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    Best 2h polearm transmog?

    Whats the best 2hander polearm transmog for BOE or via quest line?

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    Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night from Throne of Thunder heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treekush View Post
    Whats the best 2hander polearm transmog for BOE or via quest line?
    not quite those criteria but also simple to get... I really like the Relentless Gladiator's Halberd, simple and gets the point (see what i did there) across.

    If you want not-simple by any means I love my Replica Grand Marshal's Glaive to the moon and back but that's a completely different conversation

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    What class and what aesthetic are you going for? It’s difficult to say X is best when so many are good in their specific transmog sets that you’re building

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    Quote Originally Posted by treekush View Post
    Whats the best 2hander polearm transmog for BOE or via quest line?
    There's one called Terokk's Quill or something from a quest in one of the BC Auchindoun dungeons that goes well with the Venthyr set.

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    Again, not within your criteria but I've always been a fan of [Black Ice] from 10man Malygos.
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    If you’re looking for non-drops, they added one in like Legion or WoD that was an heirloom that actually had a really nice model.


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    Terrok's quill - you can also get the model (I think) by creating a Belf Paladin.

    Icier Barb Spear from AV battleground vendor, you can also get the same model by doing the Arena of Blood (I think it's blood) in WotLK.

    Although really if you have someone max level I'd suggest farming up Black Ice from Malygos 10.

    Another fun one to get - although they'll probably need gear - is to do LFR Argus and see if you can get the polearm to drop. Highly advise you do this on a plate class though so you can also get the Taeshelac sword model (It's the broken sword with fire for half the blade.) To get past the first of the two bosses you might need a class that can negate knockback if your damage is low though.

    Oh and how could I forget - Hellreaver. Available from Hellfire Ramparts normal. God that weapon still looks badass so many years down the line.

    Speaking of BC content though, you can head to the corner of Nagrand and Terrokar and do the quests for the blademaster there to get his blademaster polearm/sword (Lantressors Warblade?).

    Hope that helps.

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    Quest/BoE polearms are a pretty limited pool and most of em look pretty bland, but here's what I got:

    -Ritual Headcleaver Halberd
    This is a re-release of the old Halberd of Smiting model from the original version of ZG. It's a BoE drop from Throne of Thunder, though expect to pay a handsome sum for it if you just buy it off the AH.

    -Grim Scythe/War Scythe/Telaari Polearm
    These basic-looking Scythes are all TBC-era BoEs.

    -Terokk's Quill
    This come from a Sethekk Halls quest, and should take ~5 minutes to obtain at level cap. Has a fairly nice red-and-black look, good for an "edgy" mog that isn't too over-the-top in design.

    -Darkwing Headlopper/Briarbane Halberd
    The former is a BoE, while the latter is a quest reward. Their color is very slightly different, but both look pretty good for quest/BoE polearm standards.

    -Expeditionary Quarterstaff
    Despite the name, it's actually a polearm, and comes from an Exile's Reach quest. Apparently, this is exclusive to Horde-side, but if you want a polearm that looks like a bamboo staff, there you go. Ideal for a Panda DK!

    -Glave's Angular Glaive
    This BFA world drop is an orange version of the WoD PvP polearms. Since it's no longer BFA, these are a tad pricey now.

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    As others have said the argus scythe. Both of them. Weapons from even cata appear to just not look visually correct with the amount of pixels people assume/expect these days. So you may want to constrain your search.

    Also best is really up to you. Just login on a warrior, open up the transmog pane and then window shop through all the different polearms you can see.

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    Classic Vanilla GM Alliance polearm was always pretty sick looking

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    Well, if you are a hunter then you should give a try to legion survival artifact, it has some good weapon skins
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    Quote Originally Posted by salate View Post
    Well, if you are a hunter then you should give a try to legion survival artifact, it has some good weapon skins
    This. If you're looking for a cool mog and don't want to farm ultra rare shit, legion artifacts and their tints are probably the best choice. Some of them have extra requirements, grind, etc. but rarely do they require rare random drops. They look pretty good as well.
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    For a polearm that meets your criteria, I'd say Shtuf's Ruler is one of the best. For best polearm outside of said criteria, I'd say the LFR version of the Stygian Lance of Passage.
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