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    Details on Heroic Soulrender Dormazain

    Definitely a few details that need to be worked out to make it easy to avoid all the fires and maximize damage.

    The first few times I tanked this I thought there was so much going on, but after a dozen pulls it's quite simple...tank him in the center of the room, move a little towards Garrosh before torment and a little towards the entrance before adds and it's much simpler. Blue swirlies could be baited but I doubt that's really needed on heroic. After people have practiced it for a few pulls they seem to figure out how to get out of the blue swirlies in the safe pie slice. The second set of swirlies per Torment is trivial as they land after the Torment has faded.

    Getting across multiple pie slices during the waves also needs to be done quite quickly and can be a little rough without a warlock.

    Grouping the adds up...I'm personally a DK tank so I don't know what groups are doing without Gorefiend's.

    One interesting and very unusual thing is that Death Grip does not interrupt the adds channeling the nova. I don't recall seeing that before.

    Don't forget that the Tormented debuff (red circle on players) causes adds in 5 yards to take 50% increased damage. It does not affect the boss' damage taken however. I think it makes sense to have the brands on the entrance side and the melee on the Garrosh side.

    As for snapping the chains I've seen some groups struggle with it and others the health bars barely seemed to move. Popping the first chain should be trivial as there's a lengthy warning that it's coming. If people aren't topped by then it's not an issue with when the chains were broken. I think it does about 15k damage so popping 2 in rapid succession and then maybe holding off a sec on the third is wise. But I highly recommend breaking one ASAP, if people were so low that they can't survive one chain snapping it's my opinion that there's other problems. But maximizing the time between the first and third chain is going to give the greatest opportunity to heal....although I'm not sure if there's a raidwide DoT during chains, I could use a healer perspective on that.

    A big part of it is also anticipating what abilities are coming as opposed to reacting to them. If boss is already in the back when the adds come out and in the front (front being under Garrosh) when Torment is coming people will implicitly be in the right spots. Although when I first tanked this I was trying really hard to stay under Garrosh, but with more practice I realized getting out of a single torment isn't that bad if you're in the center of the room, and I think it's advantageous to have him in the center of the room for DPS on the adds, and just moving less is always advantageous for many reasons.

    The torment that comes during second adds also needs to be anticipated, and people need to have the awareness that they might have to leave adds alone for a minute.

    Oh and also the trick that before the Heigan dance starts if Dormazain is farthest from Garrosh he won't do the fifth pie slice because the cast has a set time with a timer that starts when he starts running to the front of the room. But I've also seen him bug and stop channeling and go back to smashing the tank's head in during that time.

    Also during the Heigan dance the next pie slice that will be safe can be seen before the previous one has finished. Watch for the bubbles in the back.

    Most groups have been doing hero/bl in the beginning but I wonder if clearing out the third set of adds is a better use...people's dps cooldowns wouldn't be up...but swinging faster when there's 5 things to hit instead of 1 might be worth it. Healers also don't benefit much from an early hero. Probably depends on specific comp and how easily the adds can be grouped.
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