Thread: WoW is dead.

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    Yawn another one of these...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravity2015 View Post
    games dead to me as well
    and yet you're still hanging around a WoW forum just to whine about how much you don't like it


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    “Wow is dead and we all murdered it!”

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    OP has 36 posts and browsing through them there's 0 value to find... just pointless thread.

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    Cool story . Should write an xpac around it imo.

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    Damn did I miss the funeral then? Would've loved me some cake.

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    I can understand the bad lore and community, but whats bad about the gameplay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon5123 View Post
    2005: WoW is dead!
    2006: WoW is dead!
    2007: WoW is dead!
    2008: WoW is dead!
    2009: WoW is dead!
    2010: WoW is dead!
    2011: WoW is dead!
    2012: WoW is dead!
    2013: WoW is dead!
    2014: WoW is dead!
    2015: WoW is dead!
    2016: WoW is dead!
    2017: WoW is dead!
    2018: WoW is dead!
    2019: WoW is dead!
    2020: WoW is dead!
    2021: WoW is dead!
    2022: WoW is dead!
    2023: WoW is dead!
    2024: WoW is dead!
    2025: WoW is dead!

    it never ends with you people
    My dude it Died launch day 2004 too

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon5123 View Post
    and yet you're still hanging around a WoW forum just to whine about how much you don't like it

    im not whining about anything, i popped into a thread to agree with the OPs perspective?
    i lurk these forums for all kinds of topics, mainly upcoming video game discussions, computer section, i'll still read about what's going on and cheer silently during race to world firsts - - but, the game itself doesnt entertain me like it used to- - if you were actually curious
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    Again since 2005 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kugarm View Post
    Is dead at all.

    Bad gameplay.

    Bad lore.

    Bad community.
    It's in a better place than half the time it have existed.
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > ShaLa > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by kugarm View Post
    Is dead at all.
    Everquest made $11.5 million with 66,000 subscribers and Everquest 2 made $6.5 million with 21,000 subscribers in 2020. They had around 29,000 monthly active players. WoW is far from dead.
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    You know a community is bad when moderators lock a thread because "...this isnt the place to talk about it either seeing as it will get trolled..."

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    Well, shit.
    What now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon5123 View Post
    it never ends with you people

    On topic: Yea, this happens every xpac. Nobody is gonna deny the state of WoW (it sucks) but DYING? Nah. I unsubbed but I am holding out for next xpac, it could be Legion 2.0, lets see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kugarm View Post
    Is dead at all.

    Bad gameplay.

    Bad lore.

    Bad community.
    Goodbye then. Farewell. Remember to donate your gold to a needy player.

    P.s. 'WoW is dying/dead' threads are not allowed, as well as 'I quit' threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurkan View Post
    Well, shit.
    What now?
    Wait for the battle rez?
    Stuff can be fixed, just get enough glue or duct tape!
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    yep i agree

    garbage game

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    What i find comical is that these so called "wow refugees" whom are now in makeshift tents (ffxiv) are so convinced wow is an empty dead no one plays shell? They have truly brainwashed themselves to believe this. Which wow is the prime butter that pays what 4k to 5k blizz employees, yeah it's dead alright lol.

    They are wow vets, so for people so proud of their mmorpg ffxiv and say is so great, a place where players just blow sunshine up each others asses, greatest community ever to exist, it's just all rainbows and sunshine, sugar and spice and everything nice.

    Then why are they so TOXIC AF, VENGEFUL, ANGRY, FILLED WITH RAGE, it's amazing the internal turmoil and hate they exhibit.

    UMM HELLO!!!

    You are an ffxiv player now; first, why would you care if you're so happy? Second, as a reminder you're an ffxiv player now, this is not how you behave, remember it's all joyful oblivious bliss from now on, it's all about smiles, happy sunny days, beautiful sun ray beams of joy, everyone loves everyone, flowers and love.

    So then, behave like ffxiv players and stop being such toxic pos.
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    but you are still playing it 30 hours a week

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    It is? I was just in Korthia yesterday trying to get 10 claws from those flying wyvern looking jerk, and I'm sure I spent ...30 minutes fighting with Alliance trash trying to get a tag in?

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    A few hundred thousand addicts will ride it out to the very end. But Wow is deffo on a low point in its entire existence so far.

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