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    The overall consensus from Classic -> WotLK was that tying our aura like buffs to totems was terrible; they required redeployment on movement and could be easily squashed. Compared to the implementation of say, a warrior shout or paladin aura, they were really awkward. Overall players of the time wanted to tie big cooldowns to totems as that kept the class identity and allowed counter play by killing them or forcing movement.

    Other than that, they were just screen clutter for bad buffs or dots.
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    so i've been playing classic for awhile now and came back to retail again. but i can't help but feel empty compared to my classic / tbc shaman. of all the changes the one thing that bugs me the most is the lack of totems. i miss the totems because they were really the epitome of shaman. i miss being unique, useful, and providing so much utility to not only my self, but my group. of all the gutting they have done, the purging of totems sucks. anyone else feel the same way?
    See I hated totems and this was the key reason I never played shaman until like Cata I think. I tried...just hated totems.

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