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    Your talking about a guy whose WoW content includes stuff like "mount offs" and "transmog tournaments." Pretty sure everything he does with WoW he can do with FF. Easy.
    FF14 has a dye system and gear sets that look way cooler and more detailed than WoW. WoW cant compete with FF14 on a transmog competition. In WoW in order for the transmog to look good and match, people are almost forced to use full sets. With the dye system in FF14 there can be much more variety of gear sets while still matching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HansOlo View Post
    FF has never been a threat to WoW - in fact the FF vanilla sucked really bad until the expansion.

    It didn't even make it to the top 20 streaming games until recently.

    It's not a perfect game - but it's a lesson. They have much healither management and promotion of the game, than what the big corperation sellers at Blizz, with much bigger wallet can perform.
    Are you referring to 1.0? 1.0 is. Completely different game than a realm reborn. It's even a completely different base engine.

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    I tried FF again since half my guild started playing it, but I can not deal with this shitty UI.
    Shifty ui? I made my ui look exactly like it does in wow and in wow I used to have to use like 50 add-ons (now it's just mostly elvui). The only thing I wish existed in ff was some sort of weak aura thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guldin View Post
    - Game is poorly optimized for different platforms. I tried playing on the iMac with 8cores with Vega dedicated graphics and still it was laggy with little to no difference when changed graphic settings. Playing on Windows improved things drastically.

    - The game feels awkward without voiceover npcs during questing.

    - Buying FFXIV was a bad experience on the website.

    - PVP sucks

    - The actual good thing about this game is PVE

    Not my cuppa, am out.
    Imagine gaming on an iMac

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpsync View Post
    It's merely an ok mmo, over hyping it like this is only going to blow back on it hard when people realize after a couple months that it's not all that. Asmongold won't continue streaming, what's he going to do, ok everyone watch me watch cutscenes.

    Then ofc some people will try it and love the game, and maybe become one of the dedicated player's, for me personally all it did was wake me up to how much better wow is. If you want depth, challenge, play the majority of the time, i could go on and on... wow is the game. If you want to watch videos and not really play much, ffxiv is the ticket.
    Lol.. what? So you have done every savage and ultimate raid at min ilvl? Both games have their pros and cons.

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    This thread is not going anywhere productive. closing it here.


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