Poll: Do you think 9.2 will be Good?

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    Question Consensus on 9.2: Will it be Good?

    I'm hoping, and feeling like 9.2 is where they're placing their bets at the moment.

    I haven't any strong bias for 9.1 because I haven't played it yet, just recently having to unsub for non-hating reasons.
    Korthia could've had me subbed for another month despite that, if it wasn't in The Maw. Though that's just me. I've listened to the music though and that's beautiful. Awfully alluring.
    The music alone makes me feel the lore in Korthia and it's a little sad to see it underused and drowned out by the Maw at that point.

    Has me imagining/yearning what they have in mind for a more vivid/rich 9.2 patch theme after the dreary Chains of Domination.

    What are your biggest hopes for 9.2 and do you think it will be a good pay off?
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    Korthia doesn't really feel like the maw, other than the fact that there's a flight path connecting the two.

    Personally, I'm hoping that shadowlands will remain low effort so that the next expansion is "another legion". Unlikely, but a man can hope.

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    How should we know? We know nothing about it. BUT I'm hopeful that it will be good. I've like 9.1 so far, but it's a little light on content once you've cleared the raid and done the short campaign to open Korthia.

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    9.1 wasn't so I'm going to guess no, also the options on your poll suck.

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    ● Will there be a 9.2 at all?

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    Since late MOP I've tended to be pessimistic about WOW, Blizzard, and most of all the Devs. I don't dislike Shadowlands nor do I love it, it's kind of a notch or two above "meh" and most definitely better than WOD and BFA thus far. However, I do believe redemption does await WOW in either 9.2 or 9.3. The competition, particularly FF14, haven't raised the bar very high. Blizzard delivered greatness in the recent past with Legion and most certainly with every xpac prior to Cata, they can and will do it again. The big question isn't if, it's when and it may not be as soon as the next few patches.

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    Like most patches it will be "fine." There will be some good things and some things that don't turn out as well. People will complain about either too much they have to do or not enough to do. People will bitch about how the writers are awful/the lore doesn't fit their headcanon, you know...the usual.
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    Polls broken does not have reasonable choices.

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    Do we know anything about it yet? How can I judge something that I know nothing about??

    May as well be asking if my young adult horror/slice of life/romcom/alternative history novel is good. Is it? Please tell me I need validation ;_;

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    Uhhhh lol?? What kind of poll is this?

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    Only two options: good and average.

    We know literally nothing about 9.2 other than class tier sets.

    What even is this?
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    Option 3: It's going to be trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gleepot View Post
    How should we know? We know nothing about it. BUT I'm hopeful that it will be good. I've like 9.1 so far, but it's a little light on content once you've cleared the raid and done the short campaign to open Korthia.
    that's because people keep thinking 9.1 is a .2 patch and treating it as such with their complaints.

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    We don't even know what 9.2 will be.

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    I abstained from voting because I don’t even have confidence it’ll be average

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    depends on how a certain thing's outcome will be.
    the report systems sucks and the mods are bias.

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    Based on story alone it's somehow going to be worse than the ending of SoD, which was already a trash fire.

    There's no way they can possibly salvage Sylvanas's arc as a character

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    It's looking like 9.2 will probably sexually assault you. :\

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    Will it be average? Sure. Will it be exceptional? Probably not.
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    Given the morale of the team right now and likely over the next few months? It will be sloppy at best.

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