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    Yep because she was talking to live object who presumed the hope is about chances to live. Sylvanas gets that there is no hope in the sense that everybody dies sooner or later and ventures to Shadowlands where they are forced to do boring job for eternity.
    Her reaction to the "you can't kill hope" line didn't have anything to do with the Shadowlands. It was a spontaneous, petulant reaction that saved no purpose except to utterly humiliate an enemy who dared to defy her with her dying breath and it was rooted in nothing but pure spite. It's basically the same thing Arthas did to Sylvanas hence the flashback in that cinematic.
    The absolute state of Warcraft lore in 2021:
    Kyrians: We need to keep chucking people into the Maw because it's our job.
    Also Kyrians: Why is the Maw growing stronger despite all our efforts?

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    My problem with it is that you can completely remove the Night Warrior element from the story and not miss it. Like, at all. It had 0 impact on the overall plot and story direction, and had no notable character evolution/resolution. What, she turned Nathanos into a Pez dispenser? Big deal, Nathanos was an absolute nothing of a character that was more of an annoyance than anything.

    You know your story is bad when it can be safely ignored and that omission doesn’t impact the other characters/plotlines at all. It’s like WoD, where the plot/story-impact can legit be boiled down into “Gul’dan came back, and then…..” Trash.

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    And i said we know to little about Elune. She maybe did help the horde, or she did not. Maybe she is fighting other big bads like the shadow lords. Or maybe Elune is secretly Zovaal. Or maybe even sylvannas?

    And that is my whole problem with all this Elune talk. We know nothing. We know a little bit of her power. So claiming a big thing that changes the whole narrative of the story is not only silly. but stupid if you do it without facts etc behind it.
    We know that she sent night elf souls to Ardenweald, and for that to happen night elves needed to die.

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