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    <Operation Cupcake> 10/10M CN 10/10HC 3/10M SoD recruiting for our core :)

    <Operation Cupcake> is an English Speaking 2 night/week mythic raiding guild with the aim of achieving CE and a high world ranking in every tier.

    3/10M SoD
    10/10M (CE) CN

    Server: Frostmane (EU)
    Type: Semi-Hardcore Mythic Progress
    Aim: To achieve CE for every raid tier in a social and supportive environment.
    Mythic Raid Times: Thur/Sun 19:00 - 23:00 server time.

    About Us

    Operationcupcake is a 2 day per week English speaking mythic raiding guild focusing on quality over quantity with the aim of achieving CE in every tier.

    A lot of us are very experienced players who have raided at the top end-game level since classic but can no longer make a demanding raid schedule due to IRL commitments.

    We are looking for exceptional, like-minded players to join us for Mythic progress raiding, pushing M+ and generally enjoying the game.

    While we only raid twice a week we remain dedicated and focused on performing our best. We expect raiders to attend both raid days and come to raids fully equipped (runes, pots, flasks, food).

    There are also optional runs on Wednesdays for alts, socials, friends, etc., mythic+ dungeons (including high io groups to push keys), and many other activities, including PvP. The guild contains over a handful of former Gladiators and even some R1's.


    If you have any questions, please message one of our officers via discord with the following ID’s:

    Discord - LunchBox#7388 - Recruitment Officer
    BNet - LunchBox#1769

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    Please use our Recruitment forums for this https://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/...ty-Recruitment

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