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  • Anduin Wrynn

    67 28.63%
  • Zovaal the Jailer

    119 50.85%
  • Ve'nari

    5 2.14%
  • A Broker

    5 2.14%
  • Someone Entirely Else

    38 16.24%
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    The jailer because they need 2 years to finish the next patch

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    Hopefully not Zovaal. He needs to be a cosmic threat that will be around for years to come or lead to something worse. Something that the First Ones locked away at the Sepulcher when they ordered the Shadowlands. It would be such a waste to just kill him off when we haven't even fought Sargaras and he has been in Lore for 20ish years now.

    There is rumored of the 7th power force that is somehow outside of the Cycle of Reality which envys the others. I am worried Blizzard is planning to break the Cosmic forces with Shadowlands so they can do whatever they want storywise.

    I think having Bolvar/Arthas/Anduin as the final boss fight of Shadowlands could be great. Bolvar gets taken over with Domination magic and Arthas is free willed. Zovaal giving him a second chance because even though he didn't do what he was supposed to he was the most powerful Lich King out of Ner'zul/Arthas/Bolvar. Having him accept his role and not be *redeemed* would be good for his character. 3 way Lich King council fight could be sweet. This time when he is defeated rather then die he uses his power to release Anduin/Bolvar as a simi betrayal and a *Gift* to us before he dies for good.

    Zovaal fails but leaves to attempt his goal the old fasioned way like all other Cosmic powers through brute force. Seeding the Universe with Lich King crystals like the Void lords did with Old gods or the Light did with Naruu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FragmentedFaith View Post
    Because Ion as a person specifically hates nelfs
    Can you elaborate on this? Made me chortle, gotta know what made you think this lol.

    OT: Not really sure. Could be any number of entities, depending on where Zovaal is going to after gaining his powers back. He's so boring to me, I hope we find out more about him. I have zero want to beat him. He's kind of just been behind the scenes acting like a way more boring Lich King, and it's made me not fear him.

    As for a wild guess, we help a physical manifestation of Elune defeat Shadowreaper Anduin after Zovaal portals away for his next expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baine View Post
    Shouldn't Arthas make an appearance somewhere? He is still somewhere in the Maw. Maybe he will Pop up.
    He was either used to forge the mourne blade and/or he will be used to redeem Anduin. In geneal, the downfall of the janitor is pretty much already set up by anduin clearly wielding the one thing that can strike the jailer down and take his sigil and all the others away from him again. I can already see the DBZ fight where he jumps and stabs him through the hole in his armor to take all his powers away from him again after Anduin has been freed by having a peptalk with Arthas and maybe a remnant of his daddy within Kingsmourne. Anduin will be the penultimate fight most likely, where we break him free by damaging his armor, which allows him to be used against the janitor in the final confrontation. If I had to bet I would place it on Sylvanas somehow mastering domination magic, essentially making her Illidan 2.0 and helping in restraining zovaal with the help of the other 3.5 rubes that rule the shadowlands right now.

    I do agree though, Blizzard faces a couple of major issues that they need to resolve:

    1. The Shadowlands as we have come to know can't keep existing in this form. It would undermine every single future character development to know that nothing we do in the mortal plane matters.

    2. They used the most dirty and lazy tricks to prop up the janitor quickly, making him the omega mastermind and 4D chess player behind everything in the franchise. If we end him now in SL they pretty much invalidate everything by making him a one expansion fodder villian and probably sending us down an even steeper spiral of escalating cosmic nonsense.

    3. They can't have him succeed in breaking reality and make everyone dominated by him, as that would leave us no room for futere plots unless Blizzard wants to rewrite the entire franchise, which they have neither the talent nor the resources for right now.

    While there are ways out of this, like making Azeroth a safe haven or having other major players like the titans show up, I think the biggest issue will be that Blizzard seems to lack talent and resources right now to bring any of this into fruition in a remotely satisfying way. Given their track record we should expect the obvious though, which is us defeating Zoval with the help of anduin and sylvanas and them just ignoring their colossal plot holes while Sylvanas becomes the jailer of janitor like Illidan did for Sargeras. We move onto the next thing and forget the shadowlands existed. My guess as in regards to a plot hook for next expansion will be the help of some external forces, maybe Turalyon and Alleria if we go into a light and void expansion, as they probably oppose the reordering of the universe as well. Edit: Denathrius and his Draglords could also serve as the hook for the next expansion.
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    Everybody saying Zovaal should survive Shadowlands: do you really want him and his theme around for more than just this expansion? Can you imagine dealing with him for another expansion? I really can’t.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    Unless blizz ends the xpac at 9.2 - we won't be fighting the jailer next Raid. If blizz calls SLS quits at 9.2 then I expect it will be the Jailer next

    9.2 is about 8-9 months away so.. get your potions saved up
    8-9 months, aha. Reminds me of these "9.1 will be August at earliest" comments.

    Imo 2 scenarios are most likely:

    1) If 9.2 is last raid, Jailer is final boss, patch coming live December or January (S3 definetely January) - so BoD or Nyalotha schedule, 10.0 launch Q4 2022

    2) There is 9.3, Anduin is 9.2 boss, patch launching in November (Antorus schedule). That wouldn't require any magic, just regular Blizzard schedule we know they can manage; 10.0 would launch Q1 2023.

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    Maybe it's a first one or something? I can't see the jailer being anything but the final boss of the expansion, but maybe they will pull a WoD and make the next raid the last. Anduin will be the penultimate boss of the jailer raid. I don't think Ve'nari will be a raid boss, and I just don't see the cartel drama getting its own raid. It's just not important enough now that the jailer has the inifinity gauntlet thing.

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    9.2 zoval

    9.3 some kind of intro to the next void gods expansion

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    Jailer. Last boss of the expansion will the Archon.

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    Jailer obviously, Anduin second last
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    How did we not win?
    We LITERALLY got decimated losing multiple big name people in the opening sequence. We won in the end, but that's like saying the Avengers didn't lose in Infinity War.

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    I don't think we're done with Sire Denathrius or Remornia yet.

    Zovaal said he fulfilled his purpose yet the dreadlords went out of their way to steal Remornia back.

    I think Sire Denathrius will repent and somehow help us in the next patch, or Remornia still has a much bigger role to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kauko View Post
    No idea... probably Anduin with story that will include Arthas.

    There was to much work done on the whole story around Zovaal. They just introduced him to us. He was and got even stronger than anything we ever encountered. No way we will even attack him... What Sargeras is for Burning Legion, Zovaal is for the Undead. General who gets his commands from the forces that have not been revealed yet.
    what? i thought sargeras is the big boy behind the legion and the fel.

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    Arthas, The Jailer have been gearing him up since Uther threw him into The Maw.

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    Hogger ! a small chance it will be Chuck Norris

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    I want it to be Helya, just because I want to see the Primus flush her down the drain again.

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    Helya. or maybe Odyn but probably not, even though he deserves to be an enemy

    I'd be very surprised and at least half disapointed if we face the Jailer so soon.

    I'd also bet that freeing Anduin will somehow involve Varian, it's really odd that he's not shown up yet or even been mentioned
    we're in the Shadowlands, where all the dead heroes have gone. why aren't we trying to find and recruit them all? Varian, Doomhammer, Cairn, Lothar, Ravencrest, Fordring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Anduin? Ve'nari? Helya? Zovaal? A Broker?

    I'm very unsure of whoever the 9.2 could be but it's between Anduin and Zovaal.

    Anduin so it'll be even that we fought both a former warchief and former high king

    Zovaal since it could possibly be end expansion.
    I hope 9.2 is the end of the expansion as I can't stand to look at this aesthetic anymore
    Zovaal end boss, but we don't kill him
    10.0 goes brrrr

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    At most, anduin will be the first boss of the very last raid of the expansion. Kinda like wrathion in nyalotha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Jailer was my thought when I saw this thread.

    But if we also fight to final boss? Final boss with Jailer?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Generally not a concern of mine since Blizzard even brings back already defeated bosses. And now Shadowlands is like a grand final good bye World Tour where all your favourite dead bosses are back..some we ally with, some we fight again....

    If we beat the Jailer and they need him back...they just do it. We beat the Lich King...they need another Lich King...we get another Lich King...etc....
    they've only brought back a few. it's fairly rare. I think he will get the Sargeras treatment; we beat him and lock him up again but don't kill him.

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