, WoW's best pvp was when most people didn't understand the progression systems. Hell I USE to enjoy it with friends at lower levels but they somehow kept managing to totally fuck up different class themes or fix something that wasn't broken by actually breaking it.
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    Ever heard the saying "don't hate the player, hate the game?" WoW PVP is grossly imbalanced, and as such, it's only fun for the winners wherever those chips may fall in any one given encounter.

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    You get to cannibalize on orcs, something you rarely do as you're often members of the same faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    friend of mine told me to play arena with him and his friend...

    "it's going to be so much fun" he says...

    meanwhile all that i see is...

    "can't do that while stunned"
    "can't do that while stunned"
    "can't do that while stunned"

    then i'm interrupted... interrupted again... interrupted again... and we lose...

    next game...

    "can't do that while stunned"
    "can't do that while stunned"
    "can't do that while stunned"


    next game...

    i get focused...

    i holy shock myself when i lost like 20% hp...then i died... i didn't even get to play because i died in a gcd...

    how do people find this fun?
    You can always tell who has a trophy case full of participation ribbons…..

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    Because people will always be higher difficulty than npcs -predicting incoming stuns/combos and dealing with them while trying to set up your own is the whole fun of pvp.

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    When it's balanced its a great knowledge about every class epeen test.

    In pve you can probably get by raiding mythic without even understanding the different cooldowns your healers have.

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    Pvp as a a healer these days isnt fun anymore. Game is way to fast, to much burst, to much cc. It was way better in cata and mop. I mean just watch oldschool pvp videos and its hilarious how "slow" the game was back then. But i liked it as a healer so much more.

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