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    as a kid prob just a couple of hours... my longest was in my 20's when WotLK came out and that was 28hrs straight, then the bulk of every day for a week straight as I took a week off to play.
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    Over 24 hours as a straight never leave my chair session besides for a quick piss or to grab a drink.
    Now a day I may appear to log on for 8+ hours but I’m often getting up to do chores.

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    40 hours on cataclysm launch

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    Before Wow came out i already spend 8800+ hours in Lineage 2.
    Played for 15+ hours a day, clan/alliance leader with 400+ people.
    Aden castle owner, Duelist Olympiad hero. Good old days.
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    as a 12 year old, regular 16-hour sessions of WoW.
    ...that's just my opinion, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    around 6 hours for me.
    lol 6 hours

    i once had 4 days and 4 nigths straight,wile i didnt play non stop as i ofc ate and whatever,but eventualy i fell asleep taking a bath haha

    these days i cant even make it 2 days...growing old sucks

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    I think FFX was.... not healthy.
    ALso BC back then i played like a mad man.

    The occasional LAN weekend was also not quite short.

    But i think the longest gaming session was with the release of wotlk... i was 5 minutes after the realm first guy... i was annoyed as hell and then bored out of my mind becuase no one else was at my level so i had nearly nothing to do.

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    Well , as a child not as a teen ( I would say I had 10 years) a friend "borrowed" me a game and I could'nt save the progress. Everytime I tried: error message.

    So I stood all night praying to the gods that my parents kept sleeping (the computer was in the living room) playing the game until I could finish it.

    Was it worth it? Totally.

    A magical experience for a kid.

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    7pm til 11am the next morning. LAN Party with mates. As a Teen.

    As an Adult, longest session is Mass Effect 1 and 2 back to back without a break.

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    As a child? Maybe not even 2 hours on any particular game.

    Sometimes I do reflect on how insane it is, just going to use skyrim as example as it is not an MMO, on how normalised pouring dozens of hours per week into games has become by design.

    I don't think I have finished skyrim yet, or fallout 4 for that matter. I completed fallout NV once and I have a total of 700+ hours played. Though I think Bethesda does have pretty weak endings as well as designing their games this way. Nv was quite different
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    So, are you copying stuff from The Student Room forums, or are you also the dude on there? Did it get boring just copy/pasting stuff from Reddit?

    Bots gonna bot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mars_Trueskills View Post
    An entire weekend at a LAN party, I slept an entire day afterwards though and fucked up my day and night routine so badly lol
    Same exact thing, Friday evening to Sunday night split between Starcraft and Unreal Tournament. I could see tiny Starcraft units move in the “background” of my vision on my way home.
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    Hope you sleep well. With the lack of empathy the majority of you show i guess that won't be a problem. BB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    around 6 hours for me.
    Something around the 10 hours mark for me, we were playing WC3 online matches with some buddies, and then I went to finish the (first) Starcraft single player campaign. Good times
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    I’d say I’ve likely done 16 hour sessions plenty of times (8am to midnight) back in the WoW days. I’ve probably pulled off many12-14 hour sessions, though they are few and far between in recent years. To be clear, I’m still stopping and eating meals and the like, so it isn’t 100% glued to a screen, but the PC or console or what have you are on the whole time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolthulhu View Post
    Same exact thing, Friday evening to Sunday night split between Starcraft and Unreal Tournament. I could see tiny Starcraft units move in the “background” of my vision on my way home.
    haha holy crap man, that's insane!

    I imagine it like in Queen's gambit, where she plays chess on the ceiling

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    15 hours trying to beat the last level of super hexagon. I also achieved that

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    I don't know about being a child but when Mass Effect 3 first came out, I was so eager to see the conclusion of the whole story and also worried about spoilers online that I started playing it at 5 PM after I came back from work, didn't go to bed until like 6 AM, woke up and picked it up again and then finished it late that evening (I wanted to do the side-content and all, so it took longer than a straight through run).

    Wasn't really worth it, thinking back on the ending..

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    As a child not very long probably. I wasn't a huge gamer until like late teens/early twenties. 36 hours in BC.

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    14 hours,it was warcraft 3

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    Well, this may not count but I once had a character logged into a MUD I played for almost 36 hours when I was 16. The game actually included bot software as part of the download so I would play until I had to sleep or go to work and then I would turn on my scripts so my character could keep training until I got back. This was also the first online game I ever played so I thought all games offered the botting software. Ah, the naivete.

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