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    There is no such thing as "reverse racism", it's just good ol' fashioned racism. Though don't pretend like it's somehow not reprehensible just because of who it is directed at. There's a good rule of thumb, if you can say something about one group and view it as not problematic, but I change the group we're talking about and you have an issue with it, it was a problematic statement to begin with and shows you have a clear bias.

    Let's take an earlier statement of yours actually from page 2. "White men are the most fragile group ever." How about I say "Black men are the most fragile group ever." towards something they find offense with directed at them specifically? Would you allow that to stand or would you split hairs about how the former is acceptable discourse, but the latter isn't?

    I'd honestly say, for as much grief as white men get like having every problem in the world blamed on them by a bunch of misguided college students majoring in grievance study fields, they're doing a pretty solid job of maintaining composure and have for a while. Some are outraged by it because they feel attacked, and well they are. I don't hold that against them, just as I don't hold it against black people who feel outraged when people start blaming every issue on them. They feel attacked.

    Though sure, let's talk about your aggravation with white people. I'll listen to anything you have to say all day so long as you'll humor me and have a lengthy discussion about crime statistics. Odds are you would have an issue with that, and I don't blame you, it's a sensitive and insensitive subject to have to discuss. However that's precisely what you are engaging in here. There is no difference to it. If you want to go off on white behaviors, I'll go off on the behaviors of other races that have statistics associated with them. You either have to have issue with both, or issue with neither. You can't fairly have an issue with one and not the other, that's the thing about logic. It needs to be consistent, if you can't be consistent you can't call yourself logical, let alone call yourself educated.
    IDK man, it's the pretension that the effects of the prejudice are the same what makes this whole answer seem disingenuous as hell. You would facetiously set up an hypothetical when the -cringe but not wrong- white men are fragile phrase brought up without ever acknowledging the context of it. And that's the thing, you go "all racism is bad" as if racism was just simply being mean to another group and not the systems put in place for one group to maintain supremacy over others.

    So yeah, to dismiss the acknowledgement of the very systems of power and how they have, historically on the west, catered to white men as racism an not just simply the observation of the system, is like admitting to see no nuance, in a very "all lives matter" kinda way.

    I think I have mentioned I don't like Roux's tweets -the #Girlboss makes that clear I guess- but is really bonkers to claim that sort of attitude holds the same weight than racism, it's like saying manslaughter is the same than premeditated murder. So like again, context is king.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidism View Post
    I have the same opinion, and I'm super oppressed according to intersectionality. I'm gay, non white, handicapped and have mental health issues. I hate it when people try to control my personal narrative with systematic this or that. The only consistent inequality is financial one. That's what actually kills or give power.

    Also, America needs to stop their woke imperialism. Other countries are not having the same issues as them.
    Oddly enough, as a trans person I have never experienced any form of discrimination or hatred except at the hands of people who claim to speak for me that then become outraged because I don't share every opinion of theirs. Actually had a friend of mine outright tell me "You'll kill yourself by the time you're 30 anyway so who cares what you think." because I didn't care much for Pelagos as an NPC.

    Then to have to claw myself up from literal poverty by busting my ass in school to get good grades, get scholarships, and get a good paying job to ascend to middle class only to be told by someone that I never earned what I had and pretend like it was just given to me because I was white. Like what the actual hell. Where do I cash in my white privilege card for the yacht, mansion, and never having to work a day in my life benefits that people seem to think exist? Must have lost it in the mail because my life sucked until I was 23 and it only got better because of the amount of work I had to put in to having it.

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    This section is for WoW related discussion, not politics or lawsuits- and even then, it's hard to go about this topic without constantly breaching our own site rules, as people cannot post respectfully for some reason. I'm closing this here.
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