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    This is why I said it is a separate issue that merits a separate response.
    I think however this "seperate issue" is very relevant, because the employees (which potentially pushed for his removal) are now the ones with "Justice" on their lips.

    When you want justice, you can't turn a blind eye on injustice.
    And due to Flynn being alleged of sexual harassment, it certainly has connections to the current situation at Blizzard.

    If the employees essentially turn a blind eye towards this now, it will very much tarnish their movement.
    You can't expect people to take your "Everyone has to recycle for the sake of the enviroment!" movement serious, when you also drive an SUV / Pickup Truck that needs how many gallons / liters of gas.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saltysquidoon View Post
    It's a great argument in the context of the post I was replying to, given you essentially just made my point for me. Blizzard dropped flynn because they thought it would on the whole result in them having more money. It wasn't some cancel culture woke conspiracy, corporate America (and the world more generally) has a long proud history of dropping people they think will damage the brand regardless of how proven the allegation is or whether the conduct was even that objectionable.
    I think it hardly matters either way.

    If they removed him because of cancel culture, they are freaking hypocrites considering what is now going on.
    If they removed him to protect their brand (because money), then the employees should also stand up for him because he's been subject to disrimination on Blizzards end.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saltysquidoon View Post
    Capitalism without regulation inevitably tends to exploitation. Contractor relations is one of the least regulated aspects of employment law so blizzard is free to divest itself of a contractor at any time for any reason, subject to contract (that would invariably in blizzards favor) and general rights law.
    I'm not well versed in american law, but as far as i know, you can also fire employees unless the employee can showcase that said firing based on rather questionable reasons (gender, religion, political view, etc.).

    Disregarding that, i don't expect the employees to change the law but i expect that when they demand justice, that they actually mean it and the just thing is to at the very least, restore Flynn voicelines.

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    This is already being discussed more constructively in a few other threads, there's no need for yet another. Closing this.
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