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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantera View Post
    I forget exactly what their plans were but I think either for the .1 or .2 patch originally Netherstorm would be included either as a daily hub or a pvp zone or something. Would have been cool imo!
    You're thinking of Farahlon, what Netherstorm used to be called.
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    Alleria's whispers start climaxing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    Can it even be saved?
    There is only once chance - 6.2 content (that was ready, but delayed) at release, including flying of course, and do not abandon it's development.

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    I would retcon War Crimes completely.

    Garrosh and Kairozdormu travel to Outland, rather than past Draenor. They use the empowered Vision of Time to restore Outland into Draenor. The whole thing goes terribly wrong and the new Draenor is threatened by "paradox rifts" that open up everywhere, spitting out all kinds of altered pre- and post-Draenor/Outland creatures, threatening reality itself. The Horde and the Alliance go to Draenor to prevent reality from being ripped apart. Nozdormu eventually sacrifices himself to stabilize time, in the process destroying the Hourglass of Time and transforming into Murozond (becoming the main antagonist of the final raid), while fixing the reforged Draenor permanently to the main timeline.

    No actual time travel, no alternate dimensions, no multi-dimensional Legion. Just a restored Draenor and a bunch of antagonists, such as Gul'dan, spat out by the paradox rifts on Draenor. Outland put permanently in the Cavers of Time, Draenor now permanently reachable through various portals on Azeroth. Paradox Gul'dan still causes Legion. Draenor expanded upon in later expansion. Garrosh dies a hero to the orcs for restoring their homeworld.

    The rest of the fix is actually just implementing all the stuff that was scrapped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnaught View Post
    Don't get me wrong, WOD was *fun*, and *pretty*, but the lore was absolute trash. Velen sacrifices himself but it's okay because that was an alternate Velen. And then we killed Archimonde but that's important because there is only one Archimonde in the multiverse!!
    To me personally lore has been pretty bad since after wotlk so I don't put much stock in that anymore.

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    I'd have the Ogre continent come out and give Horde playable Ogres, Alliance Saberon or Arakkoa, and have Sylvanas steal Garroshes body raise him and start a third faction thats evil.

    Legion would happen but BFA and Shadowlands wouldn't or at the very least wouldn't be the same as both the Horde and Alliance would be working against the third faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Culex View Post
    To me personally lore has been pretty bad since after wotlk so I don't put much stock in that anymore.
    Garrosh's story in Cataclym was awesome. The worgen/forsaken plots were awesome. Pandaria lore as a whole was fucking great, aside from the whole "hey let's kill our own faction's leader" thing. Legion was straight up loaded with cool stuff. Warlords of Draenor was an outlier in my opinion; why did we randomly switch sides in the final patch?

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    By not scrapping literally everything that was supposed to be there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    Can it even be saved?
    Scrap the garrison and put that development towards all the content was scrapped

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    1. No garrisons

    2. Karabor Temple and Bladespire Citadel become faction cities, and more design effort goes into them.

    3. M+ alongside challenge modes. Difference being that cms scale your gear down.

    4. Flying right away at max level.

    5. Bring back Halaa or similar for world pvp, and incentives, which could include a one boss raid, patterns, cosmetics, mounts, toys, etc… This would also mean Ashran is scrapped.

    6. Make Tanaan Jungle more like Timeless Isle. The item to attack your faction returns, and
    there are rewards for it. No flying in this zone.

    7. Shattrath raid isn’t scrapped.

    8. Two dungeons per questing zone.

    9. Two new battlegrounds.

    10. More new cosmetic glyphs, and a questline for shamans to altar some of their spell cosmetic effects to resemble those of dark shaman. This would be similar to the green fire quest-chain for warlocks.

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    I change everything, beginning with the moronic time travel plot.
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    WoD just needed more content. Gameplay was very good, the dungeons were great, & the raids were pretty damn strong as well. Double the amount of content & add some better dailies & ta-da, WoD is a great expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnaught View Post
    Literally any ingame discussion about how alternate timelines work would be nice. It was mentioned in a short story that there are infinite timelines and Kairoz' plan was to gather Hordes from hundreds of them and use that endless army to defeat Azeroth and the Legion.

    So like. Why the fuck do we care about **this** alternate timeline specifically? Blow up the portal and be done with it. Why are MU goblins building towns in an alternate timeline of another planet?
    We care about THIS timeline because the Iron Horde built a Dark Portal and connected it to our one in the Blasted Lands. You know, the one that is impossible to destroy no matter how many times we've tried? Someone didn't play WC2 if you think "blow it up and be done with it" would work. Been there, done that, it failed.
    The most difficult thing for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back. The second most is to receive something they didn't want or ask for and be grateful for it, not immediately demand what they wanted instead.

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    Keep WoD PvP system, it was one of the best ever introduced in WoW
    Keep Garrisons, but remove all free stuff that substituted gathering professions and scrap Salvage Yard
    Nerf gold income from mission tables or remove it entirely, instead introduce world quests
    Make Shit-Yard rewards actually useful (not gold tho), since the naval table was actually challenging
    Add Farahlon as a new endgame hub with mount and pet rewards, etc.
    Add one raid between BF and HFC and maybe a megadungeon like Mechagon, etc.

    With all these changes WoD would be a great expansion perhaps 2nd only to WoTLK.
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    Make the expansion 1 year long for patch cycle.
    Make Garrisons guild content.
    BFA version of command table (you can do it, but it's not mandatory and can largely be ignored)
    Combine dockyard with island expeditions. (Send ships on recon missions, discover islands, you and friends (can be solo) can go explore and get xmog/mounts)

    Really that's all that's needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
    I scrap it for Legion, nothing of value would be lost.
    Would legion even be a thing without what Gul'dan did?

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    It's a shame they decided to cut WoD short as I really wanted to see why the moon was going to be blown up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post
    Would legion even be a thing without what Gul'dan did?


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    It's a shame they decided to cut WoD short as I really wanted to see why the moon was going to be blown up.

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    I love WoD, raids were excellent, PvP was fun and balanced, class design was at its peak. There was no AP, azerite, essences, corruption, renown, covenants, the game was very fun. Yes, there was a huge content drought but I really liked WoD, Draenor, the plot lines, the garrison, the new dungeons, I am really looking forward to Classic WoD.

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    Three things:

    1. Make it clear that the expansion is planned for one year (originally it was). Even if it goes awry (it did) then at least there's an explanation for the lack of stuff that a normal 18-month expansion would have.

    2. Not wander aimlessly into the firestorm that was flying. If you've been selling flying mounts out of your store for some years it's just stupid to even hint that you want flying out of the game. Hell, there was even a flying mount included with the CE. That entire thing was mindless, unnecessary and is still echoing to this day.

    3. Make garrisons a hub for tasks to do out in the world (preferably with a small team of your followers) instead of a place you really never needed to leave. I would also have fleshed followers out more. I also would have looked at building games such as Sim City and allowed the garrison to be built out to the size of a town. The point behind a building game is that it's never finished and there's always more to add, expand, tear down, renovate.

    Regards the first point: I don't know who thought that 12-month expansions was ever doable but given how Blizzard develops, tests, runs its betas and content releases it should have been clear that they would never be able to do 12-month expansions. Generally they have to have most of an expansion in place and announced close to a year before it launches. It was a huge miscalculation on their part and a sign that Blizzard management (and game director Tom Chilton) were living in some different reality.

    In fact they may well have realized this but if true they should have been up front about it. It's a positive thing that they have now abandoned the idea.
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