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    To make Michael Bell do the voice acting for the Venthyr so I can listen to Simon Templeman and Michael Bell argue as vampires again. My life would then be complete.

    If you're confused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivarr View Post
    I wonder if Blizzard realises that the existence of LFR means that players can simply resubscribe the last week before the new patch, experience (at least a glimpse of) all the content and then exhaust the new patch in the remaining three weeks before signing off again.

    To a casual player, this would be the most efficient way, both in time and money, to play this game.
    I mean, if you wait you can experience the content after the next expansion releases.
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    They could release no content for 5 years and I'd still have plenty to do. I have a life I really only have time to play probably 8 hours or so a week - if that.

    I'm mainly a completionist-style of player.

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    Probably going to get all the cosmetic stuff from the Kyrian covenant. Spent most of theexpansion before 9.1 getting everything from the Necrolord covenant, and it was quite nice to have something that made the deluge of anima you get feel worth it.

    Other than htat I am going to focus more on making my gaming setup better in general, feel like that is actually my primary grievance right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I mean, if you wait you can experience the content after the next expansion releases.
    Why be so hasty for that matter. Wait 4-5 years after the expansion is released and you get it for free, and you can do all the raids, dungeons and associated quests and storylines entirely without help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I mean, if you wait you can experience the content after the next expansion releases.
    The LFR would end. It's the LFR that gives people a taste of what could be the full experience but only paying for one month.

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    I swapped to a monthly sub since my 6-month runs out this month, and IDK how much longer I'll be around, between IRL circumstances and the general direction of the game. That said, tentative goals before that point in time comes are:

    The big ones:
    -Sylvanas AotC

    The less important:
    -1800 in any PvP bracket
    -Finally getting the Blazing Drake so I can get the Awake the Drakes achievement finally done
    -Get a level capped character of each covenant (Currently have NF + Necro)

    And if I do end up making it to 9.2, AotC/KSM/1800 would once again be goals, and probably working on some rare drop mounts, alts, achievement points, other collectables, all that fun stuff.

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    Still have a sub for a couple months, so just waiting till all wings of lfr open up and completing that. Afterwards, just gonna unsub and watch the dumpster fire from afar. In the meantime, playing/trying out other games. If I get that itch to play wow, probably just going to find a private server to play on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xires View Post

    Wow....what an amazing game.
    This might be news to you but what I enjoy and what others enjoy may differ. I hardly need you to verify or accept my enjoyment of the game.

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