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    Time skip or remake?

    Okay. Let’s seriously discuss this. With shadowlands events. The story can now easily support a remake or a time skip.

    But the question is not how, but which would you think would be better??

    Do you want them to undo and re write the history - anything from all of it since trolls or from certain points like WC1 or maybe classic wow or maybe TBC onwards.

    The other option is a time skip. But how much? Do we go like 5 years ? 20? 50? 200? 1000? Where we are legends thought lost. Azeroth has either flourished or being dominated by some evil we weren’t there to stop - which would be better? Fully recovered races or totally devastated world to return to.

    And don’t forget to add why.

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    time skip, i hate 99% of current lore, but i hate more making it meaningless, remake will make all that happens mean nothing, an escape 'reset' button
    no like it or not, IT happened, time to improve it (which is really easy, anything is improvement from what we have)
    And time skip can make us ignore those events even if they did happen, i'll miss Thrall and Jaina, but i'm sure won't miss Aggra (in fact why not kill her right now? that will be start of improvement, even if we skip time)
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    there should be a time skip, and fighting a new/awakened threat on azeroth with descendants of heroes we knew in our present time.

    i just really hope we can get rid of the useless wc3 gang (jaina, thrall, sylvanas, etc..) and focus on new main lore characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    time skip, i hate 99% of current lore, but i hate more making it meaningless, remake will make all that happens mean nothing, an escape 'reset' button
    no like it or not, IT happened, time to improve it (which is really easy, anything is improvement from what we have)
    And time skip can make us ignore those events even if they did happen, i'll miss Thrall and Jaina, but i'm sure won't miss Aggra (in fact why not kill her right now? that will be start of improvement, even if we skip time)
    A time skip can be exciting too. We see some of the descendants of some fave heroes. Jaina’s children, Thralls grandchildren.

    Nee characters to fall in love with.

    Ofc it would also have many of the elves we know still around which will drive home the perspective of their long lifespans.

    But they could have changed a lot too. Night elf society is in major transitions thanks to events like the end of the legion, the restoration of arcane magic, the evolution of the power of Elune etc.

    Blood elves are making massive strides i development. What would they be like a 100 or 250 years down the line with figures like Lor’tjemar still around and characters
    Like Vereesas sons now fully grown adults.

    Maybe an elderly Andui if it is 70 year time skip.

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    If the current writing team remains then neither a time skip nor a remake will matter whatsoever

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    How would a long time skip work lore-wise if we continue playing the same characters?

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    The fun of a time skip is a soft reset without changing any lore.

    I would settle for 200 years and the most interesting thing would be to see how the races changed.

    I’ll be most interested in night elves and void elves.

    Night elves fir a change should have a massive improvement and development. I want to see all those devastated forests lush and restored with forest communities and I want to see bustling Kaldorei cities that rival their pre sundering versions.

    Night elves recaptured their use of the Well of Eternity and the Emarls Dream via Shaladrassil They really went on full development and baby boob. Restored their immortality. Boosted their numbers by restoring groups like the Farondis.

    Naha are a huge problem now but not so polarised as to think. Some bags are partially elves and with their kin others are not.

    They have a saved city on Hyjal, an international one in Feralas and a world renowned centre in Nar’thalas.

    Horde and alliance do not exist with the same member races. Humans still do alliance, orca still do horde bit essentially largely only dwarves and Tauren are with them.

    Void elves really took of void realms are time displaced so some void elf communities have developed for thousands
    Of years, some it’s been only 5 years gone by while the rest of the world had 209’gone.

    Massive void elf
    Megapolis. Thalasssian politics is even more complex.

    Vampires are a real thing in the north. Watch out for full on twilight.

    Night elves are pretty much segregated by location and orders. You have city night elf and forest ones. But you have like the Order of Wlune which is very open to Nightborne and void elves but not blood elves. Whereas druids are open to Tauren, troll, high elves and Worgen but not a bunch of other races.

    The various orders determine who their associations are. Tyrande is still High Priestess. Malfurion leads the druids. Prince Farondis is the civilian leader of the Kaldorei. But cities are run by their own leaders including Suramar run by Thalyssra.

    Everyone does their thing but they look out for each other

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    The story/setting are a problem, for sure - they've backed themselves into a corner a little bit with power inflation, so threats become ridiculous. After the Jailer threatens ALL OF REALITY ITSELF it's a little hard to up the stakes.

    But the bigger problem is mechanical imo. WoW is an old game, and it shows. There's a lot of design space limitations that they probably can't overcome without a fundamental redesign of the engine itself. WoW desperately needs an update to stay relevant in this generation of games, and merely iterating on things developed close to two DECADES ago isn't going to cut it anymore very, very soon.

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    *deletes long rant about what needs to change*
    Doesn't really matter, even if they would reset the setting via narrative framing, they would squander all potential it would bring anyway. A time skip is an opportunity to introduce alot of new cast, but this is practically Blizzard's top 10 weakpoints. Same for remakes, nothing would change as long as the current team with the same goals and talent is working on it. The engine could only change so much..
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAmbient View Post
    How would a long time skip work lore-wise if we continue playing the same characters?
    We wake from a magic coma.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by munkeyinorbit View Post
    We wake from a magic coma.
    Ah, the Dallas solution.

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    Time skip, nothing else.

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    Revamp sounds too much like reset and I don’t think they would do that and throw away 17 years of stuff people have gotten.

    They should do a 2.0 with a time skip 10 years in the future. It enough time for the world to have changed, while also still being familiar.

    Too far in the future and people will feel disconnected and not far enough people will feel not enough has changed. 10 years seems like a good fit.

    It shouldn’t just be an engine update, but a revamp on the world and fundamentals. Like make the open world feel like an actual world, not a theme park, and update the combat to be more modern by updating the atrocious and inexcusable UI and adding new mechanics like collision detection to players (you can’t just run through people)

    Get rid of stupid limitations like mage blinks not working on elevated surfaces, etc.

    They should spend 2-3 years on it and make all the content ever released in WoW somehow relevant to give people stuff to do while they work on it.

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    I would love if the story with Jailer takes us into a "new" wow in some sort. Its more than likely that SL ends with Jailor staying alive someway or another, taking his story into the next xpac. An xpac that has alternated Azeroth in a big, big way.

    With chromie time, classic & BC servers, its all in place for Blizzard to change the retail Azeroth world 100%, in a much bigger way than in cataclysm.

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    At this point, end the series. Jailer wins, undoes everything, new reality is irl and everyone goes out and smells the roses and stares at the sun.
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    I think outlands should be remembered as the demons battleground before azeroth.

    It was kept in play, or brought back into play in wod.

    The past from the demons past has come back.

    I really dont want to see them spin a healing of outlands or anything with draenor.

    Another planet introduced would be interesting. Huge undertaking but it would represent a reset where you bring back old monuments that aren't as important or focused as a reward. So basically everyone starts 1-30 but you keep all your past world content unlocked / the travel system is completely different.

    Could even expand to two planets in a followup expansion as a duality cosmology balance theme.

    Explanation? Mumbo jumbo about the relics on azeroth causing life to become as it is, and if remaining too long in the same place death comes to destroy it.

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    Remake is out of the question, so...
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    Space travel becoming a common occurence, albeit not a completely perfected one, is what I'd like to see. Getting to see new worlds, the size of Azeroth or Draenor, with unique environments, civilizations and wilderness. Have the cosmic battle between the various power spill all over the galaxy and make us a small-time player in the grand scheme, going one world at a time or being stuck on one of them as we establish nations of our own. It would untie the hands of the current "creative" team that clearly isn't up to the task of living up to the story established with Warcraft 3. The Alliance could use the Exodar and the Horde could use a vessel from Tempest Keep.

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    Any game made by woke Blizzard is a waste of time to develop a story and world for. Just keep it the same and continue down the path they're on. They've made it clear they only really care about instanced PvE content, no need to bother with any of the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    I want our characters to be reborn with no memory in a world like 100 years removed that we need to rediscover because a lot has changed.
    Honestly I'd be fine with this
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