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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevyne-Shandris View Post
    Oh, put in the warning NOW after all the "SJW feminist" "slurs", so anyone who posts LATER gets "infractions". It allows that content to stay without losing points.

    AH! That's how it works!
    Thread warnings exist to keep a thread on track and on topic, yes. If you have an issue with this policy or have questions about how it is applied, you can inquire further via PM. Beyond that, let's keep the thread on track and not derail it with further unrelated discussion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thage View Post
    Bold take but maybe a second Azeroth revamp wouldn't be out of place after the dust settles from the lawsuit. Get rid of the rot, bring in new blood, and A Realm Reborn-style major updates to Azeroth, using the same 'evergreen storyline' policy from Exile's Reach so it can slot relatively reliably at any point in the story going forward.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they were working on one now. If they decide to do so due to the lawsuit, it's gonna be a good few years before we see the fruits of their labor, which I'd wager would be well after the dust settled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soikona View Post
    I think this is the perfect chance for them to bring in the fanfic Anduin and Wrathion romance. Good way to say “see, our story was inclusive we just didn’t reach it yet”

    - - - Updated - - -

    I don’t get it, what’s foror eyepatch related to? Is that another Alex thing or someone different?
    i believe foror was the name of Alexs everquest character

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    One thing i know for sure, is that this scandal brought the ever gaining momentum ffxiv hype train to a screaming halt.

    I guess now that wow bashers got such a superior weapon upgrade they dropped ffxiv as their weapon of choice to bash on wow.

    So glad to have that hype train over and behind us, i mean the train was so powerful i freaking subbed back up to ffxiv ffs, only to remind myself at least of how superior wow is (to me).

    But that's how powerful it was, it even got me thinking that maybe the game changed in to something spectacular, but nope, same old, same old, as 7 years ago, and yeah during my honeymoon phase i thought it was all that as well, but i wasn't playing wow and didn't have that to compare it to, so.

    If you love ffxiv, so happy for you , enjoy!!!
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    They absolutely will. The original makers of this world have had their names utterly destroyed and appropriately so. That does not mean that they were ever bad at THIS, their job. They have time and time again proved that they were the best in the business bar none regardless of the latest forum crusade mumbo jumbo. For all their faults, BfA, WoD, Shadowlands continue the formula of one of the greatest games ever made.

    Draining the swamp might be great but that too will go too far and even the good folks have been caught in the crossfire. Any semblance of the exceptional talent that created this world will be gone and the so called "new blood" everyone is looking forward to will leave this game a shell of its former self even more consumed with the corporatocracy prevalent in AAA gaming today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    I expect they'll probably remove anything vaguely considered "misogynistic". The prostitutes/harem/sex slaves in Black Temple and Hellfire Citadel might get cut. Female NPCs that are considered "sexualized" might get censored. The Steam Romance Novels might get removed be removed. Given how Garrosh's voiceline in Silverpine reprimanding Sylvanas was censored, I guess we might hear a lot of voicelines redone. Old models of Sylvanas and Jaina that have their bellies showing might get replaced. Maybe they'll put Inquisitor Whiteman in a skirt? Or would that be considered misogynistic? They'll probably put pants on her or something.

    I doubt they'd go as far as remove or change the Thigh Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade.

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    What a load of bollocks. Sex and sexualised images exist. There are entire industries dedicated to it. I wish they'd move on from this stuff to actual problems.

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    They've already gone too far, the question is how far they'll go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HighlordJohnstone View Post
    Alleria's whispers start climaxing

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    Edit: I should have done a little more reading. The statement in the blue post was vague but I agree with Afrasiabi being removed from game. I only hope it ends there and we don't have some sort of transformation of the game at the behest of potential bad actors.

    The real shitty part is Blizz has gone full cancel culture for accusations in the past that turned out to be incorrect. For example : Voice actor for kael. Someone said something and blizz went through within the next week and replaced all the lines / fired him and it turned out to be false accusations and blizz didn't go back on the voice line changes or firing him. Fuck blizz for being hypocritical assholes

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Absolutely, 100%. There is zero doubt in my mind they will go totally overboard with things, based on other sectors of the industry and their response to similar issues.
    And based on your other posts even if they don't you'll still react as if they did. Just like others in other sectors of the industry.
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    They'll absolutely go too far, I mean, they still haven't re-added the old Kael'thas VA back despite him being proven innocent.

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    I think its not to far

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    Quote Originally Posted by shimerra View Post
    And based on your other posts even if they don't you'll still react as if they did. Just like others in other sectors of the industry.
    What on earth are you talking about?

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    In December at the latest we will have the quest on Sylvanas assumes her transsexuality and will change her/his gender.
    SYLVANOMONS, THE DARK ... will appear glorious, everyone will love him, and finally (finally my God) we will have 80%+ of the playerbase supporting the playable Dark Ranger class.

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    With real people abuse and uncertain future of WoW, having some names removed from the game is least of our worries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    however, the themes they mentioned are/have been in the game.
    And should be accentuated, instead of censored.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chilela View Post
    I'm pretty sure the censorship in the Chinese version is at the behest of the CCP, rather than due to the outrage of a minority of people, as is the case with our version.

    OT: Given that Blizz is no stranger to removing/changing "problematic" content from their games. Ji Firepaw's dialog, Garrosh's BITCH line, and the recent Afrasiabi scrubbing all come to mind, and I'm fairly sure Millhouse's thinly-veiled prison rape line in Stonecore is long-gone. I wouldn't be surprised if that trend starts to accelerate here. I could see the recurring gag in Cata quests of male Blood Elves being mistaken for female Blood Elves being altered due to alleged homophobia/transphobia. I could see the BT harem being replaced with some other thematic "mortal desire", though that's a bit of a longer-term fix. Could also see any remaining "suggestive" wounded sound effects being re-recorded (I remember Paletress being a huge culprit of this, but I haven't done that fight in years, so IDK if that was ever changed).

    Given his opinions not lining up with the current Blizz orthodoxy, I'm actually mildly surprised that the Mark of Kern item's name is still intact.
    It always starts small, a word here and an NPC there, but in the end it will blow up so massively that you wouldn't even be able to attack a target because it would be considered too violent.
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    Insofar as the removal of Afrasiabi's named characters, quests, and items go I'm of two minds. One on hand, there is a sense of a kind of CYA coverup in which regrettable mistakes or faux pas are being taken out of the game in order to save face. But on the other hand, having elements of the game bear your name is an accolade for any developer - a chance to be somewhat immortalized in pop culture, as it were. When someone is disgraced the last thing they need or deserve is to be immortalized or applauded, and so the removal from such lofty additions makes a lot of sense. In a way there's no clear "win" here, as removing the praise simultaneously serves to erase some of the history accompanying that praise. But at the end of the day, I'm fine with what they've done so far in terms of remove Afrasiabi's long shadow from WoW, as I think he's certainly a source of disgrace now that shouldn't be lauded by having elements of WoW named for him.
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    I mean I can understand things like "The Nicker" being changed back in TBC, but going out of their way to remove every single reference to an ex-employee is entirely symbolic and kinda petty.

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    Alex's disgusting traces being removed from WoW does not equal 'lol they go after exposed bellies next'.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Chozo View Post
    Humans Paladins don't have "a lot of lore" behind them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easyclassictopkeklel View Post
    Who really cares though. WoW will most likely never recover from this...if they change parts of the game to kiss the ass of the "woke" community it will just fasten the downfall. All this woke sht is ruining games, tv shows and especially for guys like me comics etc. But I gotta give to DC that "I am not starfire" is such a shitty comics, that its almost worth reading it. But I am sick and tired of companies ruining stuff I used to love...I won't be angry anymore and just move on to the next thing. Also, FU Kevin Smith.
    Because not treating women like a sexual object = woke

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll still be able to dress your character in black mageweave to get dress up.

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