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  • Anduin Wrynn

    67 28.63%
  • Zovaal the Jailer

    119 50.85%
  • Ve'nari

    5 2.14%
  • A Broker

    5 2.14%
  • Someone Entirely Else

    38 16.24%
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    I voted zoval, even if anduin was an end raid boss then how could blizz extend the raid to such an extent where the jailer/zoval goes “lol! This place I wanted the 5 keys to get to!…. Have no use for it anymore! Meet me at “blah” for our final confrontation” I’m thinking that this “ Sepulcher of the First Ones” will be the expansion’s final raid since it seems like a place to hold a final confrontation after he was buffed up and decked in armor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    Bobby Kotick. After already winning every battle, he finally wins the war as well and puts us all out of our misery.
    Big Bonus: Bobby gains 'Big Bonus; Stealing Magni's gear, gaining diamond plated armor, increases his armor with 1000%

    Mortal Yacht: Bobby brings in his fleet of 10 yachts, targeting 10 random raid members, halfing their hp, and targets gets a debuff named' Fired', forcing the player character's owner to buy two WoW tokens each.
    - Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle… and wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to kill him.

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    It's obviously Mal'ganis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    Speaking of, didn't they say something about addressing the sword this expansion? Could the newly armoured Jailer decide he needs a blade?
    They tweeted once that Azeroth will need a blade when she wakes up / is born.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neverafter View Post
    I hope they make the jailer the villian just out of reach.

    Kind of how Sargeras used to be. You knew he was bad, you knew he was pulling strings, we just never had the opportunity or ability to fight him. Might be good to go back to having one supreme big bad that we just never can seem to get to in time to stop.
    That's only because Sargeras had no way of getting to Azeroth for years. We've been dicking around the Jailer's house for the past 8 months, the fact that we haven't so much as landed a scratch on him is starting to become annoying

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    It depends if 9.2 is going to be the final patch. With the negative reception this expansion received despite a rather strong launch makes me lean more towards having them cut the expansion short to focus on the next one. Should we get another raid tier then I guess They could do a raid in Thros to deal with the Drust and possibly tie the Elune story aswell.

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    Probably Anduin.

    The trio: Sylvanas, Anduin and the Jailer, seem to be the antagonists of this expansion.

    Sylvanas was the last boss of 9.1 and she ended up turning against the Jailer.
    Anduin will probably be the second tier of end boss this expansion, as he left with the Jailer at the end of 9.1 cinematic. We'll free him from the Jailer's grasp and he too will join us against Zovaal.
    9.3 would be against the Jailer himself, with Sylvanas and Anduin helping us to defeat him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderZebra View Post
    Your not wrong but lots of expansions has a .1 or .2 patch be a side story. Uldiar and the Thunder King etc. Plus there's a lot of loose threads.

    So could be "we don't know where the jailer went but Helya had brought the Halls of Valour into the Shadowlands and now we must defend Odyn" for a patch of something.

    We could head into Thros etc.
    i get that but it just wouldn't make sense to me. the jailor now has all of his power and knows where and what he's doing. no side boss could possibly be more important than stopping ripoff thanos. ulduar had an old god against the lich king, both of them beings of immense power but the old god wins that urgency hands down. mop had no imminent threat so the thunder king made sense. the firelands had hinting at prior. even tomb of sargeras had hinting at from the start of the expac since the portal was opened there.

    there is nothing blizz could do without a butt pull to top or meet what the jailer is doing. it just wouldn't fit narrative wise.

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    well, he got anduin, instead of bolvar (or full mind control sylvanas )
    There is something about the light to come out.

    The little lion is the intro the a Light or Void expa.
    Also we still need to reforge the helm to control the undead, fix the veil, restore an arbitrer.
    We alrdy know we are going to craft new sigils.

    Now remorious is free again, malganis too.
    Waiting 8 months to listen to sylvanas saying where the jailer is going is kinda retarded btw.

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    Anduin in 9.2. Jailer in 9.3.

    I'm expecting (and hoping) for Vena'ri to become a boss, but she would be one of the last bosses in a raid, not the end boss.

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    I voted wrong since I read 9.3... I don't think we'll deal with the Jailer in 9.2, but then again, we've yet to see whether there's even going to be a 9.3...
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    Manduin going to buy time for Zovaal to escape.
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

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    I feel like the jailer will semi win: he will try to change reality but only half change it messing up something and thats how allied races from the covenants become a thing because shadowlands will merge with not-shadowlands.

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    N'Zoth - we are still in an illusion and SL is just an illusion - right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skirdus View Post
    Wouldn't it be funny if it was Tyrande

    "VENGEANCE BAD" -Blizzard probably
    I can see it now, Sylvannas striking down Tyrande once the fight is finished. Saying something about being sorry for turning her into such a vengeance hated beast, and then the horde and alliance cheering on Sylvannas for defeating her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    I hope we do, i like it when it's canon that you lose. Like with XCOM 2 it was canon that humans lost the first invasion and now trying to fight back, would love it for it to be similar to wow.
    Don't think that will happen though because I feel like Blizzard always want to make "good guys wins" stories.
    Did you not play Legion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
    Did you not play Legion?
    How did we not win?

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    Based on the past several expansions... #.2 will be the second in command or second level threat, so Anduin now he's lost Sylvanas. Then 9.3 will be Jailer.

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    9.2 will drop after people's 6 month sub drops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose184 View Post
    9.2 will drop after people's 6 month sub drops
    Which is related in what way to the thread?

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