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    You are correct I should have perhaps posted there BUT. Many wow players HAVE been trying 14 out recently so there is decent interest. So yes perhaps writing in THAT forum would have been the correct thing I still think it's pertinent since I am/was a WoW player for 15 years.

    As far as plenty of fan sites. IDK I've been playing for some time now and I know maybe one or two. Which as of this writing I can't even remember the name of. NOTHING to the level of WoWhead and Icy.
    What you see trying out FF is WAY less than you think in the grand scheme of things, not enough to create yet another fan site for. Many of the wow players that go over will end up quitting.... its just to different of a game for lots of them. WoW and FF stop being similar at the "MMO" part. I say this as a wow veteran since Vanilla beta AND someone who has leveled every job in FF to 80.

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    The popularity of FF14 is blown way out of proportion and doesn't come anywhere close to WoW. Just because your favorite streamer is playing it doesn't mean the majority are. Most WoW players actually have never tried FF14 and never will, including myself.

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    SEnix can go screw itself as a company as well. They lied to people about FF7R. They're just as morally bankrupt as any other publicly traded company. Money for the shareholders and the executives is all that matters, anything they try to say to the contrary is just lip service.

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