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    239 Hpal LF Guild

    Holy pally main, generally a one trick. CN progress was 3/10 M 10/10 H due to joining my current mythic guild late in the tier and being benched for progress with no reclears. Got in on SLG progress and saw a few sub 5% wipes. Currently looking for a new home to mythic raid in and push keys obsessively. Logs and what-not available on request. Looking to swap to horde, swap servers, anything necessary.

    Bnet: beltme#1392
    Discord: BeltMeDaddy#0557

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    <Ascension> Dalaran (US) Looking for More Raiders. We are currently 10/10N, 7/10H SoD. Last Tier we were 3/10M.

    We Raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST.

    We are a different bunch of peeps, We talk trash to each other in good spirit. We aim high and usually achieve what we aim for. Old group of friends and long time players. We understand life and don't expect you to be a nut case and pour your life into this damn game we are all addicted to. We down bosses, gamble, and help each other. Stop wasting your damn time with nerds who don't own a damn car or house and come raid with real adults who actually talk and have lives outside of a game.

    Phatego - Dalaran -- Battletag: Glaive#11636 Discord: Phatego#6425

    We are looking for a Tank, a few healers and a few more DPS to fill out our roster. Our goal is to push into Mythic after AotC as far as we can.

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    <Ambition> Is looking to expand its small roster size with consistent raiders. Currently 5/10 Heroic SoD.

    Raids times days : Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 9pm til 11pm (PST).

    Currently in need of 1 Tank and 1 Healer (Any class/roles are also welcome).

    We do run keys every week and are a tight knit, relaxed and chill guild that also plays other games together.

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