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    .../spit deters people from buying store mount, blizzard wants more store mount purchases, removes ../spit its all about the money, if you can't see that, I'm sorry for you. I am one of those store mount buyers as well.
    Which is harassment. An emote won't stop people from buying a store mount. Spit is not about the money but about people getting petty revenge against someone that isn't even to blame for what they are angry over.
    "Man is his own star. His acts are his angels, good or ill, While his fatal shadows walk silently beside him."-Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine AFC 54
    You know a community is bad when moderators lock a thread because "...this isnt the place to talk about it either seeing as it will get trolled..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    Given the stance FF has on toxicity it is hilarious you think Blizzard attempting the same will kill the game while making FF grow. Even Asmogold stated WoW is toxic and he was a large source of it including the whole spit emote fiasco. Don't you find it funny how quickly his act changes when the game he is now streaming for doesn't allow his old persona?
    If you're an adult, and you've been playing WoW for, oh, about 10 years, then you should be fully aware it is NOT "WoW" that is toxic - it is PEOPLE. It is the NATURE of the internet that makes people "toxic" because anonymity + anger = lashing out at people. And the real disturbing part? The part that makes 15 year vets like me give up and quit? Is the ridiculous, absurd, BABY stuff that people label "toxic" and then turn around and demand bans and censorship for. Like, please, people like that - do me and yourself a favor and just get off the internet.
    Can we please get ONE good, complete on launch expansion? They had even longer to make Shadowlands than BFA and it managed to launch with LESS content. The absolute hell.

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