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The way content is offered needs to change if they want to incentivise formal endgame content.

1. Make guilds important again, not essential, just important.
2. Cut or slim down whole lot of the systems which keep people focused on a hamster wheel instead of the raids, dungeons, battlegrounds or arena.
3. Remove LFR, if you want people to 'experience' the content, that is for Normal mode, if people just want to observe the storyline, reintroduce scenarios for the raids which are largely automated cutscenes with minor mechanical involvement.
4. Put that tier's transmog in those scenarios, if it wasnt blindingly obvious, allow these scenarios to be queue entirely solo or as a group, give SLIGHTLY better rewards to those who do it in a group.
5. I know very little of the pvp systems for retail, but participation should be rewarded above all, something along the lines of battlegrounds rewarding normal loot, arenas and rbgs rewarding heroic loot and then mythic quality loot for those who actually chase those higher ranks, again, participation should be the gold standard.
We don't need 'Participation' rewards.

Guilds are still very important. If you are not part of a guild that runs higher end content then PUG'ing higher end M+, raids, or pvp content will be difficult. There are guilds out there that push really high end content and also help out casuals in guild get their 15's for the week. Depends on your attitude and personality in guild. Im one of them who helps..

No, we should NOT all be rewarded the same loot or transmogs. That's why we pushed and pushed and pushed further than other players. We don't like to have our hands out for easy rewards. Just like in 'Life' we push ourselves for the higher end salaries, we push ourselves for higher end rewards in game. If you can't compete that's not our problem.

Yes, you should be rewarded but not for participation. All levels should have some sort of reward whether its transmogs, or tier sets. No, they should not all be the same rewards. You want something that looks amazing, just like in LIFE, you push yourself for it.

No, don't remove LFR. That's the Participation reward system for casuals.. So it's ass backwards to remove that content. Why remove the easiest content that helps casuals grab some gear and see what the end game cinematics are for that patch/tier? Makes no sense.