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    really simple solution, put the lower price at wich you are willing to sell your item, undercut by a lot if needed, this will force them to buy your item or get a profit loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellithe View Post
    It has always been like that. It's not really bots, just people with good setups (addon-wise).

    The trick to participate in the AH game without actually investing a ton into it is to just undercut heavily. This will force the barons' hands into either:
    • Purchasing your stuff and reselling it at a higher price
    • Not dropping their own price and just letting your sell first

    So unless you want to really participate in the AH market by buying and selling consistently, it's best to just undercut a ton. Sometimes you'll get some whispers yelling at you for "dropping the price", but imo if the price decreased from a single guy undercutting it just means it was overpriced before and now it's just closer to the real value.
    This is what I enjoy doing. Especially when something is way overpriced. Back in the day I did this a lot with the glyph market, sometimes I do it with the gem market.

    For some of the highly competitive selling crafts, if I try to slightly undercut the the AH barons, several of them will just re-undercut me in minutes (or sometimes seconds). So I'll post my stuff for somewhere between 50-75% of what the barons are posting, where I'm still making a profit. Either I'll sell my craft quickly, or what happens more often is I can bring the entire market down to a reasonable price, which feels good knowing players who don't play with a lot of gold can make reasonable purchases. Overtime the barons will push the price back up and fight each other, undercutting by coppers, so I'll drop in some more of my crafts at a heavy discount and bring the entire market for that item down again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puri View Post
    And what would change then? Or in comparison to the old AH? People still can and could remove their auction and repost it for 1 copper less all day to sell it first, and people would never post it for the same price but always undercutting by at least 1 copper if the first to post at that price would get priority.
    This is why its trash and needs something changed. Be it caps or whatever. I vouch for a grand exchange system.

    As a buyer, you set your own price to buy. If your buy price is too high, you get matched with the nearest high price. If your price is too low, you’re in the back waiting to buy at that price with the others.

    As a seller, if your price is too high, you’re in the back waiting for others to sell. If your price is too low, you get matched with closest buyers price.
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    How the fuck is this trolling?

    Discussing moderation is against the rules. Infracted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drusin View Post
    Auctioneer doesn't work for retail does it?
    It does but I'd wager that it's TSM users doing the AH undercutting. It does mass posts much quicker than any other AH addon.
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    its not bots, some players just camp the AH for hours, doing the so called "undercut scan", having an addon to check if someone undercut any of their auctions every minute or so. legendaries are a very AH camping orientated market, so if you wanna sell your stuff i recommend you do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elisa A View Post
    I found useful information here.
    Speaking of bots...
    Expansion leak claiming Legion is the last expansion
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    NO it will be me laughing at how you doubted this....
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    I was right

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    TSM is to blame for how AH works nowdays. Personally I think its at the edge of legality regarding use of bots to achieve things but somehow it evades the rules. At the same time its in blizzard's best interest that MOST players don't make a good regular income anymore from AH so they seem to be OK with some people crashing the market for everyone as long as this brings more people into the buying tokens.
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    Its not the AH this game it self is dominated by bots and boosters.

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