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    "The Team thinks the Bag Janitoring profession is in a good place right now."

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    you have so much junk there. starting with stuff like hearth of azeroth - just lol . do you really really need that on daily basis ? no you dont. do you daily teleport to timeless isle ? i bet you dont.
    I farm for certain timeless isle rares like the one that drops the meteor and i use the HoA during timewalking, so yes.

    And the BMAH portables is obviously so I can gawk at how expensive all the cool stuff is that I'll never obtain unless I resort to buying wow tokens.
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    Sylvanas will just give her own head to Tyrande.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    yeah, agree my bags stay full... I do good to have 3-5 spaces free at any given time. Yes, I openly admit to being a packrat I even have old items needed to cast seals and such laying around. Crafting supplies bank should be unlimited though similar to how ESO is if you are a sub that would help me a ton personally and just makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post

    I have been playing since 2004. I ahve No issues with bag space. Bering a pack rat is not the games fault.

    There are hundreds of useful items that can't go into the toybox or other collectable areas. Just because you lack these items doesn't mean there's not a bag space issue.
    You think you don't, but you do

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    Hard disagree. You already have enormous inventory space, the also huge crafting bag and a decent enough void storage. The fact that toys, mounts, pets and transmog items stopped taking inventory space is also huge.

    So no, it does not need an overhaul. At all.

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    i rarely have inventory issues and i usually only have 50-60 free space.

    yeah sure in zones like mechagon and korthia your bags fill up with junk, but vendor mount.

    yeah sure if i go farm a old 12 boss raid that drops 5 items per boss i'm going to have issues, but if you really don't want to delete/not loot there are always workarounds. you can just have most of it send to your mailbox, engineers have it easy, does proving ground teleport still work? etc.

    my pet peeve with inventory is items im not sure i can delete or not, i probably still have that tear of elune from legion lying around somewhere even though it never was useful for something ever again.

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    I could go for a server/account stash. Hell just make void storage useful.

    Soulbinding materials to rid of the bag slot would be a nice compromise. 1000 silk cloth becomes a "currency" after soulbinding it, just meaning you intend on and have to use it yourself or else it rots as a useless currency.

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    We still have tabards that can't go into void storage...I have several of them that I worked my butt off too get and can not buy them again in game...we still have dozens of items I would class a toys but they are not and not in toy area.....I have 5 private guild banks to store mats ...battle pets and stuff....what would be nice is too be able to stack battle 20 of same to one slot..instead of having to use 20 slots for same battle pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sialina View Post
    The reason you get anima, artifact knowledge and other things in your bag instead of straight up added to your currency tab is not the bag system, it's that if it goes straight to your tab, it often feels like you got no reward. They've had some of the older systems from legion and onwards pop straight into where they are supposed to be, look at your neck from BFA for instance, but looting that empty box at the end of your M+ run or doing a daily and nothing shows up feels worse than clicking a button to empty out your bags.
    Previous system: I played a whole day, got nothing for it....
    Now: I played the whole day, got no good stuff but let me empty out that anima, ohhh, 3214 anima, pretty close to that new mog!
    I've seen this argument from other people. There's also the risk of losing power if you keep earning it without realizing you're at the cap. THAT will caused some heads to explode.
    The most difficult thing for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back. The second most is to receive something they didn't want or ask for and be grateful for it, not immediately demand what they wanted instead.

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    One thing I really would like server/cluster-wide reagent tab with a ~50k limit or something, where all reagents goes in and all characters can add or withdraw from this common pool.
    Also, if just blizzard stops giving up bag-filling Anima Power / Artifact Knowledge, that would solve a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zubatron View Post
    Inventory and Bank management is fine. Addons like Bagnon are a godsend for organizing.
    If it is "fine" why is such a simple addon a "godsend"? Dont you find those statements quite contradictory?
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    Any sane person would see your a moron.
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    you have to be a moron to of said .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    There are hundreds of useful items that can't go into the toybox or other collectable areas. Just because you lack these items doesn't mean there's not a bag space issue.
    This. You can tell who doesn’t play the game. In Shadowlands they introduced fist fulls of components, artifact powers, keys, and sockets. I tried deleting one of the new items I didn’t need and couldn’t (got an error) what an absolute f*cking joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    There are hundreds of useful items that can't go into the toybox or other collectable areas. Just because you lack these items doesn't mean there's not a bag space issue.
    There is absolutely nothing like that that you need to have to play the game. The ONLY reason there is a bag space issue is a player one. People need to learn self control and not to be pack rats.

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    I've played since vanilla, and this patch is the first time I can even remember where bag space is ever the slightest concern. In that today I do actually run out, and have to pop up my vendor mount to sell crap, and have to hand-in items every day or I'll fill up all my bags. The last time-- maybe that was in vanilla, leveling up before I got all 16 slot bags? Like I'm sure everybody here, I have all 32 and 34 slot bags now.

    Aside from tons of anima and research items, I have over a dozen random items needed from the maw, stuff from longer-term quests like the stygia dowser, various keys, and maybe 25 slots filled up with covenant crap, souls, seeds, catalysts, catalyst seeds, it all adds up and none of it stacks over 20. I could bank a lot of that crap, but it isn't strictly necessary so long as I vendor greys and hand-in anima/research regularly, so I don't. It's just a lot of cruft, and it's unnecessary, and it's annoying.

    This is very far from the biggest problem with WoW, Shadowlands, or even patch 9.1. But it is a problem.

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