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    I personally am a big proponent of split difficulties. It's silly to think that you could cater to all tastes in a simple system like normal + heroic, or gods forbid even the old single difficulty system. I do appreciate it comes with downsides, but that's a price I personally at least am willing to pay for an overall better experience. That's not to say there aren't kinks to iron out - some tweaks to the loot system would be nice.

    As for the talents, it really is a bit of a tricky spot. On the one hand I 100% agree that better character progression and customization is sorely needed; on the other hand there are the pitfalls of overly deep or complex systems, that might turn people off and lead precisely to the kind of "illusion of choice" situation we used to have; though we certainly have our fair share of that still, in a different way.

    I'd like them to just revamp the way character progression works in general. No more borrowed power systems to mimic things, just give it to characters straight.
    I don't know.... For split difficulties I get it, you do have the option to limiting yourself to just one; sometimes outside pressures make that choice unpleasant. When I look to an old raid like Ulduar for example, I do think the hardmord bosses were a bit excessive in design, however, I do like there being a challenging optional boss. Algalon was great, a hard encounter for guilds that wanted to push their limits. I feel like raids should have 1 difficulty with a range of difficulty on the encounters; optional "overtuned" bosses if you so choose. I personally had more drive to do those hard encounters when presented in such a way, as opposed to doing everything on LFR, then more of the same on normal raid, more of the same on mythic. Having an open range for the raids lets different skill level players team up, instead of creating this divide of who wants to do what level. The difficulty split broke up my core raid group, you choose what your end-game is. If you're going min-max, the obvious choice is to go for the +2 sword instead of the +1.

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    I personally had more drive to do those hard encounters when presented in such a way, as opposed to doing everything on LFR, then more of the same on normal raid, more of the same on mythic.
    I think the takeaway there should primarily be that you need to think about the motivation/incentives. If you're someone who raids mythic, why are you going into LFR or normal in the first place? And if it's for disproportionately powerful rewards like shards/tier bonuses/trinkets etc. then that's where the problem lies, not with the nature of tiered difficulty.

    Ideally you want only very specific forms of overlap: 1. a way to let people who want to progress "level up" into higher tiers of difficulty in a reasonable manner; 2. a way to have people from higher tiers want to help out people at lower tiers. And truth be told, I think they're not doing poorly in that respect. The Domination Shards are, perhaps, a bit of a step in the wrong direction; but overall I've definitely not felt like I even WANT to do lower difficulty raids in a long time, which is probably a good thing.

    If you compress everything back into what it used to be, that's great for people who are in the middle of the field - they get minimal change, and a lot of help. But it sucks both for people who felt overchallenged AND for the people who were actively seeking out challenges. Even heroic raids barely hold any interest for me, for example, because they're just too simplistic. Bosses like Sylvanas are an exception, but the rest of it feels like a chore not like enjoyment; whereas on mythic, even the early bosses still feel satisfyingly challenging.

    It's important to be empathetic about the perspective on things. Taking away difficulty from people who enjoy challenges is not a good solution; not the least because in many cases it won't just make them go "aw shucks" and go back to being heroic-level players, it'll instead make them quit and play something else entirely.

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