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    Despite the fact that I know it would be a balancing nightmare, I'd LOVE to see multiclassing in the game. Like halfway through your leveling process you get the option to either continue down your base class' path, or choose a second spec from another class and become a new class all together (a rogue/warlock would be a Nightblade, for example). If I could play a character that blended the Assassination or Subtlety rogue specs with the Affliction warlock spec, I'd be so happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    What is your TOP #1 wish in terms of systems, non-lore related content or game modes for 10.0 (non gear altering or player power and stats altering borrowed power systems that is, of course, since we know how much players love those, lol)?

    I'll start:

    Would love to see a new game mode that allows veteran players to take new players on a tour of old raids, and other game modes such as Mage Tower from previous expansions for them to experience them at full mechanics. I think this would also be a great community building tool.

    Other examples would be: Tinker class, 4th specs, talent tree reworks allowing for sub specs based on combat style...etc
    To give some ridiculously hard to obtain gear that isnt spoonfed to casuals on a drip, bring back the gearing structure that was once wow where you got rewarded for the effort you put in rather than being able to just log in for 4 hours a week and be max everything within 3 months regardless.

    Want the good stuff? work for it. oh you work? thats a shame. stop accommadating the entitled casuals because all you are doing is shafting the no lifers because there isnt anything to log in for.

    In shadowlands i pretty much max out in gear after 2/3 weeks with only minor upgrades to come. you can say "the game doesnt revolve around gear" which you are right, but the feeling you get when your about to open your weekly vault, that anticipation of an upgrade, to say it isnt there is a lie. when that anticipation goes away,oh raid has reset fresh chance of upgrades, i really hope that [insert item] drops.

    As soon as you take that away from people they stop logging in. remember back in the day when you only had raids to get end game gear, how many players would "reroll alt im bored of my main" the very second they got maxed out on bis gear? think it was a coincidence? bollocks, it happened too much.

    We are all loot horny. some far less than others but even the ones that "dont >>>>really<<<< care about gear" will find there wanting of logging a character ending as soon as they are approaching bis gear.

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    Someone else said it but: Less loading screens.

    This is supposed to be an open world MMO, and it used to be amazing being able to fly round huge continents. Now since Legion there's just too much interruption and instancing. My old PC back in legion couldn't even handle the dalaran load in half the time.

    I quit shadowlands a few months ago for numerous reasons, but one of them was: I have precious little time to game in the evening after work and I'm spending half of it sat on this stupid flight path or a loading screen!!

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    New class. It's been too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    New class. It's been too long.
    Yep. A completely fresh perspective to the game is more gratifying than anything else they can possibly develop.

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    1.) "We finally realised how bad of a job we've done, how much we've ruined the game and how much it sucks. We are shutting down all servers immediately and everyone on the team has been fired. WoW2 is in development by a new, competent, team."

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    #1: Armor Class homogenization. All leather wearers can change spec to any leather spec, etc.
    #2: Cross-faction play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Gimme at least one horde druid race that has shoes, 5 fingers and a not completely fucked up face.
    Forsaken dudus ftw, who morph into rotting animals /flex
    If the Janitor managed to pwn Azeroth:

    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    "Die, wold soul of *incomprehensible mumbling* with your death my plan to *incomoprehensible mumbling* finally fullfilled and *incomprehensible mumbling*!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    New class. It's been too long.
    And a ranged one for once.

    For my part, what I really want for 10.0 is Blizz to put effort into it. Enough nickel and diming us on a little over a handful of dungeons and 3 or so raids.

    They want to peak my interest? 16 dungeons and 6 raids minimum. If they ditch flight, then I expect zones at least 50% bigger (or 50% more zones) with plenty of paths that aren't 'Fight, walk 20 yards, fight, walk 20 yards, fight, ad nauseum'. Reward exploring a large world. No generic AP system. No borrowed character should show growth for all that they've done.

    Is it more work than what they've been doing for the past decade of expansions? Almost certainly. I'm not asking them to spend more than they will get...what I'm asking is that rather than spending 20% of their profits on us, that they start having the decency to spend 50 to 60% of their profits on us. Still plenty left for the top executives' bonuses (although perhaps not quite as insanely high as in the past).

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    1) One thing I wish for that would return me to retail would be for buttons to feel meaningful for me to press. What I mean by this is (in TBC Classic) when on a fury warrior for instance, you press Whirl Wind, you see the dmg, and feel it on the mobs you hit. In retail when I press an ability, it always feels like it's tickling the enemy, or players. I miss this type of game play. Maybe it's outdated, but that's just how I feel. Playing my enhancement shaman in retail is another example of too many buttons that feel like they just don't do anything (once again, in my opinion).

    I would want game play and classes to feel more like they did in say about WoTLK era. Just my preference, I know it's not a popular one.

    2) I would love to be able to play my alliance characters with my horde friends. I have friends that for whatever reason, refuse to play alliance. I play both factions, but sometimes i just prefer the looks of the ally characters more, or their racials. I wish Blizzard would just let us choose when we hit level 10 on any character, what faction we want to join. After all, why couldn't a human decide to join the horde?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Forsaken dudus ftw, who morph into rotting animals /flex
    I guess, though it would be kinda skirting the rules, seeing how they only wear half the shoes.
    MMO-C should be glad that the British Empire is no more, because they'd want a piece of all the copium trade here.
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    Tinker class, 4th specs, multi class (choose another class your race has access to and switch back and forth with class trainers), new actual races, class skins. Oh and more race/class combos that make sense, not that undead / void elf paladin nonsense. Like nelf paladin, HM warlocks, etc.

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    Cross-faction play with friends. SL would’ve been the best xpac for it, with an influx of new players that came and left.

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    Long term reward structure outside of the raid and dungeon. Basically anything that people.complain about being forced.
    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    That Ion goes back to encounter design and they hire a game designer as game director

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    Horde/Alliance allowed to play together.

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    Demon Hunter 3rd spec Ranged.

    Long lance or Javelins or something something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bepples View Post
    Yes, it's not directly related to having 20 people. What it is, though, is bad fight design and it's not just a SoD thing (remember Zaqul?). Evidently we are not getting better boss fights on average just because it's 20-man only. That was always a clearly false promise. It was just an excuse for Blizzard to do less work (makes sense that it happened in WoD, the expansion entirely built with sub-minimum effort) and I'm sure they're glad to have a community full of people gullible and servile enough including the people I quoted who happily bought that excuse.
    eh... what? when did they promise better encounters bcs it will be 20man only? afaik, they literaly said mythic is 20man only bcs its pretty much impossible to balance it for multiple sizes (or for flex) and not have one far easier...

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    At this point I think a large-scale revamp is needed, which is better delivered in a straight-up sequel rather than an expansion.
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