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    What a fucking mess.
    I don't want solutions. I want to be mad. - PoorlyDrawnlines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagawithlegs View Post
    Wonder if Blizz is just going to clean house and fire Brack/Ion/Danuser and start over.
    I think Kotick at that point would just decide to sell the Blizzard IP.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
    "Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences." -- Robert Louis Stevenson
    If you didn't get your COVID shot it's probably too late now, you fool.

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    LMAO wowhead closed comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    One can argue about whether Ion holds any responsibility, but also realize that there's one guy above him when it comes to WoW: John Hight, the Executive Producer.

    If anything, the chain goes like
    Brack - Hight - Ion

    So unless Ion was directly implicated in any case of harassment / discrimination, it's unlikely that his head will roll without Brack or Hight losing theirs as well.
    True maybe noting will happen the Blizzard stocks prices are up +1.03 (1.14%) at the moment after all this news, so maybe its all pointless the stockholders don't really care...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagawithlegs View Post
    Wonder if Blizz is just going to clean house and fire Brack/Ion/Danuser and start over.
    Firing 3 people will fix Blizzard?

    Posts like this truly shows that people here has no idea what's going on at Blizzard, how the company works, and what's changed over the years. Blaming individuals in the company like that, still? Lmao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagawithlegs View Post
    Ion and Danuser haven't done anything to get sued/fired over but I can see them being scapegoats that go with JAB's firing if they want to do a clear reset of management heads for a better image. The community doesn't like them and blames them for most of the game's current issues.
    Both don't really fit as scapegoats. First, both have suckers job where you have ton of responsibility and you gets exposed to community throwing feces at you, but it doesn't strike me as upper corpo job like Bracks. After all, after Brack get president, Ion wasn't promoted to his job, he stayed game director and John Hight become WoW's executive producer (imo he always strike me as creepy guy as well).

    And if we speak about character, Ion has reputation of cold, calculated, even robotic lawyer and Danuser... well immature guy who treats Sylvanas as his waifu (don't say it is truth, talking only about repuation). So not really predator types.
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    According to newly revealed documents and people with knowledge of the failed launch, Warcraft III: Reforged was a result of mismanagement and financial pressures pushed by Activision.
    Total bullshit. Everyone knows Activision has no affect on Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Total bullshit. Everyone knows Activision has no affect on Blizzard.
    I hope you're being sarcastic there. Kotick has always controlled budget allocations (although before the Vivendi buyout he needed to get Board approval for them.)
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
    "Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences." -- Robert Louis Stevenson
    If you didn't get your COVID shot it's probably too late now, you fool.

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    -Weeooo Weeeooo ~ RED ALERT ~
    We need to write something good for the public to save investors money.
    ~QUICK, ALLEN... ALLEN !!!

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    Our code of conduct clearly states to not be sexist or discriminatory in any way - thus, naturally, we couldn't possible discriminate against anyone in any way. Wouldn't even make sense, like, says it right there, mate. Here is an example female minority person and as you can clearly see no one is currently groping her - how much more proof y'alll need?

    Quite literally the entirety of Blizzard's PR.

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    Yeah... This feels so fake, like people said, pandering, they should know that talking and getting the twitter gang approval would not save their ass if they keep doing what they did.

    But sadly, i don't see this going anywhere

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    What people want: Concrete solutions. Here's what WE DID TO FIX THE PROBLEM

    Here's what we're getting: This is all bullshit because we totally already fixed the problems that didn't exist because they're lying...blahblahblah

    Disgusting. And from a woman? Even more disgusting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stigmatta View Post
    This almost reads as a farewell letter/resignation
    Given the constant horrible PR Blizzard shit storm has endured the past 2-3 years it corresponds pretty much directly with his tenure. Fair or not, he makes a very convenient fall guy.

    Part of being the President is more than just the day to day running of the business, he's also sort of the face of the company to a degree.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he's ushered out as part of a "new era" PR campaign. Everything that's happened isn't obviously all his fault but it's all seemed to happened under his watch. They'll word it like he's leaving on his own to "pursue new opportunities" or whatever.

    And I wouldn't cry too hard for him, he's probably been very very well compensated as you would expect the President of Blizzard would be.

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    Next Episode of Activision Blizzard: J. Allen Brack slips into a coma after hes evil twin brother poisoned him. Rachel and Ross ends up locked in a elevator together and John Locke finds a iPad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzyfurious View Post
    Everyone knows the Court day is nigh and it WILL HAPPEND. And i really don't like saying it, but they are gonna loose and be guilty. And as soonest that happend.

    All franchises either gets shutdown completely or sold to a different Publisher. But Blizzard in itself is gonna cease to exsist forever. The Company will close for good and so will it's doors.
    I wouldn't bet on that happening at all. They will do what many large companies have done before when things like this have happened. Most likely clean house with Brack and a bunch of other execs, probably reassign Ion and a few other wow higher ups and bring in new people who will talk about having no tolerance for any of the frat boy culture and behavior.

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    "We shouldn't boycott them it'll just hurt the regular people"

    While there's some truth to that, what other option do we, as consumers have? Yes we can yell and scream about it but at the end of the day the only thing that matters to them is the bottom line and their oh so precious MAUs. It's the only power we have.

    My only regret is I already unsubbed from wow months ago (and stopped logging months before that lol) for entirely different reasons so I can't give this as a reason I quit.

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    I didn’t get the training part in the second e-mail.

    In USA people with a job need specific training to learn that harassing women and/or being racist is bad?

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    Bracks mentions being mad but I wonder if he's actually mad at himself in the least or feeling any blame at all for all of this going on for the last 10 years(estimate, could be much longer or shorter). I sort of doubt that he does place any blame on himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyattbw09 View Post
    It’s so pathetic, they are calling these women liars, and it’s a lot of people. They are proving the point of their accusers by the way they are defending themselves.
    I actually read the court documents.

    I'm not calling them liars. I totally believe there are some legit, provable issues from the limited information they gave. The Blizzard response was also atrocious and made me sympathize less with them.

    I also don't work there and have no first hand experience or contact with anyone that does. All I have is the information I've seen online.

    And based on that, I will say...

    It's really weird how deceptive and misleading the Bloomberg article was compared to the court document. For one, It's beyond disgusting to use the story about the poor girl that took her life and word it in a way that is designed to imply that she took it due to working conditions, when it's not presented that way at all in the actual documents if you read them. This is understandably what seemingly most people are most pissed about, but it's mostly a fabrication by Bloomberg. No honest person would read the courts paragraph on that and summarize it the way they did. It was intentionally worded that way to mislead people and it worked wonders. I would not at all be surprised if they get sued for this article. It's wildly irresponsible journalism.

    It's really weird how many things there are in the court document that completely lacks context and key information and are spun in the worst light possible. The Afrasabi stuff especially. This goes with the Bloomberg article too.

    It's really weird how both of those things needed to be that way if it's an honest and noble pursuit. Shouldn't the truth speak for itself and be enough? Why are they spinning so much to make it sound so much worse? It's weird.

    It's really weird no one is factoring in how much money the accusers and state are set to get if they win and how that could be a motivator. The internet proclaims anyone who makes accusations is instantly the victim and the accuser is instantly guilty of everything because we should believe victims. We totally should, people should not be afraid to speak out, but it should also be understood and factored in that there are women that can and do take advantage of that for personal gain.

    I also don't just trust people on their word alone and am more skeptical when they have financial incentives for people to believe them, which they do.

    I'm also not a lawyer, nor do have I ever worked at Blizzard. I have nothing to do with the case in anyway, so all I can do is just let them have their day in court and make my decision from there. I'd suggest other people put their pitchforks down, stop completely believing everything you hear at face value alone, and chill out until the case gets settled and more information is known.

    There is a reason we have fair hearing and courts and don't just let mobs decide outcomes.
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    You're a few years too fucking late on that e-mail Brack.

    This is pure damage control, fuck that tubby piece of shit.

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