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    Done with this game

    Already submitted an ticket to have the 6mo sub I just purchase yesterday to be cancel and refuned.

    #### **Game:** Account, App, & Shop

    #### **Topic:** Not listed here

    #### **Description:** I want to cancel the 6mo sub I just purchase due to the FART BOY incident. Is unacceptable blizzard is doing nothing about it and even claims is not their fault. Such a digusting act by blizzard. Don't play the victim. What blizzard should have done is admitted their wrong doing fire anyone with the sexual hrassment and issue a statement and accept judgment. I am done with this company where it looks down upon female and treats them as an object.

    #### **Estimated response time:** 24 hours

    Not going to support a company like that. Best thing they can do is instead of denying that's going on put out a statement that say they will work the public instead of trying to turn the case around and blame the victim. You lost me there blizzard.

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    How is that a subject of discussion? Have fun with other hobbies I guess?

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    You know posting things like these is just going to get you flamed right?

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    "I Quit" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
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