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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    My response was like 2 days before this info was on front page fyi.
    Well then color me stupid and move on :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon5123 View Post
    it's almost like the game isn't catered to your personal schedule or something

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    It's always been like that. PTR is really buggy with random things like that. You also cannot link items in /say.

    What does my schedule have to do with anythign? Almost no one has their 4 piece yet... unless you're 2k+ in 5's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by twothe View Post
    Shattrath is lagging every weekend because of way too many players online. A literal ghost town!

    And on the item: my tank is still wearing mostly blue, despite me being present in raid every week, because the items simply did not drop yet. If Blizz would release SSC/TK in a few weeks, it is likely that I can not tank that, because of my bad gear state. Many players are in the same situation, therefore it would be a bad move to release SSC/TK so soon.
    The game laggs with 100 players in one area mate, not sure what your point there is? Go and have a 40 v 40 outside of shatt and the area will lagg, 2021 servers.

    And everyone in my casual guilds main char is almost BiS geared and T5 doesn't invalidate T4, so you have no worry there...
    If you are in almost full blues right now then you clearly haven't cleared raids most weeks or you are lying. If your guild isn't geared for T5 yet, that is fine, you carry on with T4, the world doesn't wait for the slowest, other wise it would never move on.

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