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  • The Tarragrue

    5 8.06%
  • Eye of the Jailer

    1 1.61%
  • The Nine

    2 3.23%
  • Remnant of Ner'zhul

    2 3.23%
  • Soulrender Dormazain

    2 3.23%
  • Painsmith Raznal

    30 48.39%
  • Guardian of the First Ones

    1 1.61%
  • Fatescribe Roh-Kahlo

    4 6.45%
  • Kel'thuzad

    4 6.45%
  • Sylvanas Windrunner

    11 17.74%
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    Best Boss in Sanctum

    friends and countrymen,
    what's your favorite fight in sanctum so far?
    i'm torn between sylvanas, painsmith, and the nine. the nine is obv not as hard as the others, but holy heck it is too fun. painsmith is obv BRF energies, and i'm incredibly impressed by sylvanas. i don't mind p1 and p2, and p3 is phenomenal.

    how about you? this raid owns, i'm having a blast. one of my favorite instances for sure on initial reaction.
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    I really dislike the Sylvanas fight. 100% cinematic.

    Painsmith is all about the mechanics and i love it.

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    Sylvanas is my favorite for the spectacle. It's still a far cry from the absolute visual marvel and spectacle that was Argus the Unmaker, but its hard to hate a fight that has you run across giant chains using pieces of earth and ice while Sylvanas flies around harassing us.

    On a second place I would place Painsmith though. It's awful to play with a group with differing levels of skill, but I love how its just a collection of every concievable damage mechanic.
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    Painsmith/Guardian for me.

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    To be honest I like Eye of the Jailer a lot. While I do enjoy a good puzzle and Painsmith etc is fun I'm a sucker for patchwork style bosses with not too much else going on. Eye of the Jailer scratches that itch perfectly.

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    thats a hard choice, i like multiple for different reasons
    Fatescribe is definitely hate/love realationship, sylva and nerzhul for who they are, soulrender due to garrosh, painsmith for mechanics etc...
    tbh i like them all, but i think Kelthuzad is best, as he have nice mechanics and lore (and good drops )

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    I imagine painsmith will be the only one i remember in 5 years time.

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    People saying Sylvanas probably didn't even progress her, at least on hc. Progressing 3rd phase is a pain the ass with the whole fight being so long.

    I think unironically the best one to me is Soulrender. A pretty straighforward fight with fine mechanics here and there, but nothing over the top. Painsmith screams to me "made only to make the fight bloated with mechanics" and most of them dont even make sense thematic wise (why would such a place be deep in Torghast and what is its purpose except for us to fight there?).

    Not very impressed with this raid tbh. Uninspiring rooms, some of them being there just to be a fight room and not making sense considering what Torghast is and same with the fights themselves. But I guess it's a very unpopular opinion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickTickTick View Post
    People saying Sylvanas probably didn't even progress her, at least on hc. Progressing 3rd phase is a pain the ass with the whole fight being so long
    I did Sylv HC and IMO it's in top 3 fights, I actually considered putting it 1st, but imo it's a tad too long even for end boss. That said it would get shorter with gear and power upgrades. What I like about Sylv is that you have a lot of stuff going on and you really are on your toes for quite a bit of it, as well as scenery and who NPC fighting and ambience is cool.

    I voted for Kelthuzad in the end, because it's a proper chaos cleave nuke fun fight for DPS.

    Painsmith though? People are out of their minds voting it no.1 with all the oneshots there. In my opinion the moment boss has so many ways of getting instakilled it's just not a good thing. Now HC it's much more forgiving because spikes tickle, but in Mythic they flat out oneshot, so one mistake and you're dead. Not looking forward to it next week or two we get there on mythic.
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    I absolutely loathe progression on fights like Sylvanas. The mechanic of fate scribe is just atrocious, the shit collision detection of WoW makes it no fun to spin these stupid rings. Kel is simply no fun to me, because it's another braindead moonkin padding fight.

    Painsmith it is, with a few football fields distance to the second, which would probably be .. hmm, this is really difficult, since they all are kind lame otherwise. It's probably a tie between Nerzhul, Soulrender and Guardian. None of them are special in any way, they are just decent fights without too much gimmiks. Tarragrue would be behind those, because of the requirement for certain powers and some morons always trolling and causing unneccessary wipes. I'm indifferent to the others. I think the general consensus is that people will only remember painsmith and Sylvanas (mostly for being too long, too cinematic and being the final boss).
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    Soulrender for me.

    I kinda like all the fights there. Love Kel'thuzad as the lore-character he is, The Nine, Guardian and Nerzhul are fights I like as well.

    Sylvanas is cool too. Overall a solid raid imo!
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    Tarragrue and it's not even close. Anima powers and I don't even have to go through stupid floors of suck to get them? Sign me up.

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    Personally I feel the Sylvanas fight was lacking. Sure it looks "cool" to run along chains and kill adds for 5 or so mins but after a while it does get boring. Also the third phase is kinda weak. At least with Denathrius he was taunting you throughout the fight and having a mental breakdown when you enter phase 3. Plus the whole, "end at 50%" is a bit odd. I mean blizzard could've scaled down her health so you finish at like 10% hp or something. Or hell, make it a fight where you have to survive for X amount of minutes (or get her down to say a certain %, whichever one happens first) and if you can, you win. She already does a crap ton of mechanics one after another so you are always on your toes. I went with painsmith mainly because whenever he says, "unleash the instrument" I expect him to whip out a guitar or something. Imagine if you had a rock theme for that boss fight.

    Overall though, this raid just leaves me wanting more. I was hoping for more wings like the 2nd one. Instead we have some random Guardian of the First Ones that got dragged into Torghast for some reason. Like if it was so important to be chained to Torghast, surely the Jailer would be there to try and what secrets the Guardian is protecting. Instead of leaving it to his minions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickTickTick View Post

    Painsmith screams to me "made only to make the fight bloated with mechanics" and most of them dont even make sense thematic wise (why would such a place be deep in Torghast and what is its purpose except for us to fight there?).
    Torghast is a place where the Jailers minions torture souls. Painsmith is basically the creator of those tools of torture. The 2nd wing is the main torture chamber of the inner most parts of Torghast. Hence why we see souls like Ner'zhul getting tortured for being a failure in Zovaals eyes, and why Garrosh is getting tortured so they can extract his Anima. Like what Denathrius did to him before tossing Garrosh into the maw.
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    The Tarragrue only for being able to use anima powers. The fight mechanics for the encounter itself are pretty bland, but certain anima powers make it insanely fun. Like the super jump power.

    Painsmith Raznal and Kel'Thuzad for the fight encounters themselves. Mechanics, atmosphere, overall sense of dread.

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    Painsmith by far, even if it was way overtuned on first week, i still managed to down it before the nerf. Perfect boss with mechanic on point and everything, the firsts are way too easy and almost no challenge. Guardian is just a zerg, FATE is like the worst in the raid the amount of headache of those rings mechanic is .... KT is good too and sylvana is just too long.

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