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    Abilities Discipline Priest should have


    A quick, efficient plea to heal an ally for (X% of Spell power). Costs additional mana the more you use it. Up to x3 times. Penance removes one stack.
    Searing Lash
    Smite now damages enemies in a straight line, and if it hits a player it will occur again (albeit, in a parallel direction).
    Light Aegis
    Power Word: Radiance also applies a damage reduction buff.
    Divine Reckoning
    Power Word: Barrier now consecrates the ground instead, dealing X damage every Y seconds to enemies inside.
    You grant X% reduced damage against area-of-effect attacks to all allies within Y yds.
    Righteous Flames
    Sweeps out about the caster, inflicting X Fire damage with an additional Y Fire damage every Z sec and disorienting the targets for A sec.
    Holy Ward
    Wards the friendly target against the next full loss of control effect.
    Guiding Divinity
    Cast a permanent Atonement on an ally. Only one can be active at a time.

    Light Bomb
    Charges the target with divine energy, causing them to sear nearby allies for X sec.
    Creates a Holy Lightwell. Every X sec the Lightwell will attempt to heal party and raid members lower than Y% health for Z over A min. Lightwell lasts for A min or until B heals are expended.
    Piercing Light
    Fire a beam of charged holy power at incoming attackers.
    Blessed Recovery
    After being struck by a melee or ranged critical hit, Blessed Recovery heals you for X% of the damage taken over Y sec. Additional critical hits taken during the effect increase the healing received.
    Speed of the Pious
    You move X% faster for Y sec after casting Divine Star.
    Inner Focus
    Provides immunity to Silence and Interruption effects for X sec and increases the critical effect chance of your next Binding Heal, Flash Heal, Desperate Prayer, Light Bomb, and Holy Nova by Y%.
    Inner Fire
    A burst of Holy energy fills the caster, increasing armor by X% and spell power by Y%.
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    all of these? and discipline has always been a bastard healer in my eyes, should just be a dps spec
    There's also nothing stopping Blizzard from resurrecting both Arthas and Archimonde and turning them into super saiyans so that they can fuse and fight Sargeras

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    So, add even more Light spells to a spec that promises a balance of Light and Shadow and already over-delivers Light?

    Yet again, wish there was a Void class so people who want to live that fantasy won't have to deal with this hot mess. Sucks to feel like you are begging for scraps via Shadow when almost every other theme gets a whole class for representation (maybe except Arcane to some extent).

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    Considering half of these are/have been holy spells/talents, how about you just switch specs instead?

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    No, that's just way too much holy spells. Most of them does not fit with the direction disc have at the moment. Also, you can't really just copy spells from Moba into MMO and expect them to work. For instance Lightbomb is great spell in HotS, but it's implications would be much harder in WoW.

    What I'd like to see for disc:

    Blessed Recovery
    Divine Aegis - your heal criticals apply absorb shield
    Holy Fire - make it hard hitting holy spell with a considerable dot
    Inner Light and Shadow pvp talent made baseline.
    Ultimate Radiance and Trinity talents moved to regular talents instead of pvp talents in place of Divine Star and Halo
    New talent which passively boosts atonement healing when you have attonement on less then 5 targets to help us with our dungeon healing
    Sins of the Many reworked into our new Mastery.

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    Realy too much spells.
    Would be better if they returned to the game Inner Fire and Fear Ward for Holy and DC as for me.

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    Discipline priest is the best designed class in the game right now. I think all it really needs is beefier power word shields with cooldowns again. Spam PW:S was a bad design choice this time around but eh.

    No other class has the flexibility and nigh-immortality of a disc priest, you can pull entire rooms and granted it will take too much time to do the DPS by yourself, you will survive tanking them all just healing yourself

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