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    There are a few things I'd like to see.

    -For people wanting to get into raiding, it would be pretty cool if you could do boss fights with "x" amount of NPC's to see and learn the fight mechanics. There would be no loot as it would just be a training thing.

    -Factions not locked to specific races. You start neutral and decide what path you want to take.(The Pandarian idea was good IMO). For current characters, they can add an option to start a quest chain that would allow you to switch factions. This would be locked for "x" amount of days, but it would be cool seeing gnome horde characters that are "traitors" to their own kind or vise versa.

    -I'd like the leveling to be revamped where you don't exactly go zone by zone, but you pick a story and follow the stories patch and that story will lead you to different zones. This would not make the leveling as linear or just "Go where you want", but would be strictly based on the lore and your decisions that you make during your quest and leveling on which zones you proceed to next.

    -Something fun to do like a battle royale(Probably not popular, but would be fun and pretty popular for awhile at least) Could reward fun cosmetic stuff.

    -Legit player housing(Not Garrisons) where you can purchase plots all over the worlds and you collect materials to build your house and make different furniture, rooms, etc.

    -A revamp on end game rep grinding. Not exactly sure how this would be done, but I did like the WOTLK tabard rep style. Allowing you to go into dungeons and raids wearing a specific tabard to gain rep for it. This would bring a lot more people back to random dungeons as for me personally, I just log in, do the dailies and log out.

    These are just a few things I'd enjoy in the game.
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    Anduin will marry Sylvanas

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    I quit early in this expansion as I didnt like the direction the game was going. I do still check out mmo champ occasionally in the vane hope that changes are happening for the better. Having said that the changes that would make me consider coming back are....

    1) Wrath style flying.... Hit max level purchase flying then have a book you can send to an alt.
    2) No more borrowed powers, these flat out suck.
    3) no more garrisons or order halls or whatever... been there done that had enough.
    4) Back to azeroth with updated zones.
    5) No double gated content
    6) go back to the old legendary quest sytem, the new legendary items feel anything but

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neotokyo View Post
    6) go back to the old legendary quest sytem, the new legendary items feel anything but
    Which old legendary system do you mean? The Vanilla-to-Wrath "Ok, this guy is the GM (Or his friend), we'll funnel everything to him" system, or the expansion-spanning questlines of MoP and WoD?

    I agree that the current "Grind some stuff and get a legendary"-system isn't very inspiring, but the "Lick the right boots in your guild and get a legendary"-thing doesn't seem very fun either.

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    IN the last few expansions, the entire game structure has been that of Blizz wanting the player to log in each day for roughly one hour, then to fuck off.

    I hate this "forced" pace. Its killing the spirit of the game, its killing the enjoyment. Blizzards obsession with their KPI values are the absolute worst imo.

    I want a game free of these gating's and forced paces.

    I also think that weekly rewards are a bad system, i prefer loot dropping from the content im doing. There is nothing interesting in doing 10 dungeons you don't need anything in just so that a casino can randomly get you three chocies once a week.
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    Honestly, i'm done with current WoW and their expansion model, there is little to nothing they can do to bring me back to WoW. In my opinion this game has reached a point where a sequel makes sense for a variety of reasons. Mostly old systems and concepts that are at the core of how the game works that feel like something that made sense 20 years ago for an MMORPG, but that has been vastly improved or reimagined by several games over the years, just as the online gaming scene changed too.

    And by this i don't mean to say that the game doesn't work because it's old (it was already old in legion and i loved it), but i wonder if new developers feel somehow limited by those old core systems. I have to wonder if current developers would choose the same class/spec system, the same type of combat system or even how they build the world and how we interact with it in the same way. Similar to that, i have to wonder if lore, as bad as it is right now, could benefit from a time jump that allows them to create new stories, new characters and new lore with more foundation than just being the next big world ending threat that came out of nowhere and we just met.

    But i am fully aware that this will never happen. They can still milk wow with their current model for a lot of years, this includes releasing classic servers for more expansions. This is still an almost 20 year old behemoth and when the inevitable demise comes and is no longer profitable, they'll just stop developing new content, keep some servers up and let people slowly forget about it.
    "Mastery Haste will fix it."

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    It will never happen because sadly they want people to fixate only to what's considered "current content" BUT: Stop obsoleting the rest of the world, make every dungeon and raid able to scale; give people the option to redo all this content that's been created at a somewhat challenging level.

    With varying levels of rewards, yes, so you can still make people buy the new expansion.

    Kinda willing to bet that more than a few people will be content with doing old raids for a change.

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    1. For Blizzard to get their heads out of their behinds and work more closely with the community on 10.0 features.
    2. Make all 10.0 systems be purely for cosmetic and vanity rewards.
    3. Unlock all classes and races choices, unlock more transmog combinations, add dyes and more character customization. Have spell tints are rewards for special feats.
    3. Return a decade back to WoTLK when it comes to itemization and currency.

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    1-Increase rewards for tanks and healers on M+(Item drops, bag of gold).

    2- Scale old raids and Dungeons so they can continue to be relevant(let them drop lower ilvl itens than current raids/dgs).

    3- Bring back titanforge I know a lot of people hated it, but I really miss the sensation of a good luck roll!

    4- Inspect stop to show people talents/build, the same for armory, let people keep their build to themselves, If they want It.

    5- More options of class customization, sub specs, more talents. And somehow, find a way to balance it.(I know, really hard, but hire more people to play the game and give reports on pve and pvp).

    6- More communication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pahbi View Post
    2. New storyline - Azeroth Awakens!
    Azeroth A Realm Reborn.

    WoW AARR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raizz View Post
    Azeroth A Realm Reborn.

    WoW AARR
    Bonus points if we get a badass cinematic of Azeroth getting obliterated on top
    Quote Originally Posted by THEORACLE64 View Post
    It's not really retconning though. There's plenty we didn't know from WC3 - a story which is just about 20 years old. The Jailer is the backbone of that story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    It's interesting how a character that didn't exist back then could be the backbone of the story. Guess that story must have been an invertebrate then.

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    Unfortunately this would be a complete nightmare to introduce, but increased enemy NPC variability.

    Think Marauder from Doom Eternal but not as frustratingly designed. Or enemies in Destiny 1 / 2, I want more weak points and give and take design. It's something tab target MMORPGs have, unfortunately, done oh so little of outside of very few raid encounters. I want an NPC to throw things I have to avoid - whether that's getting in close, moving out away, playing frogger 2.0, red light green light, etc. would be dope. Things that can be interactive on all classes, and depending on your spec / class you'll be able to either invalidate or bypass SOME mechanics NPCs out in the world challenge you with (Or don't allow you to do so).

    Obviously this will never happen to the extent I want it to, as casual players would get rather upset at having to deal with things like that on a daily basis - and people who want to grind things out immediately will be annoyed not having the ability to group up 20 (Challenging) enemies.

    The whole, Minion < Grunt < Soldier < Elite < Champion < Boss type chain of enemies is something I love in other games. Where you frequently kill off Minions / Grunts all the time as fodder, with slightly sturdier soldiers and then enemies you have to deal with (Elites) and the occasional powerhouse of a champion, generally designed in an arena or area to facilitate its mechanics. We have this to SOME extent now, obviously, especially more-so in Torghast but... It's not the same.

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    Timewalking M+ - cycle in like 2-4 old dungeons into each season.

    More effort in general into dungeon content than just a new affix each season. Need new gear and sets and stuff also.
    A better way to think about Casual v Hardcore:

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    There's not one single thing to that can fix the game... but aggressive content cadence would damn near on top.

    Yes, Legion had it's problems, more so at the beginning than the end. But God damn man, they were spoiling us with stuff. It was the first time since Wrath that I wanted to play, was always behind the stuff I wanted to do and actually managed to do. And enjoyed it.

    Content, content, content. Steady trickle with big feasts in between.

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    A new class.

    There's a lot of problems the game could fix, but I feel like it's all beyond redemption. Asking for good gameplay or good story or good setting seems redundant at this point, since everything's so messed up.

    So I'll just say simply I'd want to see a new class, no matter how messed up it'd be. At least it's something new and interesting, and lasts for more than just the duration of the expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Since Arthas used Frostmourne, which is a Runeblade, and Frostmourne's power eminates from those runes, that made him a Runemaster by default.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyrinx View Post
    I personally don't give a flying fuck about balance, but when Mastery was introduced it was basically described as a tuning wheel, for exactly the type of scenario you want here.
    I can't say I care too much about balance either, but I think my issue with mastery is how uninteresting a stat it is for most classes. For Windwalker Monk it's unique, and ele shaman it's pretty iconic, but other classes are fairly uninspired and bland, to me.

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    Player housing, something akin to what EQ2 had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowroxxor View Post
    Fire the current writing staff.
    Rehire the original writers and designers who created WoW. That means, among others, Metzen and also Afrasiabi.
    I don't care what kind of workplace culture this creates. They are who made this originally great game that has since been ruined.

    Even more unlikely, but the best possible development: Pay the goblins at Activision enough money to buy Blizzard from them, and make it a private, independent company.
    Metzen who was just as bad as the current staff and AA who is a dirtbag in real life(understating)? Yeah...ok....yet another one of those looking for cool points by saying "lul the writing is bad" when it isn't any worse than previously.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Byrogan View Post
    God, it's painful how badly I'd enjoy that expansion and that storyline but realize it'll never happen. N'zoth and ny'alotha were done so poorly
    That story isn't any better than the current one, but it's simply fueled by people's head canon of the old gods. Just stop.

    FYI, the old writing staff that people oh so love had everything to do with the current state of the old gods being glorified sperm.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Amarys View Post
    I'd want to see this as well. The way it could happen would be all the cosmic forces making a new pact that changes things, making time travel and all the cosmic stuff impossible.

    I wish they would have left the Legion the way it was though, instead of defeating it, we could have just defeated the weakened Argus with the help of the other Titans and escaped. The loss of Argus would have weakened the Legion enough to stop the invasion, for now.

    I also don't like how we basically killed off all the old gods. I liked them much more as all powerful cosmic horrors that even the Titans couldn't defeat so they had to be imprisoned.
    That was never the case with the Old Gods so this is a prime example of the head canon fueling the nonsense desire for XXXX with the old gods. The titans always were able to defeat them, just not safely. Just like people were like "oh wait how did we kill them" when we actually went in like antibodies and destroyed them from within. The old lore never said they were imprisoned because they couldn't be defeated.

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    I'm a simple man, I my only wish is that 10.0 doesn't suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysticx View Post
    Which old legendary system do you mean? The Vanilla-to-Wrath "Ok, this guy is the GM (Or his friend), we'll funnel everything to him" system, or the expansion-spanning questlines of MoP and WoD?

    I agree that the current "Grind some stuff and get a legendary"-system isn't very inspiring, but the "Lick the right boots in your guild and get a legendary"-thing doesn't seem very fun either.
    Most of the time that scenario didn't happen in terms of the "send it to the friend" and if it did your guild was destined to fail then. Gotta love when people keep spreading that falsehood.

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