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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyrr View Post
    Eh SSC had a resist fight and so did Black Temple with the Succubus boss needing shadow.
    Ironically BT gave you loads of drops so you could manufacture Shadow gear for Mother Shar'raz and you could beat her without it if your guild was fast at dealing with her teleports so they didn't kill your players. It didn't amusingly give you fire resist for Illidans adds...

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    I don't find "wear these items or you will die" to be particularly enthralling gameplay, if I'm honest. It's just another stat, and one that's only useful for a handful of encounters at that.

    It was just a way of gating people from completing the raid too early.

    Gear needs more interesting and varied effects rather than a handful of very boring stats.

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    Resist gear wasted inventory space. It also allowed for awful situations where melee could become basically immune to anything a caster could do in pvp.
    Bandwagon sports fans can eat a bag of .

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    Resist gear is disliked for the same reason alternative power is. It simply adds a grind for grinds sake and the boss could always function the same way by being property tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    Right now people rightly complain that they have 4+ slots locked due to domination gear and leggos. These items actually deliver some kind of gameplay change as compared to not having them. Now suppose telling the same people that they have to lock even more slots as well as still collect good items for other encounters, and that these items do nothing except serve as an ID check on whether you can attempt the boss at all. A boss that isn't mechanically more complex when you're actually fighting him but simply has a binary distinction on whether you can live through something or not.

    Ditto with boss immunities. Yes, it certainly makes sense that a guy made out of fire is immune to fire magic, but I'd really like to actually play my class and spec rather than be arbitrarily locked out of doing so for some vain attempt of realism, while Andy up front is chopping at him with a fucking sword because that same commitment to realism doesn't apply to convection.
    Yeh. If fire mages cant hit the fire elementals, then warriors should need a special enchant or something that is able to hurt an elemental. How is an axe supposed to hurt a being made purely of fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlordd View Post
    Started up in Cataclysm and somehow Classic vanilla stole my heart. I do not seem to enjoy TBC as much as I did with Classic. I really liked the idea that you couldn't just equip BiS for everything and go ham at it. Some bosses required you to have a ton of resist gear to counter them for example.

    I really liked that idea, and I didn't mind to go back to Maraudon to farm resist gear. I even took my time to farm out Cenarion Hold rep and since I was a Blacksmith in gear specialisation I could make items with resist gear on top.

    I really love this idea. Things weren't time-gated either. You could sit in AQ20 for a few weeks to farm reputation in a passive way, or you could do this tedious grind. Me myself, I just completed the quests in Silithus and took my time with AQ20.

    Was really a nice pace of change. When I went back to retail it's just gear with stat sticks with not much concept given to them. Just "sim it bro" is often the conclusion. I'm a tank in retail so my gear to equip is "just the highest item level"! Literally that. Nothing much depth to that I'll say.
    resists were kinda like... idk. uninteresting. I say that because its just another set of items to collect, use a few fights, and then they just take up space. If they are sought after BoEs, they will be higher in price. The gear you work to collect through everything else is set aside for...? Reasons. They could theme a raid around a certain damage type and let pieces drop within the raid to slowly mitigate the damage as you gain drops. Would give a natural power progression to groups every week that wouldnt overly inflate the ilvl (im looking at you titanforging) between raids and they could have smaller ilvl increases. Each piece could be like 1% damage resistance, giving you 16% with full gear. But then it would feel bad to walk into the next raid and be getting hit for high numbers again, to watch it slowly go back down. I just never liked how they put it in the game and I'm happy that I never had to interact with it. I didn't raid in vanilla or classic. It seemed so silly to collect terrible gear for the sake of resistances and didn't feel like it was really valuable. Just more stuff along with your consumables and everything else in your bags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shimerra View Post
    I'd say you're pretty retarded if you think me going to the AH for 20 min to buy bullshit frost resist green BOEs for Hyrdoss was good game play or a critical RPG element.

    Why is it people like yourself seem to think basic RPG elements are tedious bullshit no one but the ultra neckbeards that can draw Illidan's tattoos from memory enjoy as fun? There's plenty of ways to make it so you have to grind/build something to beat a challenge, an actual basic RPG element worth preserving, within game play that aren't just money/time sinks which is all WoW's resistance fights ever were.
    Did you genuinely just defend the azerite power farm? For vanilla and TBC the sources of resistance gears were from dungeons and raids. I hardly see the correlation of spending money/time for them outside of your general playing hours.

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