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    can't do a +24 must be dead spec. your only good point (which has to do with more than just resto druids) is how you want to bring different covenants for mythics and obviously the spec that works the best with said covenant. Also, friend, if you don't understand that balance changes in a game like league of legends and balance changes in a game like wow dont translate to one another then i cant help you. League of legends you can just.. pick another champion or talent(runes whatever) And the time investment to get decent at a different champion is not nearly the same as leveling and gearing and covenanting a new class nor are you hamstrung by other people (finding groups) nearly as much.
    There's also nothing stopping Blizzard from resurrecting both Arthas and Archimonde and turning them into super saiyans so that they can fuse and fight Sargeras

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    Idk I had to shelve Hpala until the very end of BFA where they suddenly by pure accident became good in m+ again. Looking forward for mistweavers' time to shine again, though.

    Two seasons is nothing.
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    Considering how absurdly strong Resto Druids have been the past half a decade, i'm pretty sure you'll manage a couple of seasons of not being fotm.

    Also, high representation just meant it was the fotm. Not the best reason to be popular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezyah View Post
    Meanwhile mistweavers
    Yeah Mistweavers are the ones stuck in traffic on the struggle bus.

    They were good for one fight in Castle Nathria, and only good during Corruption in BFA. Every other time in the past 3 expansions they’ve been pretty dog water.
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