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    When I was a kid my parents wouldn't even let me get a computer...

    ... because I was born in 1959 and even a PDP-8 would have cost $12,000. I did ask!
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    Nothing ... parenthood seemed more relaxed in the 90's instead of breeding flowers like many are doing today.

    I did have restrictions on where I could go and how late to stay out though.

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    Nothing, my parents never really cared what I did on my computer.

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    Saying "don't watch porn" is a fantastic way to teach kids what porn is, and make sure they watch some.

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    Born in 86 and got our first PC in the early 90s.

    My dad to this day still doesn't know how to use a computer and my sister and I weren't even 10 years old before we usurped general computer knowledge over my mother. Looking back I'm not even sure why we had one. My mother barely knew how to use one, and any issues we had with it became a learning experience for the three of us to which basically my mother learned zilch from lol.

    In the mid nineties we both ended up getting our own computers and I can't recall there ever being a discussion about what to look at and what not to look at on the computer. My parents just thought we knew more about the technology than they did and that we weren't dumb enough to get in trouble. We did typical things that kids at that age did. Download clips, music, online chats, downloaded emulators for games and browsed websites. Obviously I looked at porn, but neither of us were dumb enough to go to sketchy parts of the internet or download shit that was too good to be true.

    So nothing. Our parents trusted us but there wasn't really a whole lot of damage to be done living where we lived.

    It's funny because it was common to get advice growing up about not believing everything you see or not trusting strangers, to which people in my generation used in both the real world and online. Meanwhile those that are older than me rarely follow that advice when they engage with online shit or are easy to scam. They will dismiss trash tabloid papers you read in the mall, but get themselves into positions online where they find information that's far more trash than anything you could find in person lol.

    The nineties were pretty relaxed as I remember. Growing up the only things my parents really told me was to not do drugs and if I ever found myself in a situation with alcohol and a vehicle, to just fucking call them.

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    They didn't say anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Phayde View Post
    Given the number of bans that the account has had, I'd have thought it would have been permanent by now, yet it keeps coming back, so MMO must get kick backs or something.
    Sure does. I've reported them and reported them, and they do nothing.
    How joyous to be in such a place! Where phishing is not only allowed, it is encouraged!

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    When I was living with my parent (divorced), there were no computers for personal use.
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    I don't know, Chicken Drummer. How about you tell us the name of your first domestic animal instead?
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