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    Never will happen. They know it makes whales easier to swim to other seas if all their past treasures "investments" are undone.

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    Ya the difference is that final fantasy had no choice.
    WoW is still a very good game. The only issue is it keeps listening to the wrong people and failing to please them anyway.
    Remaking the whole game because some one suggested it would likely be another one of those mistakes but if they ever did it, I would be interested in seeing what the results were at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temp name View Post
    Pretty much the only reason most casuals still play is because they've played the same game for a loooong time.. What will happen if they no longer have that attachment? Oh yeah, they'd fuck off.
    I can't speak for others but I stuck around for a looong time and not because of that. I was hoping for the game to get better but it never did. Then Classic came along and while it had it's flaws, I realized how much better designed it was and how pointless retail was (because of the constant resets every patch).
    This is when I realized that retail is never gonna get better and only might get worse.

    I also don't like where the story is going. From savage, brutal close to classic fantasy evil races vs classic fantasy good races to furries(I don't just mean the pandas and foxes but there are too many races in general with most of them being copy/paste of a real ancient culture but instead of humans, it's some kinda furries)/ Also they constantly keep nerfing the big scary baddies into comically incompetent pushovers.

    I would come back for a reset world if they would keep all the world relevant, made it more like Warcraft 1 - WoW classic again and got rid of all the excessive resets and catchups.

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    That is one way to end a never-ending game... A hilarious way at that haha
    -But think of the shareholders and poor addicts that built their existence around WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZazuuPriest View Post
    we have wow classic for people who want to experience an untarnished pure world of warcraft
    Untarnished? You mean like boosts and mount skin monetization?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceperson View Post
    1. the jailer has now openly said that everyone shall serve. if we lose, we won't have anything even close to normal wow.
    It really depends how they go about it. People can serve without knowing it like how humans are used as batteries in the Matrix without knowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Untarnished? You mean like boosts and mount skin monetization?
    Vanilla and TBC had the TCG loot cards so only the level boost is new.
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    I think there are two parts to this question:
    The story part - what if they did something like the choice offered to TBC servers: keep your toon on classic, migrate or pay for both? Moving to another story with all your mogs, mounts and titles intact but with a complete loss of power might be okay to keep it fresh. Or you keep your toon on current servers and be stuck forever in SL.

    The gameplay part - ah, the tricky part. Borrowed power, multiple currencies, rep grinds.

    Storywise a reset might be okay, WoW has always been light on story, all the quest dialog boxes have a TL;dr section. For the gameplay wise? I think that's another story.
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