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    no , i dont think blizzard cared for the player for the last 12 years.

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    Activision Blizzard as an entity? No
    The individual developers, designers, artists, engineers and others that work on the games? Yes

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    I don't expect big companies to 'care' about me. I only care if they provide a product I can enjoy.
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    I want Activision-Blizzard to burn, but for crimes against gaming, not because they got me too'd.

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    I don't need the company to care about me.

    I need the company to re-commit to an excellent experience for gamers and I need the company to commit to being an excellent place for employees to work. Those two go hand in hand.

    It's not at all surprising that a toxic workplace full of discrimination, harassment, and nepotism results in subpar workmanship. Just fix it. No lip service. No need to tell us now, how you might do better later. Do better first, THEN tell us about it.

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    As a company? No.

    Each individual dev and person working on the game? Also no.

    And I have no idea why anyone with common sense would expect ANY game company to care about an individual player. Should they care about us as a collective? Also no. They should produce the best possible product they can, with the sole purpose of entertaining, so I guess they sorta kinda maybe kinda do, but The only reason they should want to entertain as many people as possible is to make as much money as possible, for as long as possible, so it's still not even their main focus.
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    you have to be a moron to of said .

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    They certainly don't care about their employees, given how they drove one to commit suicide.

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    Blizzard doesnt even care about their own employees much less about their players, despite what the shill campaign here and other places from the usual suspects, which will argue the game is not pw2 and stuff like the 6 month mount is god send free gift from blizzard.
    The people that defend blizzard at this point are like qanon tier level of people, too far gone

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    Why does it matter? A company doesn't have to care about me, they just need to produce something I like. And if I don't like it (anymore), I go do something else. They need to care about their employees and the environment, not their consumers.

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    I think they care about my emotions and feelings enough so that they can manipulate/exploit them to spend more money, as well as my potential to even spend money. I think thats as far as their interest in me (players) goes. They can't even take 3 mins out of their week to ban all the people in LFG that are "WTS <service>".

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